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Monday, September 28, 2015

My Second Trimester + Baby's Gender Reveal!

Last weekend was special because:

#1: We have entered into Week 28! Which means...

#2: We have officially stepped into the THIRD TRIMESTER! O.O

#3: It was exactly a month ago since we confirmed bean bean's gender!

Bump shot taken last Sunday, 20 Sept 2015 at 27 weeks.

Our 2nd trimester aka the Honeymoon Trimester is officially coming to an end, and I cannot be more thankful to God for taking away all the unpleasant symptoms from 1st trimester, for His protection and also for giving me an enjoyable 3 months plus.

I shared about what I loved most about the 2nd trimester in my vlog below, so I shall not repeat them here and spoil the surprise for you! But really, 2nd trimester had been a dream for me.

Ever since we confirmed bean bean's gender, we shared with our families and closer friends about it but we haven't officially announced it to the rest of the world yet. 

Reason being I really wanted to reveal bean bean's gender in our vlog, where we bring you through all the pregnancy check-up trips we went for in hopes to confirm bean's gender. Felt it'll be more meaningful to bring you on the same journey that we experienced through our vlog. 

Been swamped with work and rest (can't compromise on rest these days), but finally managed to squeeze in 3 full days to shoot and edit this vlog. Feeling zombified now but hopefully you'll enjoy watching! :)

And now that the gender announcement is out, instead of calling the baby bean bean all the time, I can now use HE and HIM and HIS and BOY and SON!!!

Yes guys, WE'RE EXPECTING A SON!!! :))

It's an exciting news for us and for both our families too as we hardly have any boys around lol. And I'm growing to love this little boy even more each day. He's been so active, all day every day (literally!), which is good cos that indicates that he's a healthy, growing strong baby boy!

We're still thinking and praying for a suitable name for him too. Before we got pregnant, it was so easy to say, "Okay next time our son will be called _________". But now that we've come to the real thing, we've become so picky (actually more on me than Boon hahaha) and nothing seems to be good enough for bean bean! We have only about 3 months more to think of a name! 

So far we've bought bean bean a set of 3 very adorable onesies that we can't stop staring at! I haven't gotten the chance to properly photograph them yet, so when I do I'll post it up on my Instagram account (@careentxy)!

To all of you who have been waiting for the gender announcement, thanks so much for your patience and support. Meaning it from the bottom of my heart. Many of you have been telling me that you're excited and can't wait to see bean bean. You'll get to very soon! 3 months! Bean is blessed to have so many aunties and uncles who anticipate him and love him even before he's out. 

On behalf of this very blessed little boy, thank you :)

Here are some of bean bean's latest photos!

Week 18- 22 July 2015

The scan where Dr Paul told us it could potentially be a boy. And the scan where we could not see baby's face at all cos he literally covered his face with both his hands! Can you see? 10 fingers covering his face -.-

Week 24 Structural Scan- 27 August 2015 

This was the detailed structural scan that doctors would usually advise couple to go for around Week 20, for a thorough scan of the baby's organs and for gender identification (if the couple opts to find out). It was during this scan that we confirmed baby's gender!

Can you guess what this is? :P
Hint: two legs and bean bean's b**** in between :')

Look at our chubby little one! My mommy says this type of sharp sharp mouth will be very talkative next time. Hahaha awww man! 

He's gonna be asking, 
"But mom, why? Why ah? Why this happen? Why cannot? Why? Why? Why???"

Oh dear :')

Week 27- 15 September 2015

Bean bean had always been on the smaller side of the scale according to our gynae, but still within the healthy, normal growth range. But it was during this particular scan that baby's weight had visibly increased, about 170g heavier than the last scan which was about 2 and a half weeks before! So happy to hear that :)

Haha poor baby had the umbilical cord right in front of his face. As you can probably tell he didn't look too pleased hahahaha!! We couldn't stop laughing at his annoyed face! #horribleparents

Look at those chubby cheeks though :))

Hahahahaha another annoyed face lolol.
I love you, my grumpy baby! :')

Looking back, I'm really happy that we recorded our visits to the gynae cos if we didn't, we would have easily forgotten so many things! These photos, footages and vlogs are so precious to us, something that we'll watch back in 10-20 years, and smile. 

Hope you've been enjoying these blog posts/vlogs as much as we do!

Til the next one!

PS: I update daily on my Dayre account, on all the little, not-so-important details of my everyday preggers life. I prefer to keep my blog organised and more topical these days, so the ones that don't make the cut will be updated on Dayre instead! So if you're interested in following, do download Dayre on your phone and follow me at or @careen! :)

love, Careen.
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  1. Congratulations Careen - on your smooth pregnancy and also for Bean Bean being a boy! There's now going to be a fourth male in the family aside from Papa Tan, Ng and Boon Hock. Teehehe.

    Lotsa love to you & your family! <3

  2. Congratulations!!! I half guessed it was a boy when Audrey started passing Fighter's old clothes to you but am still so excited for you and Boon!!!


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