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Friday, August 14, 2015

Newtown: Sydney's Eclectic Funkytown

At the mention of Sydney, most people imagine the majestic Sydney Opera House, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sunbathing at Bondi Beach. Truth is, there is so much more to Sydney than these landmarks.

If you're only hanging out at Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and the CBD (Central Business District) on your trip to Sydney, you're not doing Sydney justice for what it can truly offer!

Places like the suburb of Alexandria (on my previous post HERE) gives visitors like us a fresh perspective of what Sydney, outside of its hustle and bustle is like. And in my post today, I'll be sharing with you another one of my favourite places to be in Sydney.


"The heartland of Sydney's vibrant bohemian culture, the Newtown Precinct is an eclectic mix of alternative cultures, ethnicity, sexuality and lifestyles."-

A word to aptly describe Newtown is simply, eclectic.

There's a lot to see and do in Newtown, but we mainly go to Newtown for the food! Here's Newtown's (not-so) hidden gem, a place that offers delectable cronuts!

This was our second visit to Newtown and Brewtown alike, so you'd find photos from our most recent trip as well as our trip last June here in this post as well! You'd see me and Boon in two different outfits, so don't be confused! Haha.

Brewtown is a very popular eatery in Newtown, and every popular eatery would produce a long queue of eager patrons. When we were there last year, we waited close to 30 minutes for a table. This time, we waited for only about 15 minutes! Both were weekdays, by the way. So imagine weekends!

While waiting, we took some shots right outside of Brewtown. Credits to the beautiful sunlight and my pro personal photographer for some of my favourite photos below :)

On our first visit with our Hillsong Conference buddies Abel, Krystina, Praeme and Varsha, we were seated at this gorgeous hexagon tiled table. Makes the dining experience a much more pleasant experience! Plus, look how nice it looks on photos!

Iced choc [AUD $4]

Benny Roll [AUD $8.5]
This was a mini portion, hence the price.

Black Sausage [AUD $16]

Polenta with Mushroom [AUD $15]

And of course, how can we forget the cronuts?

All cronuts of various flavours are priced per piece at [AUD $4.5].

During our second visit, we were seated further in at a table for two.

Mine: Fresh Orange Juice [AUD $5]
The juice was so, so good!

Boon's: Flat White [AUD $3.5]

Elvis Burger [AUD $16.5]
Ground beef, savoury brunette, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish.

Take a look inside!

The Elvis is a star dish in Brewtown and we regretted not ordering this on our first visit. So this time we told ourselves we MUST order it, and boy was it as good as they claim it to be! A must-try.

For me, I was there for one purpose, and one purpose only:


Sadly I could only manage three. I had such a tough time picking the flavours as all of them looked and sounded amazing! 

But I'm a sucker for the original flavours, so I picked:

The classic Brewnut [AUD $4.5]

Glazed Brewnut [AUD $4.5]

Caramalized Brewnut [AUD $4.5]
This was picked by Boon. A little too sweet for my liking, but still awesome.

Look at the layers! 
If you're still wondering, cronuts are a hybrid of croissants and doughnuts! The classic Brewnut is still hands down my favourite so far! Gotta try other flavours in our next trip!

Gotta try these next time too!

There's more to Brewtown than the food and drinks served. 
They sell clothes and other random items on the first level too!

On a side note, wow I was much skinnier last year T.T

Their bakery is also on the first level, where all the glorious cronuts are made!

Our lovely company.

More info on Brewtown, visit their official website:

Do you see what Boon sees?

Spot the little bees at work!

More random portrait shots of us :)

Though we were already super full from brunch, we couldn't resist trying out the much raved about N2 gelato. So off we went!

Their menu board. Can't be more hipster than this.

I guess you can already tell the theme of the outlet!

Choc Caramel Creme Egg [AUD $9]

 It was a little too chocolaty and sweet for my liking, but no doubt it tasted good and had a smooth texture!

Cute hat! :')

Caught a sweet daddy-son moment.

It was a nice time just sitting there in the quiet shop, slowly finishing our freezing gelato in the cold weather, chatting and poking fun at each other as usual :)

We spent an entire day in Newtown, hopping from one eatery to another, checking out shops after shops, and strolling the neighborhood streets in between. It was a relaxing day.

What I like about Newtown is that it gives me a very 'young and free' feeling. The town is small but so alive, so colourful and vibrant! It has all the littlest details that makes it even more personalised and precious.

I mean, just take a look at these painted tiles.

They were everywhere in Newtown, you could spot them around if you looked closely enough.

Newtown was abundant in street musicians and singers. 
This was such a cute sight. Look at the little groupies :)

Though we were still stuffed, we gotta try the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake that everyone talks about!

Can you spot Boon? It was quite a queue! 
Waited for about 15 minutes in line for this one.

There were people enjoying the pastries inside and outside the shop, but most people just do a takeaway as their outlet is seriously tiny!

The sign says, 'World Famous Strawberry and Watermelon Cake'.

Strawberry and Watermelon Cake [AUD $7.5]

After grabbing only one bite, we could already concur that yes, they can call it 'world famous' all they want, because it was SO GOOD!

Sweet, fresh fruits atop and in between fluffy, chilled sponge cakes, with a cookie crust at the bottom. Edible flowers made it all the more fragrant! It's one of the best desserts I've had so far.

Please try when you're in Sydney. And eat fresh! I have friends who takeaway and eat much later, and it doesn't taste as good. So eat while it's fresh and chilled!

For more details on world famous pastries:

It was a nice time just sitting here enjoying the live music played. The guy was so good and friendly, we had to tip him. Oh yeah, do you spot the tiles again? From the photo above and below. They were everywhere!

Groupies became band members. Lol.

Passed by and saw these cute little Halloween zombie kids on a field trip!

Street art at every corner.

Set aside a whole day or at least half a day in Newtown to just eat, walk, shop and repeat. There's always something interesting to see here.

More info about how to get to Newtown, its highlights and activities, visit their official website:

Til' the next post!

love, Careen.

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