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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mother-Daughter Day Out!

Remember the pledge I made for the #pledgefortomorrow campaign by AIG? I made a pledge that I'll bring my parents for a spa session- you can read all about it here in this post.

So after making the pledge, I excitedly got the spa package all ready and proceeded to ajak my parents out for the spa session! It turns out that my dad was leaving for a long haul mission trip in East Malaysia and won't be back until probably 3 weeks to a month later (return ticket hasn't been bought yet)!

I was so surprised that I didn't know about it! I'm sure my parents did mention somewhere sometime before during our family meals but perhaps I overlooked it or my preggers brain decided to forget it -.- Felt so bad that I didn't know my dad will be away for so long!! This means I really gotta spend more time with them T-T

So yeah, plan had to be changed. So instead of bring both my parents for a spa session, I brought my mom for a skin spa session at Clarins! Spa session for both parents will be done when my dad returns!

While on the way there we were recalling when the last time I brought her for a skin spa was, and oh my it was last year on my mom's birthday in May! That's more than a year ago! And obviously all the skin care products I bought for her then from Clarins also finished by now (duh), so she's been using some other skincare brand recommended by some family/friends. 

Can't believe it's been more than a year since I took her for a facial! It is not cheap, I must say. But she really enjoys it so I find that it's worth splurging that money on her whenever I can. After all, our parents are ageing as fast as we're growing up, so gotta pamper them as much as we can, while we can :)

The room was so calming and aromatic...

Wish I could stay inside and have a facial session for myself too lol. 
But no, my budget only permits one pax :')

So mom spent an hour pampering her skin while I sat outside doing what I do best...scrolling social media haha!! From outside I could hear her chatting with her therapist nonstop, got talk about her 7 daughters and grandson on the way also. Hahaha!

After one hour, my mom came out of the therapy room struggling to open her eyes cos she kept them closed for so long hahaha! As a result, her skin is glowing and radiant!

So niceeeeeeeeeee!

I'm just really glad that I could do my bit to make my mom happy and pampered. After the spa session my mom kept thanking me which made me even more paiseh. After all they've done for me, nothing I do in return can be enough to reciprocate.

What do your parents love doing? Whether it's a trip to the spa, hiking, cooking, playing table tennis, do it with them or for them! Let's take every opportunity we can to love and pamper our parents while we can :)

Love this video by AIG's Pledge for Tomorrow initiative.
Videos like this never fail to make me tear.

Have you made your pledge at yet?

AIG wants to encourage you to spend time with your family by rewarding participants the following prizes!

5x winners will be selected after the contest is closed. 

Winners will be able to have a lovely day with 9 other family members at one of the 3x family outings:

(1)   High Tea Session at Majestic Hotel (OMG droolsss)

(2)   A Family Day-Trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

(3)   A Family Cooking Session with Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Rohani Jelani

Transportation will be arranged for the winners, 
and the entire event will be photographed by a professional photographer.

Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram on 21st November 2015 as I will be revealing a special treat for you! ;)

That's all from me for now!

love, Careen
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