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Monday, March 28, 2016

Beginning of a Naughty Phase?

After struggling for whole two hours, Tyler is finally asleep.

Tyler has always been an alert baby, curious from the very start. On his first and second day, he already started looking around and into people's eyes. Fast forward to 3 and a half months today, he is very curious about his surroundings and love to "see the world". That is why we had quite an easy time with him in Sydney because we carried him around ALL THE TIME. We 'babywear' him in a wrap that enabled him to stick his head out, enjoying the sights and sounds of Sydney streets. Other times, he would be carried and played with by all the aunties that were with us during the trip.

Good thing is, as much as he loves to be carried high up so that he can see things, he is also okay with being pushed around in his stroller. Keyword: pushed around.

Whenever the stroller is moving, he'll be perfectly fine. He'll be quietly sitting upright in his stroller, looking around like a big boy who understands what's going on. But...the moment we stopped the stroller to look at things or purchase stuff, he'll start whining. The moment we continued pushing, he'll be quiet again.

"Okay mommy, let's get going!"

Same goes for car seats! Everyone tells me we're lucky cos he is okay with sitting in the stroller and his car seat, two things that many babies reject. He is okay with his car seat and by now he understands that whenever we're in the car, he would go into his own seat. But...these days when I drive him alone (yes, only when I drive him alone), he would whine the moment I stopped my car at the traffic lights. The moment I started driving again, he'll stop :')

He loves motion and seeing things which is great! Thank God for an inquisitive, curious boy! But at times I really wonder if it's a blessing or not hahaha. Especially on days like today, I really don't know how to feel.

He usually sleeps all the way through from night until 12.30pm with feeds in between (after which he falls back asleep immediately), and today was no exception. He woke up at 12.30pm so I changed his diapers, fed him, played with him, brought him to get lunch with me, continued to keep him entertained and etc..

Then it was 1.30pm and it's time for him to go back to sleep as he showed signs of sleepiness. So I put him on the bed, latched him, pat him and did everything to try to put him to sleep, but to no avail. He was still too active and excited to be sleeping. So I lied on the bed with him (he'll know if I'm not there and will scream for me) hoping that he would fall asleep with every last method of trying to put him to bed, all while working from my phone whenever I could. Then he started fussing because he knew I was constantly trying to put him to sleep. He got so frustrated with it that he started crying aloud at the top of his lungs, kicking and fussing out of frustration. The sight of it was more funny and anything cos how can a 3 month old be so frustrated! What does Tyler want? Hahahah.

After a while I decided to carry him up and out of bed. The moment I carried him up, he stopped IMMEDIATELY. He hadn't even finished his last whine. While carrying him I moved slowly out of bed, and with every movement (that seemed like me trying to put him down again), he whined. I was seriously laughing inside. Seriously baby? Why are you so scared of sleeping? :')

Brought him out and put him on my left lap holding him with my left hand, and with my right hand I typed whatever I could for my work. He just sat there quietly looking around for a good 15 minutes. I was like, seriously, this boy just wants to see things. After the 15 minutes of peace and harmony, he started whining so I carried him while working (and still typing with one hand, one finger). After 2 minutes he started whining and the crying loudly wanting me to walk around cos I figured he must have been bored looking at the wall clock and my hair dryer alone.

I stood up, he stopped crying immediately, walked into the bedroom, put him on the bed, and he started to cry hysterically ahahahaha!! I don't know la...I'm supposed to be angry right cos he is so demanding all. But I know the reason why he's whining so I can't seem to get myself angry at him. He is just a growing baby wanting to see the world. How can I punish him for it??

I latched him, he took a few sucks and then cried aloud. Came back for more, and cried again after a few sucks. Repeat cycle for 3-4 times. Then I raised my voice a bit (cos he was screaming so I had to raise my voice only he could hear me), to which he felt super hurt and started crying even louder hahahaha!! His angry cry became angry + super hurt + abandoned cry. I decided to just let him cry for a while, while I reported the child abuse situation to the husby, to which he says he misses him :') 

After letting him scream for 1-2 minutes, I latched him for what felt like eternity, and he finally slept.



Seriously, things you don't see on Instagram. Nobody likes a picture of a cranky, crying baby :')

I'd usually Dayre stuff like this but I thought I should share on my blog too. Fellow mommies and daddies, do you have a hard time getting angry at your babies too? Thinking about what happened all afternoon makes me laugh, seriously. It's very cute la hahahahah!!

At this age (3 months plus), I don't know how to discipline him also. He doesn't understand what I'm saying, and he doesn't understand spanking. He doesn't understand the concept of punishment! So how!

What I can think of is just to let him cry a little to let him know he can't always have his way (at least immediately).

Sigh what a dramatic afternoon. So dramatic that it deserves a blog post by itself.

Okay, back to work and typing with two hands!

love, Careen.
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