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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Post-Natal Massage by De Monde Beaute & Nails

It's Day 35 post natal today, which means that confinement is over for me! Wheeeee! :))

Throughout the whole month I'd been dreaming about the day that I can finally step out of the house, touch tap water and wash my hair everyday again! As much as I'm not super crazy or strict about confinement rules, I personally still believe that some things ought to be done to retain the health of the mother in the confinement month itself, else it might be too late.

One of the things that I placed high priority during my confinement is my post-natal massage. Long before my estimated due date, I already started asking around for Malay traditional urut lady's numbers from friends. The contacts that I gathered were generally freelance urut kakak's who would go house-to-house to do post-natal massages. It was great, I thought. But surely the downside of it is that they're freelance, thus if they were to be unprofessional or *touch wood* mess up with my skin/body, I would have no one to go to cos they do not belong to any company or organisation.

While I was in the midst of deciding, Janz, the owner of De Monde Beaute & Nails contacted me via Facebook asking if I had already found any post-natal massage yet. She then asked if I were interested to try out the post-natal massage by her in-house masseuse, and after explaining what their treatments were about, I was excited to give it a try!

I blogged briefly about my post-natal massage experiences on Dayre and some of my readers had already emailed me to ask about it! So I thought I should blog a full detailed post about my experience so that you can read about it before making a decision on which post-natal massage service to go for :)

For starters, De Monde Beaute & Nails is run by Janz, a young entrepreneur who is also a new mother! The one-stop beauty salon is located in Solaris Mont Kiara, offering services for nails, facial, waxing, eyelash extensions, and of course massages. The products used are imported from Hungary (organic), Switzerland (natural) and Indonesia.

Among the various types of massages offered (e.g.: Javanese, Balinese, Thai, etc), Pre-Natal Massage, and Post-Natal Massages is done from door-to-door starting from the first week of confinement. To effectively see the difference from the treatments, their post-natal massage is set at 6 sessions with 3-4 hours per session.

When I first heard that each session would take 3-4 hours, I was really curious cos most of the post natal massages that I enquired were only 1 hour/session, and maximum 2 hours/session. This one was 3-4 hours per session! But after Janz explained to me what were being offered I totally understood why it would take so long.

In the 3-4 hours session, the following treatments will be given (in particular order):

1) Bathing of baby
2) Herbal bath for mother
3) Bertangas
4) Bertungku
5) Full body massage
6) Bengkong
7) Barut

So here's what a 3-4 hour treatment is like:

My urut lady (masseuse), Yanna will arrive at my home around 10.30-11am every session, and she'll get my herbal bath in the kitchen ready with the ingredients below.

The ingredients in the content of my herbal bath include:

- Vetiveria zizanoides root powder
- Turmeric root powder
- Curcuma Heyneana root powder
- Tinospora crispa stem extract
- Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark powder 
- Piper betle extract

While she boils the herbs for my bath, she also steams the two onion-looking things (hehe I don't know what to call them) for Bertungku session. After the herbs are ready, Yanna mixes them into a bucket of hot water prepared by my confinement lady in the bathroom.

That's when I go get my hot herbal bath (loveeee the smell of the herbs!), while Yanna proceeds to attend to Baby Tyler. The package includes bathing for baby as stated above, but because my confinement lady already bathes Tyler before our sessions, Yanna will just help Tyler to do some baby massages especially to help him release the wind in his body.

Tyler has been having colic and the wind trapped in his body has been causing him to have difficulty burping after feeds. Because of that, he cries and fusses a lot due to the discomfort in his body. But after the baby massage by Yanna, we could see the difference cos he seemed to be able to burp faster and easier. He even keeps burping and farting during the baby massage session itself hahahah! When you're a parent to a colicky baby, you'll love the sound of burps and farts okay! Hahah

After the baby massage, Yanna will wrap a cloth (mini Bengkong) around Tyler's tummy to prevent air from entering into his body though his tummy/belly button. Tyler loved every massage session and would be super calm while at it. Then he'd sleep super soundly after that, which is good news!

By the time Tyler's baby massage is done, I'll be done with my bath too, and we'll proceed to the next treatment which is Bertangas.

I'll put on the robe given (the one on the chair), and sit on the chair with legs spread apart (haha sorry TMI). The bucket below the seat will be filled with steamy hot herbs, and the steam that arises from it is meant to help treat my ovaries. This will probably take about 5-10 minutes, and only required to be done for the first 3 sessions only. Then it's time for my full body massage!

My bed was literally transformed into a home spa! Nothing beats massages in the comfort of your own bed, seriously!

For the massage, it starts with Bertungku where I'll be massaged with the "onion-looking thing" hahaha. It is known to target fat areas and relief post-pregnancy water retention/swelling on the body.

That'll take about 10-15 minutes, then I'll be massaged with soya bean oil, which is meant to moisturise and known to be soft on skin, especially sensitive ones. And the best thing about it is that it wouldn't make my skin feel oil afterwards! I't you're wondering what the yellow substances inside the bottle are, they're slimming lotions!

The massage covers every area of the body (yes, every area!), and it's somewhat like the oil massage you experience in spas, except that it focuses on pushing out wind in the body. After a full body massage on the body, head, shoulders, face and even boobs (to promote milk production, which really helped to clear my ducts!), it's time for the next one which is Bengkong and Barut.

Bengkong and Barut are basically Malay traditional body wrap. Bengkong works somewhat like a self-tie corset, while Barut is wrapped around my tummy.

One of my concerns before starting the massage was that I had c-section, and was afraid that the massage and treatments would place pressure on my c-sec wound. I raised this concern to Janz, and she told me not to worry as Yanna is a very experienced masseur, and they'll make sure that they tailor the treatments according to my needs.

True enough, the full body massage didn't hurt my wound at all as Yanna was very careful when it came to that area, and as for the wrap, she made sure that my wound area wasn't affected. She did mention that if I had normal delivery, the massage and wrap would be more intense around the tummy area as they're meant to quickly get the body back in shape, but since mine is a c-sec case, she said she would try her best without hurting my wound. Which, to me, I think she did a great job at that.

Because even with a c-sec wound, I was still able to feel the overall difference in my body, especially for my tummy which slimmed down A LOT! One thing I didn't do was to weigh myself right after I gave birth. I didn't even bother measuring my waist or anything like that. Guess I was just way too occupied with new life as a mom and feeding Tyler all the time!

Even without doing so, the difference from the post-natal treatments is just too obvious!

When I weighed myself at the end of my 8 treatments, I weigh 60kg, which means I lost a total of 8kg after delivery! Baby Tyler weighed 2.9kg, my placenta and all the blood probably weighed 2kg? Which means I lost approximately 4 kg from the 8 treatments. I was surprised too when I found out!

And from the photo collage put together by De Monde, you can also see the big difference especially on my tummy area. My first treatment was on December 18, which was 8 days postpartum, ending my treatment on December 31, 13 days after.

On my 8th day postpartum I still looked like I was 7 months pregnant, which was something I was very depressed about -.-

The 'after' photo on the right was taken with me wearing Bengkong + Barut (2 layers of traditional wraps) on, hence the bulge on the top of my tummy which was the knot from the cloth wrap. Without the wrap my tummy would look even smaller in the photo. After each wrap, the next day I'll feel the cloth becoming looser and looser not because it stretched itself out (the cloth material is completely non-stretchable), but because my tummy had shrunk from the wrapping itself. Even Boon could see the difference after each session, which he's very amazed about haha.

This was taken with Yanna on the last day of my treatment. Felt so emo cos I knew I'd miss her massage a lot! She's from a family of traditional masseuse and the skills had been passed down from generations, and I must say that she inherited the skills well! She really knows how to deliver gentle yet strong massages that are effective. On top of that, she's very friendly and we'd end up chatting like friends during every session. Sometimes our treatments will start late cos I had to pump/feed, but Yanna was always very understanding and would patiently wait til we're ready.

Thanks Yanna and De Monde for the enjoyable treatments that I looked forward to every day, and for helping me to lose those unwanted post-natal swell and fats!

If you're looking at getting a post-natal massage yourself, I'd highly recommend them! I think it's absolutely worth the money as this is an investment for your own body that you wouldn't regret. If you had normal delivery, it's recommended to start the treatments as early as 3 days postpartum. As for c-section delivery, one week postpartum is good enough as they know how to tailor the treatments to our bodily needs.

Plus, here's a SPECIAL READER'S BENEFIT thanks to De Monde!

Quote [Careen] upon enquiry to get RM2688 for 8 treatments !
(Normal package: RM2688 for 6 treatments)

For more info, you could check them out at:

De Monde Beaute & Nails
Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara, K-1-3, No.2, Jalan Solaris,
50480 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: 10am-8pm daily. Closed on Tuesdays.

love, Careen.
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  1. Hi Careen,

    Just wondering if there's an expiry to the Special Reader discount? Coz i'm due late August so may not book so early. Thanks!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Nope, there isn't any expiry for the special discount! Do go ahead and use it in August! Will be best if you could give them a call to reserve in advance :) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and all the best to you!!


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