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Friday, January 29, 2016

6 Weeks of Being Mom

Hello blog and my dear readers! I've missed you. 

My apologies for the absence over the past two weeks. Been having my hands (and mind and heart and everything else) occupied by the new member of our family (and bed too, as of late).

Been meaning to blog for so long, and finally I'm able to take some time to do this while my baby is napping right in front of me. I've so much to share about my pregnancy journey, things I learned, my labour, confinement and all the stories that I'm eager to blog about! Unfortunately, it's really hard to find time to sit down and pen a good post these days. That is why I'm spending more time over at Dayre where I don't have to put in any thought into what I write (that's why it's where all the mommy bloggers at you see haha). I just update as I go along, when I get some time off during pumping sessions or a little toilet break.

But blogging is still my first love and no matter what, here's where I want to document all my stories and memories at. It's just that I'm pretty anal when it comes to blogging here cos I need my content to be solid. And when I have no time to sit down and type out anything good enough, I won't even blog. That explains why I'm MIA sometimes. Fingers crossed I'll learn to find more time in between being mommy to blog here more frequently! I guess as I go along I'll get better at my daily mommy routines and should be able to allocate some time off to write something good here :)

Anyway, I'm here now! No specially curated content this time around. Just me talking to you and sharing whatever's on my mind at the moment. I miss posts like this.

In the blink of an eye, Tyler is a month and a half now! Today marks exactly 6 weeks of Tyler being in our lives, and Boon and I being parents. Time, where did you go?

I thought I knew the meaning of, 'time flies' until I became a mom. Seriously.

As of now, I'm a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), while blogging and emceeing on the side. And you know what, they weren't kidding when they say that when you're a SAHM, you get no work done. It's so true. People tend to think it's easy to be a SAHM cos what do you have to do all day right? Taking care of the baby? Aww come on, how hard can it get?

Well, to be honest it's not about how hard it is. It's about how time-consuming everything is! And that makes it difficult when you have just 24 hours a day.

Everything takes such a long time. Especially when handling a newborn, you can't possibly take things fast. You gotta walk slower when you carry him, talk slower, pick him up slower, bathe him slower, dress him up slower, etc.

Not forgetting the endless washing, piles of baby (and daddy mommy laundry after all the milk spit-ups and candid pee pee showers), pumping sessions that takes 30 mins each (30 mins x 4 = 2 hours of pumping a day sitting there doing nothing but scrolling social media), burping the baby which could take 5 minutes to an hour, putting the baby to sleep, etc.

I often read all these mommy blogger posts about how moms gobble down their food, express pee and poo, and take showers past midnight when everyone is all cleaned up and on their bed. Unknowingly, it's already happening. I can't imagine when I have 3-4 kids next time! New found respect for all these supermommies with more than 1 kid even. They are the real professional jugglers!

Each time I took a look at the time, I get surprised. Whattttt, it's already 3pm? The next time I glance over, it's 8pm. And then 1am, and it's time to go to bed.

At the end of the day when I settle into bed being human mattress (like photo above), I think back at what I did all day- which doesn't feel like much, honestly. But there, another day has passed. It was night, then it was morning, and another day begins. 

Oh, not forgetting the no-sleep nights too. No sleep nights + no sleep days =
No sleep everyday. Only naps. Short, short naps :')

Don't get me wrong though, this isn't a rant. Just wanted to share about the realities of being a new mom with you. And the realities are as real as real gets, if it even makes sense haha. I'm not complaining at all because I've prepared myself for this. In fact, when I chose to get pregnant and prayed hard for a baby, I knew that this came in the package- this sleepless-nights-no-time-in-my-hands life. Yet, I still wanted it. Because I wanted this baby. And I wouldn't trade this life right now for anything in the world. 

Time passing in a flash means that I gotta cherish these moments that I have with him even more. Work can wait, but my baby can't. He's growing up so fast and looking different every single day. Even though I see him everyday and am with him almost all the time, I still see the difference! Every morning when I carry him up from the bed, I feel he's a little heavier than the day before, with his cheeks are growing bigger by the day. And that is my reward. The fact that my baby is growing well and healthily, it is my reward. 

It tells me that my time is not wasted, my hard work is paying off,
and that everything is worth it.

6 weeks has taught me a lot about love and sacrifice. With every passing day, I'm learning to love and respect my parents more for all they went through to care for me (and my 6 sisters!). I was not an easy baby at all. I was impatient, picky, temperamental, and just plain naughty even as a newborn. I gave my parents a hard time and my mom lots of tears. Now that I'm a mom myself, I can imagine how hard it was for them and yet they still loved me like I was the sweetest kid around.

When people ask me, "How's motherhood treating you so far?", I'd tell them that it's been great but sleepy, and that we're still learning about each other everyday. That's how I see it. I'm getting to know about my baby more everyday, while he is learning to adapt and live in this brand new world, with these brand new parents. But we're getting better with time. Like they say, it really does get easier.

Can't wait to have more time in my hands to share more soon. Gotta get back to mommy duties now.
Til' the next post!

love, Careen.
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