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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Merries Tape Diapers Review

This is my first ever review of a baby product on my blog! 
Still feeling surreal that this day has come! :)

During my pregnancy, was (and still is!) my best friend. I read a lot of articles and reviews on various baby products before settling to buy them, because I didn't want to waste my money on stuff that I won't use after a while or things that aren't suitable.

One of the baby products that I researched on was diapers, because that's the one thing that is used the most for babies from newborn up to toddler years! I've heard from my mommy friends on diaper rash and diaper leakage disasters so I told Boon, let's make sure we get a good diaper brand for Tyler cos the last thing we want is a cranky baby with irritated backside! Boon has a history of eczema so we're very careful when it comes to Tyler's skin now.

During my research, I found that one of the top brands in the market was Merries which is made in Japan. Many of my mommy friends are also using Merries and they swear by it!

Later on I found out that what makes Merries Tape Diapers different from other brands is its Wavy Top Sheet technology from Japan that helps to promote breathability, causes the diapers to not stick to skin, and effectively locks in soft poo!

Personally, I find the Wavy Top Sheet in Merries Tape Diapers really amazing because:

#1: It leaves little to no room for diaper rash!

The Wavy Top Sheet allows air to flow freely between the diaper and baby's bottom. The diaper also doesn't stick to baby's skin, thus leaving no room for diaper rash to even develop. I don't even wanna begin imagining how painful it is for a baby to suffer from diaper rash. A baby's skin is soft and super sensitive, and there's basically no chance for them to "air" their butts as compared to other areas of their body. So once they develop diaper rashes, it's very, very difficult to heal already because their rashes always be within the confines of the diapers, 24/7.

Daddy at work!

No diaper rash = happy baby

Happy baby = happy daddy and mommy!

#2: It doesn't cause diaper leakage!

To me, one of the best things about the Merries Tape Diapers is that 
it's super absorbent!

With its Wavy Top Sheet, newborn baby's soft poo is effectively locked into the diaper to prevent its dispersion, protecting baby's skin from harmful irritants in the poo poo!

When we began using Merries Tape Diapers for Tyler, honestly we had quite high expectations after all the good reviews and recommendations from friends. Turns out, it IS SUPER ABSORBENT! We were surprised that although the diaper is obviously heavy with Tyler's pee pee, the surface of the diaper is still considerably dry, and so is Tyler's skin!

"So what if it's absorbent?", you may ask. Well, if you're not a parent yet, I don't blame you because prior to this, I had zero idea about diapers. So I asked the same question too.

When we had our newborn photoshoot when Tyler was 2 weeks old, we shot him in nothing but his diapers hehe. The shoot took more than two hours in total and Tyler was super cooperative and happy, until it was time for his feed and nap that he became cranky.

With such happy mood throughout the two hours plus, it never crossed our mind that he had a full diaper (yeah noob, newbie parents lol). But he did. He had a FULL BLOWN DIAPER FULL OF POOP AND PEE!

We were shocked at the amount of poop and pee in his diaper, and even more surprised that none of it leaked at all! Amazing!

Initially we thought, okay maybe other brands also can handle such "heavy duty" poop and pee. We were given diapers of other brands as gifts from our guests, and they were also newborn sizes so we thought, okay let's not waste them and start using them too.

Then this happened.

I picked up Tyler to feed him when I felt that his onesie at the butt area was wet. It never happened before so I was very curious. Placed him down again and realised that OMG, even the couch was wet!

Quickly removed his onesie only to find...

...that pee leaked out of his diaper on both sides of his butt! And he was wearing a diaper from another brand at that time. I'm not gonna publicly announce the brand here but if you're curious you can ask me. I'll gladly share with you!!

This has never happened before in the Ng household! So I was super shocked! I quickly checked to find that his entire diaper was soaking wet, causing Tyler's ball balls to soak to a point of being wrinkly already -.- (sorry baby, mommy TMI)

It was a first for me, and there and then I told myself, "Now I seriously know why Merries is so highly recommended OMG".

So that is why we make sure when Tyler goes to sleep at night, and especially when we go out for long hours, we'll make sure he has his Merries on no matter what, to save ourselves the diaper leakage disaster!

Diaper change at Tyler's full moon party, all happy in his Merries!

Yes, Merries may not be the cheapest diapers in the market. But like they always say, "Cheap no good, good no cheap!". In this case, it's really the fact. If you compare, the price difference between Merries and other brands isn't too far off, but the quality sure is.

After using several brands of diapers that are given by the hospital and friends, and also Merries, we can safely say that Merries indeed is the best in our opinion.


On a side note, Chinese New Year is happening in just a few weeks!! This will mark the 4th year of Boon and I giving angpows, and Tyler's first year receiving angpows! Super excited to dress him up and go house-visiting. It's going to be so different this year with him around :))

For the past 4 years, we always struggle finding nice angpow packets cos we were always very last minute (heh), end up we had to borrow angpows packets from our parents and they were usually those random ones from banks :')

This year, I received some really adorable and good quality angpow packets from Merries!!

Boon and I received these lovely packets from Merries, so for those of you who will be receiving angpows from me this year, you know how to identify which ones are from Boon and I! ;)

And guess what, YOU can receive these adorable angpow packets from Merries too!

Simply head over to Merries Facebook post here (, post a photo of your baby in his/her cute Chinese New Year outfit in the comments section, and you could be one of the 100 lucky winners to bring home these cute Merries angpow packets! Contest ends 17th January 2016, so hurry and join before it's too late!

That's all from me so far!
All the best to you in the Merries contest! :)

love, Careen.
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