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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Magnum Sensation in White Event

When I was invited to Magnum's Sensation in White event recently, 
two thoughts flashed in my mind:

#1: Magnum has a WHITE CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR now??
#2: You mean I get to have a FREE FLOW of Magnum White Almond at the launch??

I was kept super excited for the event at these two thoughts because first of all, I'm a big fan of all things white chocolate. Secondly, ice-cream makes me really happy, especially now that I'm pregnant and longing for icy cold stuff to consume all the time!

The official event dress code was chic and elegant in white, which was another thing that made me excited cos I LOVE all things white. Being at the event and seeing everyone dressing in white was such a beautiful sight!

Was also super happy to reunite with my pretty tai-tai friends, Hui Wen and Bobo! We spent the whole night stuffing our faces with ice-creams and more ice-creams in between nonstop chatters.

There were refrigerators full of Magnum White Almond ice-creams in the room, and I couldn't help myself but to keep helping myself with some. Imagine having a fridge like this at home! Wouldn't that be a dream? *insert heart-shaped eyes emoji*

The Sensation in White party provided us guests with 3 experiential corners, each of these corners symbolizing the finest indulgence that life has to offer. 

Firstly, it was the Dining and Culinary Corner where we were also served a variety of delicious canapés throughout the night. I'm not afraid to admit that I helped myself with quite a number of servings cos the food was just too good! And hey, I was eating for two! :P

Aside from yummy food and ice-creams served, there was the Beauty Corner that offered temporary white tattoos and white manicure which kept most of the ladies occupied!

Last but certainly not the least, the Magnum Almond White corner where the ice-creams were creatively decorated with other desserts such as brownies, cheesecakes and many other delectables along the dessert bar! I couldn't stop photographing all the mouth-watering desserts cos they were just too beautifully set up!

One of my favourite hosts, Stephanie Chai was the emcee of the evening, and my childhood Channel V crush, DJ Joey G was spinning the party to life throughout the night!

Stunning Pure Indulgence performance by two talented aerialists to kick start the launch event!

And that marks the official launch of Magnum's all-new White Almond flavour!

If you're wondering how the Magnum White Almond tastes like, here's a summary aptly phrased by the Magnum team: 

"It boasts of smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a thick layer of cracking Belgian white chocolate with almond pieces."

Can't describe it better myself! As a lover of white chocolate, I simply enjoy every bite, what more else when it is made of premium Belgian ice-cream!

We received a special cash voucher to be used at Magnum café too! :)

My pretty company of the evening.

Why place an ice cream in a box, you may ask?

It's actually a Magnum White Almond USB drive!! How cute it is! I love cute USB drives!! :))

Big, big thanks to the Magnum team for indulging us with these delectable babies! Boon was so excited when he found out we have 24 sticks of Magnum White Almond sitting in our freezer at home! :')

Have you tried it yet? You can get yours too at any major supermarkets, hypermarkets or even convenience stores near you! 


For more info on Magnum White Almond, visit:

Magnum's FB Page-
Magnum's Official Website-

love, Careen.
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