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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Family Retreat at Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort

If you asked me when the last trip with my family was, I wouldn't be able to tell you when. I would say it's been yearss. Ever since I got married, many times my family trips back to my parents' hometowns or short getaways always clashed with my personal working schedule or commitment to my in-law's side of the family. Aside from our weekly family dinner over the weekends, we hardly spent time away from everything just to go on a holiday together. The reason, or rather, excuse was always that some places were too far away, and too much hassle to travel hours just to get to one place. Afterall, travelling with kids and such a big family isn't easy.

I've been missing family holidays together, and been telling Boon that we should go on one soon cos everyone is growing up so fast. Soon, my second sister, Gladys would be married in December and with extra commitment to her families, that'll make it more difficult to plan for family trips together.

Just when we were discussing about it, I received an invitation from Mr. David Yau, General Manager of Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort to come by for a visit with my family. I was more than thrilled because my wish came true, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

After some email exchanges over a few weeks, we finally arrived at our family retreat!

Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort was easily searchable with the Waze app, approximately 50 minutes away from Petaling Jaya/Subang Jaya area. I personally had not been to Carey Island where the resort is located, so I was very excited about our journey there! Who knew that in just less than an hour away from the city where we live, exists such a huge, relaxing resort surrounded by lush greeneries!

Upon arriving at the reception area, we were immediately greeted by Mr. David and his friendly staff who were anticipating our arrival, followed shortly by glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. Perfect for the sunny weather!

After giving us a short and sweet introduction about the resort, we were taken to our villas to settle in before the fun begins! One thing that caught our attention was simply how 'green' the whole resort was. The landscaping was simply beautiful.

Little ombré flowers (don't know the exact name of it) were blooming everywhere!

Deluxe Rooms

Lakefront Chalets

Amverton Grand Villa

The grand villa is specially reserved for the owner of Amverton for him and his family's visits to retreat, hence it is not available for bookings on their website. However, it can be made available upon special requests, usually graced by VIPs such as royalties/celebrities or for special occasions such as weddings!

Amverton Villa

And these were our duplex villas! Because there were a total of 11 of us (including Tyler), we stayed separately in two different villas which were just beside each other. I'll show you what's inside the villas but first, more photos of the resort!

See what I mean when I said there were greens everywhere? Air was specially fresh and clean because of it.

The Sompoton Spa

I so wanted to go for a massage but because I was feeding Tyler every other hour, it was a bit tricky to do so. And also because there were so many other activities to do at the resort!

This was The Rabbit Room, where guests have their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The huge swimming pool overlooking the 18-hole golf course
What a view!

The pool features giant slides and splashing waters (reminded me of the one at Sunway Lagoon!). My sisters went crazy upon seeing this!

Sunsets made extra stunning with a view like this.

Activities such as kayaking and paddle boating were made available at the lake. So wanted to kayak (tho I know I suck in it haha) but I did't manage to. If you look at all the other activities we did, you'll understand why. Boat rides across the lake to the other side of the island for animal sighting at the Animal Island!

ATV for kids

ATV for adults!

Alright, now on to the villas!

Welcome to our home away from home for the weekend!

Beautiful entrance to the villa

The Amverton Villas boast of a 1,136 sq ft of interior space with 2-storey duplex rooms. As you can see from the photos, it is very spacious! It comes with 2 king sized beds (one on each floor), and possible for 2 additional beds to accommodate more guests.

A CCTV that enables you to see who exactly it is at your villa's entrance!

It was all the basic amenities any hotel room would have + a sofa bed by the window!

Spacious bathroom downstairs with standing shower.

And the room upstairs was taken by Boon, Tyler and I cos we didn't want to wake anyone up with a baby's midnight cries. This was our bed!

Balcony overlooking the Lakefront Chalets and lush greeneries.

And this was our bathroom with standing shower AND a jacuzzi! *heart-shaped eyes*

A duplex villa like this is PERFECT for family holidays! Instead of booking several rooms, families can now stay together in one place. Unless of course, if you have a large family like mine of 11 pax! Otherwise, adding extra beds would be ideal for a family getaway!

But, we spent most the time over in our parents' villa anyway, mainly cos everyone wanted to have a piece of Tyler hahah! In-room activities included chilling, eating, watching tv, and lots of play time with Tyler :')

And when Tyler is asleep, this mommy joined in the fun with her sisters at the villa's private pool!

Got these cute giant floats rented from Pool Floats MY! We had so much fun with them. It'd be so different and much more boring without the giant floats around! 

You can find them on FB (MY Pool Floats) and Instagram (@PoolFloatsMY).

After hours of swimming, it was dinner time at one of seafood restaurants nearby called Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant! Just 15 mins drive from the resort and we were served with fresh and yummy seafood!

The night was spent just chilling around the resort and in our spacious villas watching tv and chatting til we were tired lol.



This was papa Boon giving Tyler a diaper change in the morning while mommy gets ready. Papa Boon is awesome!

Tyler woke up smiling!

Initially we were a little worried if Tyler would be able to get used to a change of environment cos it's his first time overnight at a different place apart from home. Turns out he adapted super well. Slept anywhere, anytime in the day, and could still fall asleep almost immediately at night. Best part is, he slept so well he totally missed his midnight feed all the way til morning! Could it be the comfy bed? Anyhow it was great news cos that meant I got to be fully rested too!

Woke up at 8am to catch the buffet breakfast!

At The Rabbit Room

Overlooking the golf course

Eggs station

Drinks station

Cereal station

All the food served over the two-day breakfast!

Best part apart travelling with family is that we would always have free hands! Cos everyone wants to carry Tyler, so daddy and mommy got to take their time with their meals. Awesome!

Hehe sorry Boon!

Took a quick nap together with Tyler while the rest basked in the sun at our villa's pool again, then we went to have at Kang Guan (again)! Haha

It was quite a warm weather so Tyler's hair became all sweaty and flat (for the first time) haha!

Butter milk squid was so good, we ordered it again :P

Cold Kat Chai Shun Mui to the rescue!

Headed back to our villa, fed Tyler and joined the siblings for Amverton Cove's outdoor activities while the grandparents babysit Tyler!

There was so much to do! We had to carefully pick which ones to go for due to time-constraint.

In the end we decided to go with ATV, archery and boat ride to the Animal Island!

Here's Mr Lau giving us a safety briefing before we began riding away into the woods!

While the rest of our sisters headed over for archery first!

Gladys and I. Can't believe my buddy sis is getting married soon! T-T

That's us posing with our ATV against the scenic backdrop! 
Oh, that's the paintball range right behind us!

Got back after 2 rounds of ATV and joined our sisters for archery!

Charity was so pro that she had to teach me how to do it :') She was using the kids version.

While we used a different, adult version.

Archery can be so much fun!

Since the arrival of Tyler, we hardly take any photos with each other anymore. It was always OF Tyler. Hahaha gotta make a point!

After that we put on our life jackets and hopped onto the speed boat to Animal Island!

Haha Charity and Boon can be best friends -.-

The wind was soooooo gooooooood.

Photos courtesy of the sis, :P

There were cute little rabbis, duckies, peacock + peahen and a pair of gorgeous deers at the Animal Park. It's still under construction and more animals will be brought to the island after getting approval from the local authorities, so do expect new additions to the island soon!

On the way back, we were all drenched in the sudden drizzle, so plans to go kayaking and paddle boating was cancelled, so we headed back to our favourite pool in the villa!

Crazy fun times! The awesome thing about private pools is that 1) you can jump in anytime you want, and 2) you can be as crazy as you want to be cos no strangers will be judging from afar. Hahah!

After swimming, we got ready for a steamboat dinner at The Rabbit Room.

I was so impressed by the level of service and hospitality! Everything was all well prepared even before we arrived.

Spread for the evening- seafood and poultry, fish and meatballs, veg, eggs, noodles, etc..

After a good swim, steamboat dinner like this was perfect!

It was a hearty dinner! Because it was steamboat, we got to sit down and chat longer than usual, which was a good thing!

Daddy having a chat with the GM, Mr. David while Tyler smiles because he thought that Mr. David was talking to him instead hahaha!!

You'd think there wouldn't be much to do at night on an island far away from the city right? Well, I thought so too but I was wrong. We headed to the Hummingbird Room where there was KTV, foosball and pool stable to entertain us until midnight!

We were too shy to blast our pipes in the public so we opted for the private karaoke room instead!

The song selection was pretty updated I must say. Sound system was really good too! Felt like we were singing in Neway or something haha. While me, Gladys, mom and Serene were happily singing in the room, the rest were having their own foosball tournament outside!

Boon + Evangeline vs. dad + Charity!

Thanks to our dedicated babysitters, we managed to have some fun! :P

After midnight and still want to stay up? No worries. There's always table tennis available outside! Haha

Photos from Amverton Cove's official website.
There were other facilities that I didn't manage to cover due to time constraint, such as the Kids' Play Zone, Kids' Game Room and the gym. So much to do, so little time!


The following day which was also our last day, we just took our time having breakfast, packing up and enjoy our remaining time there with each other.

Photoshoot with Tyler too!

All in all, I would say Amverton Cove is a great place for a retreat, especially so for families. Aside from that, with the number of activities indoors and outdoors, it is suitable for corporate team building, away days, camps, leadership trainings/seminars, etc.. This place is also fast becoming one of the favourite spots for couples to tie the knot at due to its scenic backdrops and beautiful chalets and villas.

And if you're looking at a getaway somewhere away from the hustle bustle of the city, but not too far away to experience nature, this is the perfect place for it. I heard that plans to build a water theme park in underway so it's going to get even more fun! 

A huge thank you to Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort and Mr David Yau for the warm hospitality towards our family over the weekend! We had an enjoyable and memorable family retreat :)


For more information on what Amverton Cove has to offer, visit their website and social media channels for the latest updates and promotions!

Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort (searchable on Waze)
PT673, Jalan Pulau Carey, Mukim Jugra,
42960 Pulau Carey,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-3123 3800

love, Careen
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  1. Reading this post makes me want to visit the place myself! Checked the pricing and it's pretty insane tho! :0 *starts saving*

    Anyway, may I know what's your camera model, as well as the lens you used to take all of the photos? Looks really good, and I've been surveying for a good camera :)

    Looking forward to your next post! Cheers ^^

  2. The place looks amazing! My boys would love the pool & kids room! Will put in my list of places go :-)


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