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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Highlights of 2015

Wow I just spent the whole day preparing and drafting this blog post, and for some reason decided to screw up and I lost my draft. The draft that I spent a whole day working on T-T

It's 9.54pm on 31st December 2015. Few hours into 2016 and I ain't gonna let this bring me down! Gonna re-draft the post and beat this giant. *grrrrr*

So yes, let's restart.

This is my #2015bestnine! With one look you can tell what my 2015 is made of hahaha! Aside from being pregnant, I realised as I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feed that I actually was pretty productive too! *self console*

Here are some of my 2015 highlights (in monthly order):

January 2015

#1: My sis in-law got married!

Mani pedi with the bride-to-be!

Attended the wedding banquet with my parents!

#2: Radio Interview with BFM 89.9

I've been on video interviews before but this was my first radio interview! It was a nerve-wrecking experience cos I knew whatever I talked about would be heard by many, and listeners of BFM seem to be very intellectual people so I knew I had to be at my best hahaha!

Shared about 'Commercialising Your Blog', which is a topic I was very passionate about. Talking about blogging, social media and business always excites me.

You can listen to the podcast on this link:

March 2015

#3: Chiq Fliq's New Move

Moved Chiq Fliq into a new office space after operating in the comfort of my home for those few years. After a while I knew I needed that work life balance cos as long as my office is in my house, I'll work through the weekends and holidays. My sister, Gladys joined me after she graduated and it was fun having her on the team!

However, after much consideration I decided with a heavy heart to discontinue operations for Chiq Fliq. This is due to both business and personal reasons.

Business- To me, it was either going big, or going home. To expand the business and design my own label, I knew I would need to travel a lot and invest lots of time and money in the business, and I would need to give 101% of my focus on it. And secondly...

Personal- I found out that I was pregnant in April, and that made me rethink about the business even more. With the horrible nausea and lethargy that hit me in the first trimester, I could hardly even go into office to work, not even working from home too. I also wanted to devote my time and energy into having a healthy pregnancy, and subsequently into taking care of my baby and family, so after much consideration I decided to give it a pause, or rather, a full stop.

Business will always be in my blood and there will be ventures that I'll be starting in days to come. Will announce when things are more concrete, but for now, I'm a milk machine to baby Tyler hahaha.

#4: Panasonic Launch in Taipei

Still feeling blessed to be given an all expense paid trip to attend Panasonic Lumix GF7's launch in Taipei, Taiwan. Went there along with a few other local social media influencers, and made new friends from Singapore and Indonesia whom I still keep in touch with til today! Huge thanks to Panasonic for hosting us so well, putting us in one of the nicest hotels and bringing us to some of the most iconic landmarks in Taipei!

Full blog post here:

April 2015

#5: We found out that WE'RE PREGNANT!!

It was the best day ever :')

You can read about my pregnancy journey here:

Categories > Personal > Pregnancy

May 2015

#6: Starred in TMT's 'Why Do You Love Me?' Video

Why this is included as one of the highlights is because when we shot this video, I was still in my first trimester and suffering from bad nausea and lethargy. Pushed myself to pick it up and go ahead with the shoot anyway, and I'm glad I made it! It was the first time I didn't have multiple naps (in fact no nap at all) that day in the first trimester, and I survived! Hahaha so much win :')

Here's the final product!

June 2015

#7: I Started Vlogging!

Been toying with the idea of vlogging and I finally started doing it!! Spontaneously picked up the camera and started talking to it the night we found out we were pregnant, and since then I had been vlogging to document our pregnancy journey!

Aside from there, I also posted a makeup tutorial video which I had zero idea on how to execute. My collaboration with KATE Tokyo was my first makeup tutorial video and I'm glad the client liked it! No changes to my initial video at all hallelujah!!

Here's to 2016 and more vlogs and tutorials coming your way!

Subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch more videos!

June 2015

#8: Babymoon in Sydney

The husby travelled a lot for work in the first three quarters of 2015, and was mostly away during m first trimester too. It was tough for us to be apart so often, so we decided that it'll be good to have a getaway before our little one comes along.

That trip will mark our 3rd trip to Sydney 3 years consecutively. Why Sydney again then? Cos we like that place! And also cos other places we were keen to go to were not suitable in June/July such as Taiwan and Japan. Other places like London and New Zealand just cost too much at that point, especially with a baby on the way. We thought of Melbourne cos we love that place, but everywhere was just too far from each other and we'd spend too much time travelling from one spot to another, so, Sydney it was!

The one week trip was a good break to just take time to rest, eat and look into each other's eyes lol. Highlight of the trip was us catching Hillsong Conference's night rally and Les Miserables in theatre! Loved the show so, so much!

Read more about our Babymoon adventures here:

Categories > Travels > Sydney.

August 2015

#8: Three weeks with the Husby

Spent three weeks in JB with the husby when he was there for work, and lived everyday in the hotel room. Spent lots of quality time together, and was super fruitful cos I managed to live quite a number of blog posts and vlogs due to zero distraction in the day time! 

At the same time we celebrated my grandma's 70th birthday in JB! :)
Rare family reunion with my mom's family.

Sept 2015

#9: Husby Turns 30!

Threw a surprise McD themed birthday party for the husby! I loveeeee organising parties and events, so this was a fun one especially cos it was for Boon, and it was a fun theme! He loves Mcd so thought it'll be fun to have it there and have everyone dress up like kids again!

Full blog post here:

Also celebrated over good steaks at Ril's, Bangsar on his actual birthday :)

Oct 2015

#10: Maternity Photoshoot

Always wondered how it would be like to do a maternity photoshoot. Have always admired maternity photos from Pinterest, and pinned them up on my board as inspirations for my future maternity shoot. Finally it was my turn and I had the best time posing with my bump and Boon. These photos are to be treasures now and I'm so glad we did it.

#11: Baby Showers!

Throughout Oct-Nov 2015, I was thrown 3 baby shower celebrations by 3 different group of precious people in my life- my sisters and close church friends, my in-laws and my #competitiveaunties!

Everyone put in so much effort into making it beautiful and memorable for bean bean and I, and I couldn't be more touched and thankful for them. My heart was definitely blessed by their thoughtful and sweet gestures. Thanks everyone.

November 2015

#11: 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

For our anniversary this year, we celebrated over a simple, romantic dinner planned by the husby at Malt and Leaf, The Roof. Touched by his efforts to research and plan for this date though some stuff did go a bit wrong here and there which was funny at the end of the day lolol. Love him this funny guy to bits.

#12: I Turned 26!

Received a cute and meaningful gift for my birthday by the husby- a bean pendant necklace from Tiffany and co! We also celebrated the occasion at Bakar by The Big Group. Had one of the best meals I ever had! Loved the food there!

December 2015

#13: Co-organized Be Brave Conference

It's been a great year working along with these beautiful ladies in planning for our church's first women's conference. We started our plans from last year but only started to execute things this year. I'm out in charge of the marketing + social media + tee design/production of the conference. It was fun but trying at times especially when I was tired from being pregnant. However, I'm just glad that I got the privilege to be a part of this, and see this conference come to pass in its success!

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#14: My sister is engaged!!

Still cannot believe that my little sister is engaged!! Such bittersweet feelings. I'm thrilled for her but at the same time, I'm emo about her growing up and leaving home (tho I already left home haha). Gonna be an exciting year ahead for her and our family!

#15: I GAVE BIRTH!!!

As girls, we spend our lives imagining the day we give birth. Will it be painful? How will it be? Will I cry? Will I bite my husband? Will I go for natural or c-section? How will it feel like when I first see my baby?

Never thought I would spend 43 hours in labor. Everything happened so, so slow yet so fast. It's difficult to describe my feeling but it was exciting, joyous, scary, anxious, worrisome, panicky, emotional and sentimental all at the same time.

Will blog more about it on separate posts but for now, let me introduce for the first time on my blog... son, Tyler Jay Ng.

Born on 10th December 2015, 2.9kg bundle of cuteness and joy.

This would make the biggest highlight of my 2015. Still surreal that I'm now a mother.

It's now 11.22pm and I'm glad this post is completed in time before we welcome 2016 in a couple of minutes! My family is over for new year's countdown and in a while Tyler would be up crying for milk. Last year we spent the night drinking and partying with friends. This year, we're spending the night partying it up at home feeding a hangry baby who is just like his momma :')

How 2015 has changed my life. But for the better, happier and fuller.

2016, I know you're going to be awesome. I'm excited to see what God has in store for me and my now new little family :)

Til the next post, my dear blog readers and followers. Thank you for journeying with me on my blog and social media throughout this year and the years before, sharing my joy on being pregnant and now a new mother. Appreciate your love and support, always. May you have an awesome 2016 ahead!


love, Careen.
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  1. Everything happened so fast now that you have given birth already


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