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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Anna Sui Romantica

“I’m a hopeless romantic – I’ll buy flowers and love decorating them in my house." - Anna Sui

Sounds like Anna Sui and I could be best friends! Being a hopeless romantic myself too, I never get tired of cheesy love stories and all things floral, be in flowers themselves or anything which a floral scent such as fragrances.

Being a fan of Anna Sui myself, I'm honoured to be able to attend the press launch of Anna Sui's latest fragrance- Romantica and be one of the first of try the hopelessly romantic floral scented fragrance!

Here's the all-new Anna Sui Romantica!

Wondering what this sweet-smelling fragrance is made of?

Classified as a Sparkling Floral, the Anna Sui Romantica is at once joyous and sensuous, lively and exciting. 

The top note opens with a floaty feeling of Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Watery Quince.

Soon to be followed by Rose de Mai, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Petals, and Orange Blossom, the romance builds to a crescendo, awakening a deeper sensuality, with Water Lily and Peony Blossom adding a touch of whimsy and freshness to the heart.

And then it settles with White Ceylon Cedarwood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk. 

"Flowers have the power to convey memories and remind me of special moment in my life, travels, fun times, my childhood, good friends. Their elegant shapes, vibrant colors, gorgeous smells make them very attractive decorating objects. Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning gives me a sense of quiet and happiness on a busy hectic day. 

Romantica is the Floral Jewel in my fragrance collection. If fairytales were made of flowers – undoubtedly they would smell like Romantica: charming, fresh, fabulous! It is like an enchanted bouquet of blooms, sure to cast a magical spell!
And no one is too old for fairytales!!" - Anna Sui

Nope, never too old for fairytales indeed!

Photos from the launch of Anna Sui Romantica below!

The whole event location was themed in pink and floral, filled with the sweet scents of Anna Sui Romantica. The minute we entered the room, we felt calm and at ease due to the beautiful and lovely setting. Pink shades covering the room with flowers and more flowers everywhere! I wish I could turn my home into something like this too. *heart shaped eyes emoji*

These are the ingredients used to create the scent of Anna Sui Romantica.

Displayed at the launch was this beautiful floral dress as worn by gorgeous supermodel Ine Neefs in the Anna Sui Romantic campaign, captured by famed photographer Steven Meisel.

All of us guests were given a wrist corsage infused with Anna Sui Romantica, where we got to experience the scent up-close.

Next, the guests were given a floral arrangement crash course by a seasoned florist! All of us got so excited because who doesn't love flowers? And secondly, I've been hoping to learn how to make my own flower bouquet!

After a clear step-by-step real life tutorial given by the expert, we were ready to bring our own flower bouquet to life! We, ladies love choices, and were thrilled to find that we could pick our own bouquet fillers, coloured wraps and ribbons!

Here are my selections! Always loved pastel coloured things so I went straight into picking the lightest and sweets of colours for my bouquet! Actually it's just a single stalk bouquet haha, but baby steps! One day I'll be able to put together a full flower bouquet!

Can you spot my bouquet? So, so happy and proud of it! Hahaha humble beginnings of an aspiring florist :P

Ever since I brought home the Anna Sui Romantica, I couldn't wait to start using it! As a lover of fragrances, I believe that picking one that suits your personality, taste and style is vital in representing yourself well. You may not notice it but when you first met someone new, your fragrance is one of the first things that people take note of, consciously or sub-consciously, making a lasting impression upon that person. So how you smell like says a lot about who you are as a person! Choose a fragrance that you want people to remember you by.

That is why I'm very selective when it comes to fragrances and don't casually put on just any one at all. I usually take a long, long time to carefully choose my fragrances, so that is why the husby always asks me to just tell him which is my current favourite, so that he won't get a wrong one which I'll most likely just keep in my drawer and never use ever :P

I'm glad to find one that I can say, "This is me". In this season of my life, I'm moving away from the feisty, sexy scented fragrances, towards the sweet, soft-smelling floral ones. Think it could be due to the fact that I'm entering into a new phase of motherhood, and therefore wanting to smell more sweet and feminine as opposed to hot and sexy haha!

What is YOUR fragrance? If you love flowers and all things romantic, give Anna Sui Romantica a try at the nearest Anna Sui outlet around you! I love it, and we might just share the same new favourite fragrance! :)

Til' then!

love, Careen.
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