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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Grounds of Alexandria

It gives me so much joy to share about this darling of a place. Before I go into all the details, let me just give you a heads up that this is a picture-heavy post/review (even after a few rounds of filtering. this place is just too beautiful!), and contains photos of our visit from our recent babymoon holiday in June 2015, and during our trip to Hillsong Conference Sydney last year in June 2014.

The Grounds of Alexandria is a landmark in Alexandria, a suburb in Sydney. For the two times that we were there, we only visited Hillsong Church Alexandria, and The Grounds. But it's always a nice feeling walking on the streets of Alexandria. It's less crowded as compared to the Central Business District (CBD), and we love it because we get to see the locals at work in the industrial areas as we walk along the streets towards The Grounds.

We walked pass this Antique and Design Centre and told ourselves we HAD to go in and have a look!

All I can say is, it was epic.

Didn't take photos on my camera (only on Snapchat) because I forgot to charge my camera from the day before. I know -.- But if you ever visit Alexandria, do walk in and have a stroll! They sell antiques and toys from decades ago which brought back so many memories! We spent quite a long time there just window shopping.

Bicycle Only lanes were everywhere in Sydney, particularly in Alexandria as we observed!

Took some #OOTD shots along the quiet and peaceful alleys.

We took a train and walked from the station towards The Grounds, and it took us approximately 20 minutes cos we really took our time and this pregnant lady couldn't walk very fast lol. Otherwise, you should be able to reach within 10-15 minutes. 

And we're here!

"Located in a former industrial precinct from the 1920s, The Grounds of Alexandria is a landmark coffee roaster, café and sustainable garden known for its abundance of fresh produce and hands-on experience" - the

The Grounds of Alexandria opened its doors in April 2012, and has since become the 'mother of all cafés' as raved by the locals and tourists alike, and soon you'll know just why it's so talked about! Since my first visit here last year, I told Boon that we HAVE to come back again, and again and again each time we're in Sydney!

Upon entrance, you would see a sea of people crowding around what looks like a farm.

And no doubt it is a farm! 
Hosting the lovely piggy, Kevin Bacon and his sheep, pony and chicken buddies!

Can anybody tell me what animal this is? SO CUTE!

Opposite the farm is also where the crowd is, dining AND queuing up! It's the The Potting Shed, one of the few eateries at The Grounds, and a very popular one at that. 

We were here on a Sunday after church last year, and the weekend crowd was madness! The queue to dine here was at least 1-2 hours so we didn't even try. This time, we were determined to try this place out and arrived before lunch time on a Thursday morning! Turns out we just had to walk straight in and got a table right away. The feeling of accomplishment! *muscle emoji*

It was a full house even on a Thursday morning!

Check out the adorable menu!

Food menu.

Drinks menu.

While in Aussie, must drink fresh juices! Plus I was suffering from a bit of cold due to the winter weather, so juices were my default choice!

A healthy mix of orange, raspberry, passion fruit and lemon- AUD $7.50 (approx. RM21-22). Cut-throat but seriously cannot have mental currency conversion while in Aussie!

ALWAYS LIKE THAT. For every food or drinks photo I'll definitely have one with Boon in it like this. Fine I'll feature one to make his all his effort worthwhile lol.

Juice was so good so yummy!

Our brunch spread at our little cozy corner, seated amongst potted plants, hanging plants and what felt like a magical garden.

Sticky Pork Ribs  [AUD $14]
with Sumac and Mint Yoghurt

So, so yummy! Loved how the meat falls off the bones effortlessly and how the yoghurt complimented the ribs! Must order when you dine there.

The Shed Cheeseburger [AUD $21]
with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion and Mustard Mayo in Pretzel Bun with Crunchy Chips on the side

As usual, Boon could not resist the mention of cheeseburgers, and this time, at the sight of the words Pretzel Bun. Turns out to be just okay, not too bad but nothing to shout about. We loved the fries though haha!

We didn't want to order too much cos we wanted to reserve our tummies for THIS!

Salted Caramel Popcorn and Peanut Butter Ice Cream [AUD$14]
in a Waffle Cone with Chocolate Brownie and Jam

It was surely something new for us! Never seen anything quite like this! We loved the presentation of the dessert and how we could always find something new to munch on in such a small, erm, bucket! Worth trying :)

This was a special area right across where we sat, reserved for special occasions.

Wouldn't mind weekend brunchin' with my girlies at this spot!

And this passage leads to two places:

First, the Lock In. 
It may sound dodgy at first, but wait til you see what's inside.

It's another special area for gatherings.
Perfect place to hold a birthday party!

With your very own bartender!

A small nursery across the room.

And the ladies!

Even the ladies is so nice! Love how they stuck with the theme throughout.

According to some reviews that I read online, a lot of locals complained that the prices are a bit steep for the food served here. While it's true that it's on the higher side, but given the beautiful setting and ambience, I would say that I'm willing to pay to dine in such an environment once in a while.

Plus, did I mention that their service is amazing? Sure, they're a busy bunch in there with such a crowd but they're seriously attentive and friendly!

After our meal, we took a walk around the whole area and stopped by to smell some flowers at The Florist!

Sooo tempted to bring one home. But the price...and the hassle...

Bring your dogs and park them here while you have brunch! Such a nice idea!

ATM, anyone?

Apart from restaurants and café, there are also stalls set up selling various food and drinks, desserts, pastries and many others! 

Boon caught flirting lol.

This was taken last year. We had the BEST ice cream sandwich yet!

Our little brunch last year, as we wanted to save our tummies for our food hunt at Surry Hills!

Rose lemonade! Forgot the price but I think it was AUD $3 if I'm not mistaken.

Heeeeee Boon looked so different last year!

While I think I look pretty much the same still hahah just maybe chubbier!

Which reminds me, we bought a jar of bacon jam (BACON JAM!!!) from one of the weekend stalls at AUD $8 last year. Boon put it in his backpack and we left for the airport. While going through security scans, he was called to one side because he was carrying liquid (THE BACON JAM), and so we had to throw it into the bin or else we'd end up in prison. Le sigh -.-

Okay I look short here but it's a nice pic so nevermind.

After being there on both weekday and weekend, we noticed that many stalls were not open on a weekday. The crowd is certainly not as crazy too which is great, but if you want to fully experience the weekend crowd and visit all the stalls, going on a weekend would be good. But be prepared to queue if you want to dine at their restaurants!

There are plenty of space that you can just grab your food and drinks and just sit around to enjoy them. Love how relaxed this whole place makes me feel.

So there you have it, The Grounds of Alexandria in both June 2014 and 2015!

Will I return to The Grounds again? YES! It's pretty outside of town from where we stayed, but to me, it's worth every bit of time, travelling and walking. Make this a must-see spot in your Sydney trip! Don't leave Sydney without stepping into The Grounds of Alexandria!


The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley St,
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

T: +61 (2) 9699 2225

Opening Hours:

(1) For the Café

Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)
Sat - Sun: 7.30am - 4pm (kitchen closes at 3.30pm)

(2) The Potting Shed

Mon - Thurs: 11.30am - 9.30pm
Friday: 11.30am - 11pm
Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 9.30pm

love, Careen.

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