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Friday, July 31, 2015

Microsoft Surface 3 User Review

Hello guys!

So by now most of you would have known that I've had the privilege to be using the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet for the past few months courtesy of Microsoft Malaysia, and today I'm gonna be sharing with you some of the reasons why I think it's a great device that you would love as well.

Coming from a lifestyle blogger's point of view, I'm not gonna touch much about the specifications of the Surface 3 or share much technical aspects of it, but from a regular user's experience.

As a young working professional, what I look for in a device is simple, and here are some of the key points that I find most attractive about the Surface 3.

#1: Lightweight and Sleek

Weighing at only 622 grams, it is much lighter compared to a laptop. For me being a regular, petite framed female, there's only so much weight that I can carry around on a daily basis, on top of my already heavy handbag filled with my phone, camera + lens, mini water bottle, purse, cardigan, makeup purse, and power bank.

Many times the husby would offer to carry my handbag, and when I hand it over to him it would catch him by surprise because it appears to be lighter than it looks. And the standard question would be, "What the heck is in your handbag lah?" I'm sure I'm not the only female who can identify with this. So imagine all of that PLUS a laptop! It's usually a dreaded thought and I would only do so when I have absolutely no choice (my laptop is more like my desktop because I'm just too reluctant to carry it around).

But ever since I started using the Surface 3, I found it to be much easier to carry around with me compared to my laptop. Aside from it being lightweight, it is also smaller in size as it is a tablet (10.52" x 7.36" 0.34"). Thus, I can easily slot it into my handbag without having to carry it in another "laptop bag". One less bag to handle makes a world of difference especially when I'm driving around town running errands and going from meeting-to-meeting by myself.

#2: Workstyle Flexibility

Another thing that I love about the Surface 3 is definitely all its features that makes it so much more friendly for people who work on-the-go.

Its kickstand can go down to 3 different angles, and I adjust them to different levels when I'm using it for different things, also depending on my sitting position and whether or not I'm working at a desk or simply on my lap.

Since it's so small and portable, I also do my last minute work and web surfing with the Surface 3 on my bed before I sleep!

Aside from that, one of the many questions that my readers and friends ask me when they found out that I've been using the Surface 3 is whether the click-in magnetic keyboard is good. It's honestly easier to type on compared to many keyboards in the market as it's very responsive.

Since the Surface 3 works just like a laptop, I sometimes would forget that it is also a tablet and that I can use the touch screen features! 

And if you're not one who prefers to use the touch screen feature, there's also another option for you- the Surface Pen. It feels just like an actual pen and makes writing and tapping on screen a smooth experience. 

If you're one who prefers to connect your tablet to a bigger screen, the Surface 3 Docking Station can do just that. 

Connect to your HD monitor, wired network, audio system, full-size keyboard, printer and more while charging your Surface 3 and accessories!

The Surface 3 Docking Station comes with:

2x USB 3.0 ports
2x USB 2.0 ports
Gigabit Ethernet Port
3.5mm Audio Input/Output Connection
Mini DisplayPort Video Output
Security Lock Slot
Storage for Surface Pen

#3: Colorful Personalization

Calling all tech lovers who fancy beautiful colors that comes with their devices! If you match the description, we can slap *high five* because I'm just like you :P

As much as specs and functionality is important, the outlook of a device is increasingly becoming one of the top priorities when people look for a tech device. 

Personalization of colors is one of the key attractions of the Surface 3, as we can choose the colors of our Click-In Magnetic Keyboards as well as our Surface Pen!

You can now match your Surface 3 with your outfits, handbags, phone casing and earphones and colour code your stuff! To some, this might seem unimportant but to the others, having our gadgets in our favourite colours makes a world of difference to our user experience!

#4: Great Price for Performance and Value

When asked what is the aim behind the release of the Surface 3, the team will always answer that they want to offer to its consumers a tablet that functions just like a laptop. And that's what the Surface 3 is all about. There are days that I don't even have to turn on my laptop simply because all my work is done on my Surface 3. 

Aside from that, the price of the Surface 3 had been adjusted to suit the needs of students and young working professionals like myself who may not be able to afford an expensive laptop or tablet. With a starting price of RM1,989, it is a great price for what the Surface 3 is capable of performing. To me, the Surface 3 offers great value with an affordable price tag.

For more information on the specs of Surface 3, and also to purchase the tablet online, 
you can visit the link below: 

That's all from me!
Til' then :)

love, Careen.

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