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Thursday, March 24, 2016

#WatchTylerJayGrow: First 3 Months

In the blink of an eye, the baby that we prayed earnestly for, the very one that grew in my womb for 9 months, has turned 3 months old.

That means I've been a mom for 3 whole months. 

Thinking about it still puts me in such disbelief. I know I said it many times before, but everything feels so surreal. Whenever I think about us ACTUALLY having a baby boy who is already 3 months old makes me feel overwhelmed with a wave of mixed emotions.

On one hand, I'm relieved and glad to know that he's growing well and healthily, proud to know that he's progressing fast (sometimes, too fast for us) and hitting every milestones on point and more. On the other, I'm feeling emotional that our baby is growing up so fast. Sometimes we literally wake up and notice that he grew heavier, his cheeks droopier and thunder thighs more thunderous overnight! Whenever we look back at his newborn photos, we'll go "awwwww he used to be so tiny!" and miss the tinier version of him already. So that makes us want to treasure the present more because the 'now' him is going to be the baby that we'll go "awwwww he used to be so tiny!" in the future.

So, how has the first 3 months of motherhood been? Whenever people ask me that question, my standard answer would be, "It's sleepy, but happy". I don't sleep anymore, I take short naps :') One other word that best describes the first 3 months would be- BUSY!

Being a stay-at-home-mom, my hands have been so tied with caring for a newborn, that lots of things that I wanted to do to mark his milestones never came to pass :( I wanted to blog a post every month to document his milestones (failed), take cute Pinterest-y newborn milestone photos (always forget what day it is, so failed also), post a vlog every one to two weeks (failed max). I want to do so many things! But I simply do not have the time and energy to do anything else by the end of the day, which is something I'm pretty sad about. I want to do so many things to celebrate Tyler! Why don't we have 48 hours a day! Why do humans need to sleep!

So that explains why this is a 3-months-in-1 blog post instead hahaha! They say that the first 3 months are the toughest, so hopefully from here on I can somehow find more time to blog and vlog more frequently!

We'll save my motherhood journey in the first 3 months for another post. For now, let's go through the first 3 months of Tyler and see how far he's come!


- First Glimpse of the World -

This was Tyler's first day! In fact, just few hours after he was born (you can read his birth story here).  When he was first taken outta my belly, he was already trying to open up his eyes, especially when I first spoke to him while we were placed cheek to cheek just seconds after he was born.

That very same day he was already alert and looking around, turning his head left and right to see things. I think most newborns these days are very "mature" in a way. Babies back in the day would only open their eyes a few days after birth, but looks like it's no longer the case anymore!

- First Latch -

Prior to giving birth, I was actually kinda nervous about Tyler not being able to latch well, which would result in sore and cracked nipples on my part. Fortunately, he latched on very well even from the first day, so our breastfeeding journey took off pretty smoothly from there, but not without sore nipples for the 2 weeks!

- First Tummy Time -

Tyler was first put on his tummy during his first newborn photoshoot on his 2nd week! He had rather strong neck since he was born, so following our confinement lady's advice, we occasionally put him on tummy time just to let him have a feel of how it's like. To our surprise he liked it and would seem comfortable and secure in that position! 

We'd sometimes let him sleep in tummy position under close supervision as he startles less and sleeps longer that way.

- First "Angoo" Conversation -

Tyler started saying his baby language, "angoo" from 3rd week onwards, all thanks to our confinement lady, Aunty Nancy who always had the habit to converse with him and saying "angoo" to him first. According to her, Tyler is a very fast learner and he's the second baby that she's seen (after being a confinement lady for 20 years) who starts "talking" from 3rd week onwards!

PS: See what I mean by strong neck? That was taken during Tyler's 1st week!

Tyler at 1 month old.


- First Nail Trim -

Tyler got his nails cut for the first time! Reason why I waited this long to cut his nails was not because his nails weren't long enough (they were...), but because it was so hard to find a suitable time to cut for him! Can only do so when he's asleep and I needed someone to hold him while I carefully cut his nails. So that day came when we were at my parents' place and Tyler was asleep. So before that I just kept putting mittens on for Tyler :P

- Started Co-Sleeping -

For the first month during confinement, we would put Tyler to sleep first and then place him back to his cot. At that time, he fed every 2-3 hours (each feed is 20-30 minutes) and would take 30 minutes to an hour for him to let out a burp. So it felt like I was perpetually awake and feeding him cos by the time we were done burping him and putting him to bed, it was time for another feed again. We had Aunty Nancy to take over once 7am arrives, so we could at least catch up on some sleep in the day time while she looks after Tyler (and only bring him into the room for feed).

However, after confinement was over, we were on our own and had no one to take over when 7am came. And since I was breastfeeding so frequently, I was advised by my mom to breastfeed him lying sideways. I tried it and after a few times, I got so comfortable with that position that I decided to try letting Tyler sleep with us at night on the same bed. From having zero sleep at night, I managed to get longer sleep because Tyler would fall back to sleep the moment he finishes latching on the bed. That worked out for us both so we decided to continue on with co-sleeping! Tyler used to sleep at the side (baby cot at the other end) but now he just sleeps in between us all the time cos it's safer.

Though it's really pretty tight (we wish we got a king sized bed instead!), we still enjoy having him share the bed with us. We do miss having more space but if it gives us better sleep at night, we'll stick to that. Anything for more sleep, please!

- Sleeping on Tummy -

After more practice with tummy time, Tyler got very used to sleeping on his tummy. He got so familiar with it that it was his default sleeping position already. I know many experts would advise against sleeping on tummy in case of SIDs, but we monitor Tyler closely each time he sleeps on tummy, and we also know that he wouldn't allow himself to be uncomfortable enough to suffocate!

- Smiles, Cheeks and Rolls -

The older he grew, the more happy and smiley he became! He would find your "angoo" dialogues with him amusing (amused enough to look this happy!) and would stare at you in hopes that you continue chatting with him. Oh, he also started to grow chubbier on his cheeks and thighs especially!

Tyler at 2 months old.


- Upgraded Diaper Size (Newborn to Size S) -

The day after he turned 2 months, he outgrew his Merries diaper size. So from newborn size, he graduated and is now wearing Size S! Feels so surreal. I still remember he could barely fill up the newborn diapers when he was first born!

- First Flip Over (25th Feb 2016) -

This happened randomly one weekday afternoon during his nap. I found him awake and lying on his back when I did my usual random checks in between work. I scratched my head trying to recall if I put him to sleep on his back or tummy. Then it occurred to me that indeed, I put him on his tummy as usual. So that meant that he just flipped over for the first time!

Words cannot describe just how proud I felt! My baby just made his first flip over! Babies usually flip over from 4th month onwards, but he did it even before 3 months! So fast, but mama is so proud!

Tyler at 3 months old.

These 3 months wouldn't have been made possible (and with such joy) without my dear husby. All my friends who know Boon would claim that he wins the 'Most Hands-On Husband Award'.

Reason why I always manage to look human with makeup and hair done nicely before going out is because I have a wonderful husband who volunteers to take over bathing and getting the baby ready, packing diaper bag, and taking care of Tyler while I shower and get ready in front of the mirror. Many times he would prepare my pump parts all fixed and connected nicely, and I would get out from the shower to find that the pump is nicely ready for me to use.

He would also encourage me to go spend time with my girl friends while he babysits Tyler at home. He's so good and natural with Tyler that he could singlehandedly handle Tyler by himself all day- feed, change, bathe, comfort, soothe, etc..

Boon changing Tyler's diaper while I got ready, during our family staycation at Amverton Cove.

Whenever Boon is around, he'll volunteer to handle Tyler's bath time and diaper change. It's cos he said since he isn't able to breastfeed (lol) and be around to help me on weekdays, whenever he can he'll bathe him and change his diapers for some father-son bonding. Which is something I'm very touched about and very willingly let him volunteer :P

After so many diaper changes in these 3 months, he told me that based on his experience, Merries is his favourite cos he encountered diaper leaks when we wore different diaper brands for Tyler that we received as gifts. He's also always amused at the fact that Tyler's Merries diaper may feel heavy, but dry on the surface! So indeed as promised, Merries has superb absorbency and exceptional breathability due to its wavy top wave sheet technology. It's also very soft on skin which makes it real comfortable to wear for Tyler!

Candid capture while we were in Sydney.

So far we've made two trips (one locally to Amverton Cove + one to Sydney) with Tyler, and I must admit that it's challenging to travel with a baby. It requires lots of planning ahead, time and energy to bring baby out for long hours. 

But all in all, as much as the trips were much more tiring compared to our previous trips without baby, we would do it again and again cos we really enjoyed hanging out with Tyler, going about as a new family! That said, it really wouldn't be possible if the husby didn't help me as much as he normally does.

I forced him to pose for this photo hahaha! Look at the awkward pose :P

Sorry for the sudden PDA. Just felt I gotta give credit where credit is due. 
Thanks honey.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Merries diapers for giving Tyler 3 months of comfort without any diaper rash at all! Being a huge fan of the quality of Japanese products, it's no wonder that Merries is made of such high quality as it is made in Japan, and is also the no.1 diaper brand in Japan!

One of the most important products for babies are diapers as they wear them practically all the time (besides bathing time), so investing in a good one like Merries makes a wise choice! You don't wanna wait until your baby develops nappy rash only to start salvaging the situation. It might be too late then! I'm glad we made the right choice with Merries as Tyler's butt is always free from rashes!


If you're also a fan of Merries like me and would like to have one of the Merries photo frames in my photo above, all you gotta do is:

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There you have it, first 3 months of my baby Tyler. Coming back with a 4th month #WatchTylerJayGrow milestone post soon (he's 3 months 14 days now!). Stay tuned!

love, Careen.
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