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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 38: A Letter to My Son + Maternity Photoshoot Favourites

Hey everyone.
We're now in Week 38 and 2 days, and our baby is coming out soon!

I still have 101 blog posts that I'd like to publish before I go into labour, but I guess God knows we cannot wait to see our baby soon, that is why He decided to bring things forward. Will explain in the later part of my post.

Here's a letter to my son accompanied by some of my favourite photos from our maternity photoshoot in Week 30.

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Dear son whom we call bean bean for now,

Very soon we won't be calling you bean bean (all the time) anymore, for you shall have a new name. We thought of this name for such a long time. Daddy and mommy have such different preferences when it comes to names! He likes common names while I prefer the not so common ones.

We wanted to give you a nice and handsome name, and finally we agreed with one. We hope you'll like it. Cannot wait to finally call you that when we see you and hold you in our arms.

I often wonder how I'll react when I see you being carried by the nurses, crying and kicking into this strange, new world. Will I cry? Or will I be just too excited to cry? How will I feel when I first hold you in the flesh, in my arms, on my bosom? The thought of it melts my heart every time, that sometimes it moves me to tears.

This final trimester hasn't been easy, but it's been a joy nonetheless. We had scares after scares, though they were minor, but any scare regarding this pregnancy is major to us. Just weeks ago mommy found out that I actually have gestational diabetes, which explains my rapid weight gain. Because of that, I have been required to poke a needle into my finger 6 times a day, pre and post meals to keep track of my glucose level. I skipped my favourite milo and mcvities that I'd always have for breakfast the moment I found out about this condition. I'd been trying my best to not touch anything sweet, and I've tried cutting down on rice too though it is just so hard. 

However, my glucose level is still high, so our doctor advised us to bring you into this world as soon as we are ready since you are a big boy now, healthy and strong, and all ready to be born into this world. Despite all of the scares and conditions over the past few months, you have been so strong and healthy throughout! You've gained weight steadily like a boss, still moving and kicking like a real man, and giving mommy good night sleep every single night. You have been such a good boy.

With the little time left, your daddy and I have been scrambling around getting things ready for your arrival. Your clothes have all been washed and nicely folded in your own little drawer, your bed is nicely set up, we've been airing your baby car seat to make sure that there's no smell when you sit on it on your way home. Daddy brought all the curtains, cushion covers, bed and pillow sheets to be washed for the second time now because we don't want you to be affected by the dust. Your awesome daddy just finished vacuuming and mopping the entire house, doing our last load of laundry and washing both of our bathrooms. First impression counts, so we want to welcome you into a clean and comfortable home.

Our current emotions?

Happy, nervous, excited. We are a little tired from all the cleaning and running about, but our spirits are high. We cannot wait to welcome you home.

Your grandparents and aunties are so, so excited. You have no idea. They have been waiting to welcome you into the family. They're going to spoil you silly, and your daddy and I are going to have a hard time managing that. You're going to love them because they're amazing people.

Our friends are also sharing our excitement. You're going to have lots of crazy uncles and aunties who will play with you and pamper you like mad. It's all going to be fun.

These 9 and a half months of carrying you in my belly have been a great joy.

I've been dreaming about this day since I was little. We have been wishing and praying for you since 3 years ago. We have been anticipating you since 9 months ago. Now, it's just two days, or possibly one day away from seeing you. We do not know what to expect when we check into the hospital, but we're excited to finally experience it.

Thank you for giving me this honour to carry you, love you and call you my son. Our lives have changed and will continue to change because we have you, and we wouldn't trade anything in this world for that.

I love you, bean bean. We'll see you real soon.

love, mommy.
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  1. Safe delivery Careen!


  2. Hi careen, very nice photo and make up. May I know where do you have your make up and hair do for this photoshooting?

    1. Hello! I did my own hair and makeup for this shoot :)


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