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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Laurier Super Slimguard- Move The Way You Want To

In conjunction with International Women's Month, I guess this post would be pretty timely and appropriate. 

Many times I'd been asked randomly, especially by the guys,
"If you had a choice, would you still choose to remain a girl or be a guy instead?"

My answer without a doubt would always be, 
"Girl, of course! Wouldn't trade it for anything! It's great being a girl! I love it."

I'm sure most girls would agree with me. It's fun being girls, though we cannot deny that with it comes a few "disadvantages", so to speak, such as having monthly period and cramps, having to carry a baby in our womb for a good 9 months and experience labour pains. I, for one, wouldn't see them as disadvantages, but a privilege to experience these things! Furthermore, it does mean us women have higher threshold for pain. It is scientifically proven ;) There's a lot to celebrate in being a woman!

As much as it's fun, it definitely is not easy being a girl. To always remain composed and put-together while experiencing the worst of days, especially during that time of the month could seriously bog us down and affect our productivity and self-esteem. It takes a lot of mental and emotionally tenacity to hold it all together and go through the day positively and fruitfully. 

To me, aside from the physical discomfort during the time of the month, the thing that concerns me the most is the fear of staining my clothes! This happened a lot during my puberty days when I first gotten my period, and those occasions were nothing short of awkward and embarrassing.

Because of that, I tried to limit my movements and physical activities whenever I had my period, for fear that I would stain my clothes again. Little did I know that all the while, I was wearing the wrong type of sanitary pad. There were many out in the market and I didn't know that they were catered for different girls with different needs and lifestyles!

Over time, I learned that choosing the right type of sanitary pads with the right design and technology that allowed me the freedom to move about freely, go places, run, jump, and dance for long hours! That was when I decided to go out and still do my own things without limiting myself any longer.

There are many brands for sanitary pads out there in the market that cater to women with different needs and lifestyles, and Laurier with its new Super Slimguard design aims to give women freedom to be active and confidence in wearing body-fitting outfits on their menstrual days.

The Laurier Super Slimguard range boasts of its 1mm thin pad with quick dry lock system that has 2x faster absorption.

It's seriously as super slim! 1mm. Whattttttttt.

 The thinness of the pad and superb absorption makes it perfect for any occasion. Discomfort or wetness is greatly minimized thanks to its quick dry mesh surface which leaves us feeling 5x drier.

You can wear anything you want and move any way you want to, and have a peace of mind while at it.

"1mm lets you move the way you want to"

Try it for yourself! Laurier is giving out free samples for us ladies who prefer to give it a try before purchasing for real. Head on over HERE, simply fill up your details and wait for the Laurier Super Slimguard samples to be sent to your doorsteps! :)

For more details, head over to:


love, Careen.

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