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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Relationship/Wedding Series: What Would You Like To Know?

With the blink of an eye, it's already the 2nd of October, and we've entered into the fourth and last quarter of 2015! Can you believe it?

Since it's the year-end now, that also means the wedding season is here! I know weddings take place throughout the year, but even more so towards the end of the year, don't you think? There was this particular year that Boon and I attended a wedding every other week for the last 2-3 months of the year! So crazy!

And since we're approaching the wedding season, I thought it'll be good for me to start a relationship/wedding series on my blog, sharing with my readers on what I've personally learned in these short 3 years of being married, 11 years of dating (and counting), and what we've learned from our wedding preparation experience too! Hopefully what we learned will help you in your wedding planning and your journey in marriage, even in the least of ways.

We've always shared them with our close friends or readers who emailed to seek advice, but I realised I hardly shared them on my blog. So before Bean Bean comes along (which I can foresee that my posts will be mostly about him/pregnancy/motherhood from then on), I shall blog them all out before I completely run out of time (and posts) for this topic!

Some of the topics that I have in mind are:

1) How I met your father

- This has been a much-requested blog post for the longest time! Readers have been asking for me to blog about how we met and our love story. I promise I will within these 3 months! But first I gotta go dig out some old photos haha.

2) The truth about marrying young

- We got married 3 years ago in Nov 2012, when I was still 23 and Boon 27. At our age, we were considered a young couple to tie the knot. We loved the fact that we married young and wouldn't trade the world for it, but there were also some things that we needed to sacrifice.

3) Tips and tricks to a beautiful, budget wedding

- Our wedding was not entirely on a super tight budget, but we did place more budget allocation for some of the things that we prioritised and some that we didn't think were too important (that's where our DIY skills come in handy!). After all we were a young couple who paid for our own wedding, so funds were limited, and that's how we had to get creative in achieving our dream wedding.

4) Our dream wedding vs. Our parents' expectations

- Boon and I have considerably understanding parents, even when it comes to our wedding. But we realised that no matter how accommodating they are, there are still some expectations that they wish to see fulfilled in their children's weddings, some of which don't go well with our ideal dream wedding. We want to honour our parents, and at the same time, it's OUR wedding after all. So, how far should we compromise?

5) The dreaded wedding guest list

- Managing overly-enthusiastic strangers/acquaintances/friends who insist on a wedding invite.
- How many tables should we allocate to our fathers' ex-classmates, business associates, neighbours, and golf buddies whom we do not know??
- We have SO MANY FRIENDS! We can't be inviting everyone we know. So, who should we invite? And who should we leave out?

6) Surviving the first year of marriage

- Boon and I are happily married, and been happily married since Day One. However, it doesn't mean that we didn't have our rocky moments and trying times. There were so many instances where we drove each other up the wall so hard that it really became a love-hate relationship that could switch within minutes. Looking back, we admit to have had quite a challenging first year of marriage. But slowly things got better and we've learned how to better deal with each other's shortcomings, managing conflicts and unmet expectations. 

7) Having a baby- You'll never be ready. Truth or myth?

- Many people tell us that we'll never be fully ready for a baby, so might as well try for one as soon as we get married! Is that true? Should we just go ahead or wait until we're both ready? Will we EVER be ready? 

8) Why it's important to marry your best friend

- I'll be publishing this one first because it's been at the top of my mind. Whenever I see couples around me who suffer in their relationship/marriage, I notice one thing in common: They're not each other's best friends.
- What does it mean to be a best friend to each other? And why is it important? Will be sharing soon!

Are there any more topics that you're interested in reading about, or any questions that you'd like to ask me? Feel free to comment below or e-mail me personally at! I notice that you guys prefer to be private and e-mail me instead, so please feel free to do so! I'll include your interested topics in my list :)

By deciding to do this, I'm sure there are haters/people who would think I'm trying to act all love guru/relationship expert and such. But for me, my intentions are clear. I'm no where near being a love guru/relationship expert, but I just love to share what I know/learned, and that's how I started blogging- to share my interests, stories, and life in general. I'm an open book on and offline. As long as I know that whatever I'm doing (i.e.: sharing things that I learned in life on my blog) is blessing others, I know I'm doing the right thing, and therefore I'll keep doing it.

Looking forward to share all of the above with you, and also to hear from you guys!

love, Careen.
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  1. Looking forward to posts on these topics! :) And thank you in advance for sharing, your experiences and thoughts would most probably assist my (future) marriage & wedding.

    1. Awwww and you're most welcome! My pleasure to share! <3


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