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Friday, April 24, 2015

Microsoft Surface 3- Exclusive Media Preview

Hi guys! Am excited to share with you a sneak of the new Microsoft Surface 3Privileged to be one of the very first to be introduced to the new tablet, and to also lay hands on to during the media preview session just last week!

Let me show you round Microsoft Office! 
*tour guide mode on. sorta*

It was an intimate session between the team from Microsoft and a small group of media at the Microsoft Office in KLCC. Love the huge space and vibrant colours!

Wouldn't it be so, so awesome to have THIS in your office too?

Microsoft products in full display!

 After my Microsoft Office tour guided by none other than myself *ahem*, 
our media preview session began!

We were briefed about the powerful specs of the Surface 3 by the wonderful Microsoft team members. Shall not be a spoiler and tell you all of them now but all I can say is that this tablet has the features of the Surface Pro 3 retailing at a fraction of the price. Perfect for students looking for a tablet with the capabilities of a laptop, and young working adults who are always on-to-go.

We got to have a hands-on session too! The Microsoft team was there to guide us on how to fully maximise the capabilities of the Surface 3. Gonna tease you with some photos for now ;)

It's more lightweight compared to the Surface Pro 3, it's sleek and fits right into a lady's handbag.

The detachable keyboard is really responsive too!

Different colors available for the Surface 3 keyboard.

I would go for the red! How bout you?

You know, getting some important work done on the Surface 3. Heh.

Microsoft knows just what their consumer wants- choices of colours.

The pen now comes in various colors! It might not make much difference to some, but to people like myself who love to color coordinate my things, it is a huge deal! Getting a pen that matches my keyboard makes me feel complete!

Sixthseal and I with our Surface 3! Okay, just kidding. I wish :')

If you've been thinking of purchasing the Microsoft Surface 3, hesitate no more. Be the first to get your hands on it by pre-ordering at this website- You can also find out about the various retailers selling the Surface 3 on the website!

Feast your eyes, people.

Did you notice that the KLCC Twin Towers are in the background?
Would love to work at an office like this! Look up in between work and there's the Twin Towers!

Can't wait to get my hands on the Surface 3 again and share my experience with all of you!

Til' then! :)

love, Careen.

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