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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 37: Baby Arrival Preparations

We're in Week 37 now!
37 weeks and 4 days to be exact.

These few weeks seem to pass by in a flash. The closer we are to our EDD (estimated due date), the more we feel time is ticking faster! Probably cos we, well, more on I feel that our house isn't 100% ready for the arrival of bean bean + the 1-month stay of our confinement lady yet + visits from our friends and family throughout the whole month. Previously we were kinda taking our sweet time cos it was always, "Few months away", and we always thought we "Still got time".

Just few weeks ago reality kicked in, and I started feeling very uneasy and unsettled. The thought of "what if our baby decides to come out NOW??" got me all stressed up. All his clothes, baby cot sheets and bumpers and basically all his stuff weren't washed yet. My hospital bag wasn't packed yet, nursing bras weren't washed yet, and I hadn't even sorted out what to wear during the whole of confinement month! Nesting instincts were getting stronger too cos I kept feeling that our house was not ready, not properly spring cleaned, bed and couches need to be Rainbowed (vacuumed), fridge to be cleaned for all the meat and veg and herbs for confinement, confinement lady room not ready, etc. The more I thought about it, the more I felt OMG no we were not ready.

If you don't already know, I can be pretty perfectionist and ideal especially when it comes to new transition in life. When I want to do something, I need to make sure I'm fully prepared and I start well. When I'm fully prepared, I can handle anything cos I know I have everything else sorted out. But if the house is still in a mess and I'm on the way to the hospital, I can imagine I'll be so frustrated! The worst thing is, I know I'll be pretty immobile during the confinement month (natural/c-sec), so I wouldn't be able to clean/tidy anything even if I wanted to.

So to save ourselves from the potential stress and agony, we got down to getting our home ready as much and as soon as we could.

So what's been happening for the past few weeks- the final instalment of our third trimester/pregnancy?

1. New Furniture

New Air-Conditioners

The very first thing that we changed were the air-cond units in our bedroom and living room! Our place is pretty cooling and windy on most days so we hardly ever needed to turn on our air-cond much. But since I'll be needing it during confinement, with baby on the way and occasionally bad air quality (read: haze), we felt it was time to change our air-cond units that were left here by the previous owners.

Baby Cot

Secondly, we (Okay, Boon) assembled our baby cot!

Hahaha daddy at work.

He was like, let me see if this is sturdy enough, and went to lie on it for a good 10 seconds hahaha!! I just had to take a picture cos our kid needs to see this!

Oh I loveeeee our baby cot, especially the sleigh design that gives off a classic vibe. Also love just how sturdy and big it is! Baby can literally sleep there until he's 10 years old, cos it's a 4-way cot that can be changed into into a normal bed style!

Special thanks to ur sponsor, for this beautiful baby cot! They're also super kind and generous and sponsored us many other items such as the cot latex mattress, bedding set inclusive of cot bumper, stroller, baby car seat, bottles, and other car travel accessories for baby!

Will be sharing reviews about these items after I use them! For now you can check out, who are distributors for many brands that you see selling in Mothercare and other baby shops!

Baby Drawers

One of the reasons why we had been holding off doing baby laundry first was cos we didn't have a baby closet/drawer yet, so if we washed everything and had no place to put them, they'll still end up covered in dust. So first things first, new baby furniture!

Our house is pretty small in general, so we had to be very selective when it came to choosing furniture. I liken our home to Singapore/Hong Kong- everything has to go high and not wide lol. Countless trips to IKEA to search for the perfect drawer, and finally after several trips and restocks, we got it!

We don't have a photo of just the drawer alone, so this shall do! It is placed at our baby corner in our room. Yes, baby will be sleeping with us cos we're overly attached Asian parents like that. And also cos we had to choose between having a baby nursery or work/store room cos our house only has two bedrooms, so the answer is sorta clear that it is a wise idea to have baby sleep with us. Hahaha we are excited about it actually :))

And oh that cute baby gift basket is a surprise by IKEA Malaysia! All of the items are perfect for us and we cannot wait to let bean bean use them! Thanks so much IKEA Malaysia team for the sweet gesture.

Nursing Chair + Coffee Table + New Bed for Confinement Lady

No photos for this one, but we also got a new nursing chair and got rid of our old reclining chair, and new coffee table that's too huge for our living room and got a smaller one instead, both also from IKEA. Boon was particularly sad about it cos he's been using his laptop at that coffee table for 3 years and he loved it. But well, new season in life. It's either coffee table or baby play mat. 

Baby play mat wins!

We also got a brand new bed for the confinement lady, and subsequently for our guests. We have a feeling we'll have guests sleeping over (namely bean bean's aunties haha) especially when Boon travels for work, so a bed for our guests would be very useful!

2. Endless Laundries

For the past few weeks, we had been on a roll of getting the home ready- loads and loads of baby laundry, separating the whites from the colours, all the napkins, cloths and swaddles, blankets, cot and pillow sheets, my nursing bras, etc etc. Laundry seems to be endless! And the baby isn't even here yet. I guess this is just a glimpse of how our life is going to be from now on- endless laundries :')

The first few loads were done by Papa Boon, and he told me while he was handling and folding all the baby clothes and mittens, he couldn't help but feel super excited. Like, it's finally really kicking in! Our little man will be wearing these in a few weeks' time! And they're all so super tiny!

While he was sorting our baby's laundries at home, he picked up one by one and went, "Ahh!" at each of it, cos he couldn't handle the tininess and cuteness of baby's clothes :')

No photo of laundry that's worthy enough to make it to the blog hahaha! If you want to view more unglam photos, you can check out my Dayre where I don't care about photo quality haha! I also update my Dayre almost daily!

3. Spring Cleaning

Because the mama is too big now to do any heavy house chores, Papa Boon has been getting all the work done! This was probably more than a month back, where he brought all our curtains, bed sheets,  pillow covers, quilt, cushion covers, etc to the laundry, and Rainbowed the whole house + our couch and bed!

Felt so exposed that day cos no curtains hahaha!!

House was indeed squeaky clean after that! But....that was more than a month ago so we probably gotta do another round before baby arrives, which is why the husby is taking off a week prior to baby's EDD to spring clean the house. Isn't he just the best?

4. Random Trips to Mothercare

...and any other baby shops you can think of. Every other day, it'll occur to us (okay, me) that we still need certain stuff. We're so chill that we don't really keep a fixed baby shopping list. We have gotten everything we truly needed, but occasionally there'll be stuff that we think will be good to have too haha! We also didn't want to overbuy things or be too stressed out about baby shopping. If we don't have the stuff by the time baby comes, we could always send our dispatch boy (Read: Boon) to go get it nearby! :P

But yeah...I close eyes also can walk around Mothercare already! Hahahah oh how our lives have changed.

5. Weekly Trips to the Gynae

Since Week 36, we're asked to visit our gynae every week, which is great cos I love visits to our doctor! The long and painful wait aside, it's always nice to know how our baby is doing, hear his heartbeat, see glimpses of his face, legs, head and tummy. 

At this point, it's very hard to capture a nice profile photo of baby already cos it's getting very small and crampy in there. But it's alright, as long as we know he's doing good and growing well! As of our last visit, he's now 2.6kg! Yay! :)

6. Meeting Friends and More Friends

I'm glad that I'm regaining energy and some of my bodily discomforts have disappeared, and I have been able to meet up friends that I'd been meaning to catch up with. Some were little baby shower meals, some birthday meals, while some were just random catch ups. Seriously every single week I'm meeting up 2-3 friends for lunch/dinner on top of our family meals on weekends, church and cell group. Everyday had been packed to the core and to be honest, for a pregnant lady at this stage, it is tiring.

But, I'm telling myself I better meet all my friends before I pop because I don't know when's the next time that I can have 4-5 hours of brunch and non-stop chatting without a care in the world. I'm sure in the future after a few hours I'd need to go pump milk, or go home to feed my baby. Hahaha.

So many people to meet, so many blog posts to publish, so many things to get done before baby comes. Yet, in my heart I secretly wish that baby would come sooner cos I cannot wait already! See how conflicting a pregnant lady can be? Hahaha!!


So yeah, that wraps up my life for the past few weeks! 
So interesting and happening right my life now :')

Okay, will share more in my upcoming posts! 
Hopefully I can finish publishing everything I want to before I go into labour :)

Til then!

love, Careen.
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