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Friday, October 16, 2015

Daily Dose of Goodness with Anmum Materna

If you know me well enough, you'd have known that being a true blue foodie, I eat anything and everything, and I love EVERY cuisine there is. I didn't use to really care about my nutritional intake but just walloping whatever I FELT like eating that day, and what mattered most was not really what was best for me, but what tasted the best! It was always about pleasing my tastebuds and satisfying my cravings because I LIVE TO EAT!! (my motto in life lol).

But, things have taken a turn. Now that I'm pregnant, I can't just think and care about me, myself and my tastebuds anymore. When they say that being a mother changes you, it's true. From someone who didn't use to bother about whatever I consume, to someone who's constantly wondering if I'm taking in enough nutrients in a day- that's me. I'm now a changed woman! Haha but really, pregnancy is a special time when ladies are to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet in order to reduce the risk of micronutrient deficiencies, and I really don't want to cause my baby to lack nutrients as a result of my own selfishness and carelessness.

That is why I've been on a frenzy reading up articles after articles about what's good for pregnant women, eating lots of fruits, buying cold pressed green juices, etc etc just to make sure I'm receiving enough nutrients to pass on to my ever growing baby.

While doing my research, I read a lot about the benefits of consuming prenatal milk as it contains important nutrients needed during pregnancy for both the mommy and baby. So when Anmum Materna approached me to give it a try, I gladly said yes cos I've heard so much about it!

Did you know that Anmum Materna comes in two different flavours- the original and chocolate? Choco fans rejoice!! Personally being a huge fan of milk (I love any type of milk!!) AND chocolate (since I don't take coffee, choc is my go-to source of happiness haha), I'm take them alternately to suit my mood. Most of the time I take the original flavour in the day time, and chocolate flavour before I got to bed at night.

If you're not familiar with what Anmum Materna is all about, no worries because I used to be as blur as many of you too. Haha pregnancy opens you up to a whole new world, I tell you! Everyday I'm learning and discovering new things!

Okay so, I'm sure you've heard of Anmum Essential before, a well-known brand of milk powder in the market designed for children aged 1-6 years old, building on the natural goodness of milk to support a child's growth, fortified with additional nutrients and contains certain 'brain' nutrients, which have been shown to support a child's brain development. It also contains vitamins such as Vit A, C and E, as well as minerals like zinc, iron and selenium which help protect children against sicknesses diarrhoea, anaemia, acute lower respiratory infection and pneumonia, with no sugar added into the milk formula. I'm sure many parents would be very familiar with Anmum Essential cos I see a lot of my mommy friends feeding their children with it too! The best thing is, it does not contain any added sugar!

Under the Anmum brand, there's also Anmum Materna which is the one I'm currently consuming, and also Anmum Lacta which is for breastfeeding moms (I'll need it in about 2 months haha).

As for Anmum Materna, it is specially formulated for both women who are planning for pregnancy (yeap, even before you're pregnant!), or already pregnant, and has all the nutrients that both types of mommies-to-be need in their body! Two glasses gives one 400mcg of folic acid a day, which is equivalent to approximately 97 slices of white bread, and Anmum Materna is the only high folic acid milk powder that is clinically tested!

Many pregnant ladies including myself are worried about putting on too much weight during pregnancy, for fear that we'll have difficulty losing them and getting back to pre-pregnancy body. Trust me, the worry is REAL! Everyday I look into the mirror wondering to myself if I'll ever have my pre-baby body back again. I'm sure many preggers moms are like me too.

Well, good news is that Anmum Materna is now with Low Fat Formulation, so one less thing to worry about!

It also contains there following nutrients that I think are good for us to know about:

1. Folate
- Essential for growth and divisions of cells in both mother and foetus. Division of cells occurs rapidly in the developing foetus to form important organs such as the brain.

2. Probio DR10 Inulin
- Inulin is a prebiotic, while DR10 is Bifidobacterium lactis, a type of live bacteria to help with digestion. It is important for pregnant moms to have good intestinal environment for effective absorption of nutrients.

3. GA® + DHA

- Helps build baby's brain development, nervous system and eyes.

4. Iron
- Essential for red blood cell formation that supports 50% blood volume increased during pregnancy.

5. Calcium
- Supports the development of strong bones and teeth.

6. Low Fat Formulation
- Healthier choice to help with weight management.

We're advised to consume 2 times of Anmum Materna daily to fulfil our 100% daily requirements of Folate, Calcium and Vitamin B12.

Preparation for Original Flavour:
Add 3 scoops of milk powder (36g) to 200ml of previously boiled warm water and stir.

Preparation for Chocolate Flavour:
Add 4 scoops of milk powder (42g) to 200ml of previously boiled warm water and stir.

Important Note:
To maintain the number of living cultures, the temperature of the water should not be more than 45°C.

Always store the pack in a cool and dry place, before and also after opening it, and keep in clean, dry and airtight containers! Also, a heads up to use content within 3 weeks after opening it, and before the stated expiry date as indicated on the pack!

That's all from me for now. 
Hope you guys learned something, as much as I did myself! :)

And to all the expecting mothers and ladies planning to conceive, all the best!!

love, Careen.
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