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Friday, October 30, 2015

My First Surprise Baby Shower

Last Sunday was special, because I was thrown a surprise Baby Shower by some of the closest people to my heart!

The midnight before, Boon and I were on the bed all ready to be tucked in and sleep when we heard our doorbell rang twice! It alarmed me cos it was already midnight, who could it be?? And if it were our security guard, it must have been something pretty urgent or some emergency cos firstly, it was at midnight, and secondly, the doorbell was rang twice!! Usually they only press once, so that sounded pretty much like an emergency to me!

So I waited in bed anxiously while Boon rushed to open the door. He came back to bed with a brown envelope (photo above on the left) and told me someone just left it at our doorstep and left before he reached the door. Opened it up and there was the beautifully designed card! I was officially invited to my very own Baby Shower!

Texted my sisters and asked if they were the ones behind this, and they poker face all, acted as if they didn't know anything and even asked me if they were invited -.-

The day after was THE day! It was a Sunday so as usual I went to church, helped to organise WMVMT's Clothes Swap event when I was suddenly handed a second envelope by a stranger, a girl I'd never seen before. Opened it up and it instructed me to wait for a designated chauffeur to drive me to our secret location, act blur for once (haha okay), and selfie with the letter and hashtag #showeringbeanwithcare (hahaha who came up with this!!), and that's what I did (photo on the right).

Clothes Swap ended at 4pm and since I was still "waiting" for my mystery chauffeur to appear, I was pretty much in my own social world walking around chatting with people. But somehow Boon kept rushing me to pack up and leave so I "acted blur" as instructed and just hopped into the car without asking much. He sped off and headed into NPE and then KL.

So I acted blur and asked him where we were heading to and why the rush. He said we were late to collect some custom made Gundam figurine that he had placed an order for at Times Square. So we were on the way to Times Square to meet this guy who did it for him. As if I was supposed to believe it!! Hahahaha but if you didn't know, Boon's poker face game is strong and even I get confused most of the time. So I just laughed away and said okay.

Before I knew it, we arrived at Troika and I started asking him if we were heading to Acme, one of my favourite cafés in KL! He kept saying no, and continued saying no even while driving into Troika's basement carpark. I couldn't stop laughing at the amount of crap I was receiving from him hahaha!

Went into the café and was greeted by Patrick and Sung! They welcomed me, handed me a cute bouquet of baby's breath, and started asking me to pose for photos as instructed by the organisers. So yea I started taking photos at the weirdest places after every few steps :')

*walks 5 steps*
"Okay okay stop stop take picture here!"

Sung and Patty at work.

BTS taken by Boon who was behind me. I waited at the door for a while before Sung and Pat opened them up, and I was greeted by a bunch of familiar faces donned in black and white, holding up their camera phones snapping nonstop at me!

My mini celebrity red carpet moment hahaha!!!

I was happy to see all of them and was all mixed up in emotions of surprise, joy and a bit of awkwardness cos everyone was just looking at me and snapping away hahaha!

I was then ushered to my seat and this was my view.

Super awwwwww! Everything was so pretty!! 
*heart eyes emoji*

The entire set up was beautifully thought out and executed! Everyone of us had a nice, customised name tag at our seats, a little bunch of baby's breath, and a cute door gift!

Hahaha apparently this was MBO cinema's popcorns which is very nice hahah!! 

And guess whose preggers silhouette it was! 

It was taken from this photo!

Hahahah so funny to see my own silhouette printed on a box of popcorns. What a cute idea :')

That's me busy checking out all the adorable deco at my seat. So many details!

And this was inside my door gift- duckie soap!! Apparently some of us got the duck and others got a cute little egg!

Like this one! As beautifully captured by Elie (stolen from her Instagram hehe).

I later on found out that my mom and sisters went to a gift shop to specially buy the baby pram boxes, duckie and egg soaps, as well as the box fillers separately and put them all together! Huhu touched... T-T

After a while, the desserts came!

My favourite brownies at Acme!! Sinfully awesome! If you haven't tried, you gotta.

And more cakes!

Iced choc in Acme is one of my personal favourites!

My beautiful momsie who sat right beside me.

Evangeline and her signature face haha

It's so cute to see my three little sisters sitting by themselves also donned in monochrome like the other grown up ladies. Hahaha they were so well behaved too :')

Obviously I wasn't the one who finished the popcorns...haha

After we were almost done with our desserts, Gladys passed everybody two sheets of paper and asked them to write down a Chinese character on each of the papers, the Chinese names that they think would suit Bean Bean. After collecting from everyone, she mixed them all up in a bag and I picked two randomly and see how they sounded together. Some of the names came out really funny but some sounded really nice! Will keep them in mind for future reference ;)

After that, it was time to write Bean personal letters! Each auntie (Bean's auntie haha) had a card for them to write their wishes and aspirations for Bean Bean, and at the end of it they would paste their polaroid photos on the card so that when Bean grows up, he can identify who these loving aunties were! Such a good idea! :)

My mom was obviously taking this seriously. First letter from the grandma hehe.

Auntie Felicia

Auntie Michelle

Auntie Debbie

Auntie Elie

Auntie Fibiee

Auntie Lee Peng

Auntie QQ

Aunty Vern May

Auntie Vern Ai and your soon-to-be cousin brother!

Auntie Gladys

Thanks for planning this Baby Shower for me, and for such a beautiful one at that :) 
Love you sis.

Auntie Serene

Auntie Loveen

Auntie Melody

Auntie Charity :')

Auntie Evangeline :')

And your grandma- waipoh! 

Your daddy's sisters- soon-to-be aunties!

And your mommy's mom and sisters!

Monochrome group shot! Thank you, ladies :)

My pretty girls :)

Thanks you for the lovely gifts and love gifts, everyone!

So what were the uncles doing while we were busy hi-teaing and taking photos upstairs?

They had their own guy talks downstairs! 
Thanks for helping and waiting up patiently, gentlemen!

Haha this candid pretty much sums up our relationship.

This looks more like it :) *muax*

With the D11CG girls.

Moments :)

Thanks QQ for helping out so much to make this Baby Shower happen!

And Patty the mystery delivery guy! Love you both :)

To everyone who helped out (that I'm oblivious of), thank you for giving me such a lovely memory!

Bean bean at 32 weeks. Approximately 8 weeks to go! 
Can't wait to see you, my cutie :)

love, Careen
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  1. just finished reading it, and i can feel the blessed even by reading this post! Have a good delivery yea =D


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