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Monday, June 22, 2015

Beauty Review: Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask

Reviewing a really interesting beauty product in my post today!

If you haven't already known, I'm a huge fan of beauty facial masks. How my skin improved over the years was highly contributed by my regular usage of masks. When I was invited to review this particular mask raved by many celebrities all across Asia and beyond, I was truly excited to see how it'll work out for me! 

You can view more Celeb Recommendations on Mask House's official website HERE!

Speaking of Mask House, they're a Korean Mask Expert that devotes to developing mask materials, functions and designs of masks in order to cater to different skin types and their needs. After years of remitting efforts, Mask House has been fully recognized as "Korean Mask Experts". More stories about the brand on their official website HERE.

There are various different mask products under Mask House, and Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask is one of the best-selling range! As the name suggests, this mask focuses on slimming, lifting and moisturising the skin.

A Diamond V-Fit Mask pack (worth RM129/pack) comes with:

- 5x of Diamond V-Fit Mask Sheets
- 1x Slimming Band
- 1x Paper Measuring Tape
- 1x Promotional Card

The instructions were stated clearly at the back of the box in both Chinese and English, with clear step-by-step directions on how to apply the Diamond V-Fit Mask accurately.

Instead of typing down the instructions one-by-one, I figured that I should accompany it with step-by-step pictorial guides to help you better understand how to use it! :)

*Note: Please excuse my no makeup face and messy hair. It was at night and I applied it right before bedtime, hence the dressed down look haha!

STEP #1: 
Cleanse and dry the face thoroughly.

STEP #2: 
Take out and unfold the V-Fit Mask Sheet. Apply it on the face, larger parts on cheeks and smaller parts around the upper neck. 

STEP #3:
Wear the slimming band and fix it under the chin. Colored part to face inwards.

STEP #4:
Tighten the slimming band, pull head strap up, insert both ears into the designated holes, and fasten.

Wait for 30-40 minutes and enjoy the HEAT!

One of the things that amazed me the most is that the moment I put on the Diamond V-Fit Mask Sheet, even before I put on the slimming band, I was already feeling gradual heat on my face, chin and neck! The burning sensation became stronger as the minutes passed, and I got used to it and started to enjoy it (knowing that my fats were being burned) 10 minutes after putting the mask on.

As I mentioned earlier, the Diamond V-Fit Mask focuses on:

1. Slimming
- Accelerates metabolism and boosts lymphatic system.
- Helps to lose chin fats.

2. Lifting
- Performs skin tightening and restores loose and sagging skin.
- Reshapes the facial contours and delivers long-term firming results.

3. Moisturizing
- Gives immediate relief to dry and dehydrated skin
- Defences against the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It is works on removing neck lines too! Which is awesome cos neck lines are very unsightly, and extreme difficult to combat and remove! 

Once 30-40 minutes are up, remove the slimming band and mask, and massage the remaining essence into your jaw and neck area for it to be fully absorbed. You don't want to waste all the moisturising goodness!

You can now achieve your desired firm, V-shaped face without going under the knife or injecting fillers! Of course, it takes some time to fully see results. Use the Diamond V-Fit Mask every other day for a week to see results.

It is said that some can see a 1cm difference on their chin even after a one-time use! I didn't actually measure so I'm not sure how many cm of chin fats I lost, but I did feel that my skin around my chin and neck became firmer after that!

You can purchase Mask House's Diamond V-Fit Mask and various under masks under the brand from all of SaSa's 58 outlets across Malaysia! :)

Would YOU like to try the miracle-working Diamond V-Fit Mask yourself? You can do so before deciding to purchase by participating in this contest and winning these amazing prizes!

Contest Mechanism:

#1: Share this blog post on your Facebook wall
#2: Share the contest post from Mask House's Facebook Page
#3: Like Mask House's Facebook Page
#3: Answer the question in the comment box of Mask House's Facebook Page contest post HERE!

Prizes to be won:

5 lucky winners will each be walking away with:

- 1x Mask House Diamond V-Fit Mask worth RM129
(consists of original pack of 5 masks + 1 band) 

- Mask Refill Pack worth RM89
(consists of 5 masks)

- Celebrity Hydro Gel Masks worth RM69
(1x Snail Mask, 1x SYN AKE Mask, 1x Bee Tox Mask)

Hurry and head on over to Mask House Malaysia's Facebook Page now!

All the best!

Other contact details as below:

Official Website:
E-Shopping Website:
Malaysia Sole Distributor: GK and Yap Trading

 love, Careen.

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