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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Husby's 30th McD Birthday Surprise Party!

Husby's 30th birthday was something that had been on my mind for a long, long time. 

I remember there was once when we were discussing about some wedding details with my family 3 years back during our wedding planning days, we were on a certain topic when I got a sudden revelation that in 3 years' time, Boon would turn 30! I remember I was so shocked at the thought of it, that mannnnn, time IS flying fast! And I also remember laughing my head off cos he looked no where like a 30 year old man la hahahahaha!! The thought of him being 30 was just hilarious!

To many, turning 30 is no biggie cos 30 is still considered a young adult phase, but for someone that I've known since he was 14, someone that I dated since he was 19, for him to turn 30 was a big deal to me! That's why since that day, I purposed in my heart that no matter what, I'll do whatever it takes to make his 30th birthday a super fun and memorable one.

I planned to throw Boon a birthday party that his family members and close friends would be invited to celebrate the special occasion with him, so I started researching for venues to cater to approximately 30-40 pax. Most of the places charge pretty high for a 3-4 hour event, minus the food! Most of these places are pretty prim and proper too, and knowing Boon, he would enjoy a fun and crazy party as opposed to a perfectly planned/set-up one where everyone dresses nicely, and canapés are served throughout the party. I would enjoy it, but certainly not Boon.

I know Boon isn't too used to having a birthday party and to host one would make him feel awkward. After all, I feel that the birthday boy/person shouldn't be the one who is pressured into entertaining guests just to make the situation less awkward cos let's be honest, a lot of times we're thrown a birthday surprise celebration, and after the initial surprise nothing much is planned and everyone is just left in the dark afterwards. And that puts the pressure on the birthday person to go around entertaining and hosting the party himself/herself. It's pretty unfair for the birthday girl/boy don't you think? I mean it's their birthday! Spare them the awkwardness and let them have all the fun!

After thinking it through, I decided to throw him a fun and kiddy birthday party in McD! I remember he mentioned briefly once I think months ago that it would be so fun to have a birthday party at McD (as a kid of course). I remember agreeing that yea it'd be so fun, cos growing up I never had a birthday party at places like McD or A&W too, just at home with my immediate family members and some relatives every year.

So while planning, I got a sudden eureka moment to have a McD birthday party, looked in up online and found that they have such a comprehensive package just for party events! Called up the management and started planning from there. Started creating a guest list and contacted them to lock down their dates. Started creating and deleting and archiving chats too cos all these planning took place while I was spending 3 weeks in JB with Boon when he worked there. He was with me everyday so to prevent him from ever seeing the chats (tho he does not go through my phone. we don't have that habit), I deleted or archived everything!

Thank God that I had two days in KL without Boon prior to the party as he travelled for work, so during those two days I did all that I could including designing party pack stickers, photobooth props and photo backdrops. Really put my limited photoshop skills into action!

Told lots of white lies to Boon leading up to the party cos well, that's what you gotta do to plan a surprise party right? I told him that my family wanted to celebrate his birthday with him on the 30th Aug, which was a Sunday. Which, was also believable cos we usually eat with my family on Sun, and his family on Sat. Told him that we'll be going to try out Mr. Dakgalbi at Citta Mall cos my sisters love Korean food and they wanted to try. As usual Boon does not question much cos Boon being Boon, he's really very easy-going. Which made everything easier! :P

I even preempt my family to send a text in our family chat to initiate dinner for Sunday just to make it all seem believable. So of course, Boon did not suspect at all haha. Upon reaching Citta Mall, I also told my sister to "text me" and ask me to go McD to get some nuggets for Evangeline first, cos she too hungry can't wait for dinner lol! Which, is also believable cos she is quite a small/picky eater, and she only likes nuggets from McD. So I briefly showed Boon the text that my sister sent and after parking, we straight went into McD.

While walking in, there were sign boards everywhere that said, "Happy birthday, Ng Boon Hock!!" provided by McD, but he did not see a thing!! He also walked past the party room which was all dark inside and filled with people, but he didn't suspect a thing at all, and walked straight to the counter to queue. I think he really got tunnel vision lo hahaha :')

I had to drag him from the counter and act all sampat and said, "Ehhhh see there's a birthday party ongoing here. Come we go see see a bit who knows next time we can have party here for bean bean". He reluctantly followed my lead as I pulled him over to the room cos he felt we were being sampat to pry on other people's party, and that's how we surprised him! Taddaaaaaa dark room filled with familiar faces!!

All in all, surprise was a success and Boon was laughing nonstop at how he got fooled into it unsuspectingly. It was quite stressful for me cos I had to lie and cover up and act and pretend, a whole lot of mental strategising! But I'm just glad and relieved that it was a successful surprise! :)

Now, on to the photos of the party!

Every guest got a personalised Happy Meal as we collected their meal orders prior to the party, so that they'll like what they ate that day! There were also toys inside for girls and boys so we allocated accordingly. To make it more personalised, we brought our own party pack stickers so that everyone could identify their Happy Meal!

Some amateurish photobooth props that I designed. Gotta thank my sisters for helping me to print, cut and attach the sticks to the props at home, and also arriving two hours earlier than everybody just to ensure that the correct name stickers are placed on the right Happy Meal packs, and also for decorating the place up!

So everybody asked why is "Boon Turning On". 
My father in-law even asked why so obscene wan lol!!

It was all my fault!!! I guess it was cos I was rushing, or maybe it's my preggers brain, but instead of writing "Boon's 30 Going On 3", I put "Boon's 30 Turning On 3" instead. And to make matters worse the 30 and 3 isn't very visible to some so everyone read it as "Boon's Turning On" -.-"

After the surprise, we opened the party with a prayer for the food by our friend, Adrian.

Then it was eating time!
Ordered all these extras too just in case our guests are still hungers. 

With Boon's family and cousins! 
Too bad his sister, May was still in Melbourne then.

Sis-in-law Jasmine and I are both preggies, with bean bean two weeks older than the cousin! It's gonna be so fun having two babies of the same age growing up together in the house!

Papa Tan and Mama Tan had their share of Happy Meals too! I told both sides of the parents that perhaps that should catch a meal first before the party in case they didn't want to have McD's for dinner, but they were all totally chill and cooperative, and didn't mind at all. Awwww!

My cuties!

And do you spot the "Boon's Turning On" backdrop.... 
Yeah...  -.-"

Thanks Gladys and Sung for helping out with the balloons and guestbook and hosting the party!

The dress code for the party was "back-to-kids", and I must say Li-Hsia and Vincent won best dressed couple of the night! So cute!

Bean shot. Hahaha!

One thing about McD birthday party is that the birthday boy eats for free, and gets a special gift! It was a McD french fries fluffy bag inside along with other McD merchandises hahaha!! Adorbs!

Patrick and John brought some kiddo props from home for the birthday boy too.

Can you just tell how much Boon was in his element?

We played some musical chair and poison box kiddo games after eating, conducted by the McD party planning team. They were so accommodating, fun and lovely to work with! No photos cos we only took video footages of the games. Wanted to compile everything into a vlog episode but no time yet so, blog post first la :P

Nowadays they're so professional already. If you go to their website, you'll get all the details about their party packages and all the participating outlets. The nearest to us was Citta Mall that's why we chose here.

Disclaimer: McD party was not sponsored. Just a happy customer feedback!

So how these Gundam figurines arrived at the party was another story. Boon has so many of them that he displays some of the newer collection in our living room, while the rest are chucked inside a container in our study room. I snuck 7 out including the small ones which he likes and a Baja Hitam as props for the party, put them in a huge paper bag and hid them in between clothes that I told him I was lending Fibiee for a photoshoot (imaginary photoshoot hahaha), and I was gonna pass to Gladys to pass to her. I also snuck Boon's suspenders inside too cos I told him Gladys wanted to borrow. Hahahaha lies lies lies.

Gundam figurines as props because...

I ordered a Gundam birthday cake for him!!

I must say that I'm personally very satisfied with the overall design and outcome of the cake cos it's really no easy feat making a Gundam figurine using fondant! And the base was so realistically designed and coloured, that Boon was just so impressed throughout the night. When the cake arrived, everyone was snapchatting and taking photos of it nonstop cos it was just beautifully made!

Cake is done by Foret Blanc, by the way. One of the bakers/founders is my Form 6 classmate, Kenny, and I'm just so proud of his work! I think he was the perfect person to go to cos he knows Gundam stuff too! He was the one who suggested the concept of the Gundam cake. Made my life so much easier cos I knew nothing haha!! 

Go check them out!

Disclaimer: Cake was not sponsored. Just a satisfied customer speaking!

Even though I'm not a Gundam fan, looking at it just made me so happy already!

Birthday boy admiring all the littlest details.

You see the way he wore his party hat...sigh 

One of my favourite pastimes is to make his Gundams do girly ballet poses hahaha!! This was not my doing, btw. Neither was the Baja Hitam in distress behind hahaha!!

After a while I asked Loveen to remove the "on" and "3", so it became "Boon's Turning 30".

So. Much. Better.

Seriously what was I even thinking omg la....

Technically 30 turning on 3 wasn't wrong, per se. It's just unfortunate that "Boon's Turning On" was much more apparent to the eyes than the '30' and '3' lol.

Boon's family, missing his younger sis, May.

Boon's closest female coussies, missing the eldest one too!

D11- missing some of our cell mates!

Vincent and Li-Hsia, two of our dearest friends. Oh, Vincent was our pre-wedding and wedding photographer! Check his work out-

Adrian and Michelle the newlyweds! Known each other since aeons ago! Went through college days together in Taylor's and now, we're all married and planning a family!

Patty and QQ, the best friends you can ever ask for!

My big family!

OMG check out those quadruple chins..... -.-"

We're having twins! Yayyyy!

The cell group + Vincent and Li-Hsia got him something that he's been eyeing on- a Star Wars Lego AT-AT set! See how happy he is...omg like a kid hahaha. He finished building this in like, 2 days.

Later on his coussies got him another Star Wars Lego set- the AT-DP! And his sisters got him a Nespresso machine. I've never seen him so smitten before hahahah!! All his dreams come true hahahaha!!

Adrian and Michelle got Boon a super cute gift!

I think he'll be a super daddy too :)

Thank you everyone for coming, and for those who helped out in any way at all, thank you for making the party a success and a memorable one for Boon :)

At the end of everything on the night of his birthday, while we were both tucked in bed and ready to sleep, he whispered to me, "Dear, thank you for making sure that my 30th birthday is so memorable. I'm really happy. I'm really really happy. Thank you, honey".

My heart melted. Those words were so sincere and they touched my heart. It was all worth it whether or not he said those words of appreciation, but the fact that he did made me even more glad. All I want is for him to be happy, to look back at turning 30 and smile. That's all.

Here's to the best 30 years ahead yet, my dear husband. 
Love you :)

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love, Careen.
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