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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Baby Impact

What an emotional morning. Was scrolling through Facebook while having breakfast, and came across this article shared by Pop Sugar Mums (yeap, I subscribe to mummy sites now haha).

When I saw the title, 'Touching New Pampers Ad Shows That Babies Bring Out the Best in People', I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to click on it and watch it so early in the day because I was sure that I'll end up being emotional.

But with a title like that, who could resist, especially a pregnant mummy who clicks on everything relating to babies nowadays? So I did. I watched the video.

And I wet my shirt. 
My heartstrings were pulled up, down, left, right. 

Tears just wouldn't stop falling and I had to wipe them off before I completely couldn't continue watching the video because the big, fat droplets of tears were blocking my vision.

The video made me realise just how powerful a tiny baby can be. They're powerful not in what their small and helpless selves can do, but what they can inspire others to do, and change. Parents, families, and even strangers.

When the lullaby came to the part saying the baby's uncle promised to not step into the house without quitting smoking first, I could relate and I started sobbing.

My father in-law who had been smoking for decades, upon hearing that me and my sis in-law were pregnant decided to quit smoking. And he meant it for real.

For years it was a pretty difficult feat urging him to quit, but just the news of his new grandchildren who are on the way made him want to quit on his own. And he's been happily and proudly telling us how he managed to not smoke at all during his two weeks holiday to Europe last month, and how he has been making tremendous improvements.

After I broke the good news to my maternal grandmother over the phone, she spoke to my mum and she told her, "Wow I'm going to become a great-grandmother now! I better start getting fit and healthy again!". When my mum told me that, my heart melted. See how a little life can change someone immediately, just like that? Suddenly, they see a motivation for them to make a change in their lifestyle. They see a reason to quit their habits and improve themselves for the sake of one baby. Simply because they want the best for the baby.

Aside from the desire to become parents and have our own family, and for me, to experience pregnancy and motherhood, raising kids and loving them as my own, a huge part of why I really wanted to have a baby was because I knew just how it'll change the lives of the people around us, mainly our parents and family. I could imagine the new found excitement and joy that my parents and the in-laws will have, the new life that they'll be experiencing with the arrival of their grandchildren. My father in-law had already long declared (even before we decided to get pregnant) that he will surely be spoiling his grandchildren. Every time he says it a cheeky laughter follows and a big silly grin would be spotted on his face.

Looks like us the parents gotta be the bad cops then haha! But it's only normal that children are spoilt silly by their grandparents. I had the privilege to be spoilt by my grandmother all the way til 2-3 years ago when she passed on. She was always the good cop, placing my parents in difficult positions. I would go to her for forbidden snacks, she would sneakily pass me pocket money each time before we leave our hometown, and would religiously record tv shows on Astro for us on video tapes (decades ago!). Whenever my parents scolded us, my grandma would ask them to stop (lol). 

As a kid I knew that my parents meant well and I deserved to be punished, but I enjoyed the "shelter" I had from my grandma. These are the memories I'm keeping with me til I'm old, and I know just how different and nice it is to have grandparents' love in my life, and I cannot wait for Little Bean to experience that from both sides of our family. This Bean is going to be loved silly by everyone, and I'm excited for all the loving memories that he/she is going to have growing up with so much love around.

Since I got pregnant, I've made some changes in my lifestyle too. I pray way more, he prays way more, and I'm always reading and looking out for the best food and fruits to eat so that baby gets the maximum nutrients. Though I'm constantly craving for maggi mee, I'm cruelly stopping myself because I know it wouldn't be healthy for baby. These are just very minor changes and sacrifices that I'm making at this early stage, and I know there'll be more to come. But come what may, I know I'll be ready to make those changes and sacrifices. 

That's how powerful a baby is, and how powerful love is.

love, Careen.
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