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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Baby Shower #2: With the In-Laws

November 8 afternoon had long been booked by the sister in-law, Vern May from months and months ago. She requested my also preggers sis in-law, Jasmine and I to both block our dates because she has something special planned out for us, and that she'll tell our husbands what to do. Sounded exciting! :)

Before we knew it, Nov 8 arrived. Whenever I asked Boon where we'll be going, he just said we'll be going for a hi-tea somewhere so make sure we don't stuff ourselves first before we go. In his mind, hi-tea = hi tea buffet so since I didn't know anything about the Baby Shower, I just followed his instructions and we shared a plate of Grilled Chicken Chop at Bedrock Cafe after church.

The sister in-law, Vern May and cousins in-law Vern Hui, Vern Li and Ting Sen, Vern Chui, Lay Yean and Lay Yee were all present when we arrived, including the other Baby Shower parents Evan and Jasmine! 

The first game we played was a guessing game for the mommies-to-be to close our eyes and guess what the items given to us were. We were given a red bag (in the background) full of baby toys, mittens, pacifier, baby milk bottle, bib and bolster, and we got all of them correct! :DD 

With all of the items we were supposed to dress the hubbies with them hahaha! 
They obviously had a fun time with them.

When the food was served, we found out that hi-tea ≠ hi-tea buffet as Boon expected, but legit taitai hi-tea with scones and fruit tarts :') You can imagine Boon's disappointment hahaha!! Everyone was like, duhhhh you know it's Majestic Hotel means it's taitai hi-tea and not all-you-can-eat hi-tea duhhhhhh. I just couldn't stop laughing hahaha! Boon is very out of touch with the atas taitai world wan so he's forgiven :')

Epic Boon story aside, the hi-tea was really good IMO! Especially loved the scones and fruit tarts. Scones were rich yet light and fluffy (very hard to explain but, it's nice la haha), and the strawberries on the fruit tart were so fresh, juicy and sweet!

This was the Asian platter which were not bad, but as usual Cinapek Boon was going on and on about how he can have all of these in a kopitiam for less than RM20, and everyone was like OMG chill please hahaha. He always spoil the mood wan lor -.-

Mommies and daddies-to-be!

It was a nice time of chatting and catching up with each other, sharing stories of how we found out we're pregnant, etc. After we were done, we couldn't resist but steal some shots at the scenic windows of Majestic Hotel.

These two boys will be the best of cousins! They're only two weeks apart as of now, and who know they might even have the same birthday! Soon our family will be busy with these two boys and family gatherings will not be the same again :') How exciting!

The entourage.

Thank you so much everybody for all the love showered upon us and our babies. We indeed feel very blessed by all the planning and prep, and carefully selected gifts that are oh-so-useful in time to come (which is very soon!). Feeling truly blessed and grateful to have such amazing in-laws.

Tons of blog posts lined up ahead! Gotta publish all of them before Bean arrives!
Baby Shower #3 coming up next! Til' then!

love, Careen.
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