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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

30 Years of Boon

1 September 2015- It's the husby's 30th birthday today! 

To commemorate this special occasion, let me walk you through some of Boon's old photos and let's see how this cute little boy above has grown and matured over the years!

Just in case you can't recognise Boon in a sea of people, I've made it easier for you to identify him in the photos below as they're all circled in bright yellow. Nonetheless, here are some few ways to spot him even without the bright yellow circle.

How to spot Boon #1: He is the one with his eyes closed

"Ready? One, Two, Thr- (closes eyes) -ee"

Boon and flash photography are NOT friends. He is so sensitive to camera flash that before the photo is even taken, his eyes will automatically close as a defence mechanism. Ever since I knew him, he had always been sensitive not just towards camera flash, but also movements towards his eyes! It's a tough feat trying to keep his eyes open while helping him with eye drops. Before I open the box of the eye drops he'll already start blinking nonstop and start screaming on his own. 

For half of his school photos his eyes were half-closed or entirely shut. Oh boy :') 

How to Spot Boon #2: He is never ready

Seriously, Boon.

How to spot Boon #3: He is the one with the cheekiest smile

...and the cutest rabbit teeth.

...and the non-existent eyes :')

How to spot Boon #3: He is the one who's had enough

He's pissed. He's had it. He's done. 
He's ready to give you a piece of him.

Now, there you have it. Four useful tips to spot Boon in photos! Not too difficult, is it? 
He's really so easy to figure out hahaha!!


Jokes aside, it's his 30th birthday today. To me and also many people, the age of 30 means something. It is stepping into the 30's, crossing over into a new chapter of adulthood, a milestone and a mark of more exciting grown-up adventures to come.

To Boon though, every birthday is just another passing day. A simple celebration with me and his family is enough to make him a happy man, the same goes for his 30th, or even 40th. Every birthday means the same to him. I guess that's just how contented he is with life and everything in it!

But truly, reason why I place so much priority in celebrating his 30th birthday is because every of his birthday matter to me a lot, especially milestones like today. This 30th birthday is indeed a special one, because we have a baby on the way which makes it even more exciting to celebrate and look forward to the years to come. Stepping into a new chapter with this 30th birthday milestone as a father, with a new little family is what is making this birthday even more meaningful.

Taken on 30th August 2015, his "back-to-kids" themed McD surprise birthday party!

On this special day, I just want to appreciate and celebrate the man that he is and has grown to be. We have celebrated his birthday together for the past 11 years since he was 19, and with every birthday he grows to become a better version of himself.

If you ask me, Boon is one of the most consistent individuals I have ever known. From the day I knew him until today, he has been the SAME. He is as nonsensical as before, as funny and lame, as genuine, as helpful, as generous, and as responsible. Every trait of his personality and character remains the same, just better and more refined with every passing year. After being with him for the past 11 years, I guess I'm qualified to vouch that he is indeed one of the best human beings on earth.

"Boon in High School"

Let's do a little throwback, shall we? His friends always told me that in high school, he was one of those crappy prefects, the one who will tell his friends that there will be spot check at 2pm and warn them to pass their phones to him first. He was everybody's friend due to his friendly and jovial personality. Everybody loves Boon.

He was a school bully too, going around school busting balls and crippling nipples of unsuspecting male victims, to a point that most guys in school walking with their feet together for fear that monster Boon would attack from behind. He was so popular for it, that his friends call it the "Boon's Ball Buster and Nipple Crippler" (3BNC), and they still laugh about it until today.

Apart from being a bully, he was also a school hero. He was super active. Was a prefect, active in the Leo club, played the volleyball, basketball, cheerleader for his 'rumah' (he doesn't really want people to know this one lol), and made history when he fell from the first floor while hanging a banner in the school hall. He ended up with broken bones and fractured hips and had to be hospitalised, immobile for 3 months. The whole school then knew him as the one who fell down. Legendary! He also blamed the fall and 3 months of immobility for the loss of his 6 packs. He said he used to have 6 packs. It's a bit hard to believe but I only have one thing to say- Why so unfair when I'm with you edi no more 6 packs!!!

Of course, a school hero will inevitably be a ladies man. He had A LOT of female friends who would confide in him regarding all sorts of problems, and he would hear them out patiently and sincerely just as a friend with no ulterior motive. Gentleman. Girls like that! He was humorous too. Girls like that too! In high school alone, he had 4 girlfriends (1 girl friend in primary school. so altogether 5 girlfriends before me. and I had 0 boyfriend before him. unfair.) and they were all serious relationship okay. To top it off they were all some of the prettiest girls in high school. SMK Damansara Jaya. DJ- the hub of pretty girls in his time. What an achievement! I'm so proud to land myself a ladies man! :P

*Update: Correction. He said the girl friend in primary school was not officially a girl friend. She's just a girl who had a crush on him and liked him. While he did not reciprocate. Okay.

I often imagine if I were the same age as him studying in the same school, would I fall for him? I think I would. He had all the characteristics of a high school dream boyfriend- popular, 6 packs, the crappy prefect, sportsman, the bad boi bully but a gentleman inside, smart and intelligent. Wah the more I talk about it the luckier I feel!! What have I done to deserve this bad boi!! :')

Okay again, jokes aside. I do feel like the luckiest woman alive everyday. He treats me with utmost respect, care and gentleness, never running out of love. Especially in these recent months of pregnancy, he shown and proven himself to be the most patient and understanding husband. I won't go into all the details in this post because if I do I would never stop, but bottom line is, he is truly the best in so many ways. And I'm extremely grateful to God for blessing him into my life, for the privilege to call him 'husband'.

Thank you for being my dream husband, and I have no doubt that you will be the best father there is to our children.

Here's to many more 30 years to celebrate together, and the most exciting and fulfilling years to come. 

I love you, Ng Boon Hock. 
Happy 30th birthday :)

love, baby buu/chu chu chong.
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