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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Food Galore in Lion City

Been telling the husby that we need a getaway trip. Getaway to anywhere, near or far, it doesn't matter. As long as it's out our home, somewhere that I don't have to constantly think about work. Really wanna learn to slow down and not move too fast in life, and travelling + eating helps make life more beautiful!

Every time the husby tells me he has meetings in JB, I'll be super excited and would want to follow him. Reason being Singapore is just a 20-min bus ride away and I love Singapore!!

I'm an urbanite and I love cities. Cities that are fast-paced, developed and constantly progressing inspires me. Just hanging around Orchard Road, walking along the streets with people passing me by is enough to make me feel pumped up about life. I remember once, Boon was having a meeting in a hotel, so I took a cab to Orchard and just walked aimlessly with no data plan on my mobile, so no distractions. When I got tired of walking, I just sat by the streets people-watching. There's just something that excites me being in a city. Boon's the opposite, he loves nature and wildlife, which I really am not fond of. But he does agree with me that Singapore is a lovely place to visit. It's clean, safe and has so many things to offer us tourists!

Until now, I have yet to cover all the tourist attractions like Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, and the food places that I've always wanted to try out! Too many to cover!

Throwback to 2013, when we visited 1-Altitude on the 63rd floor at Raffles Place together!

And of course, every time I'm in Singapore, I'll definitely make it a point to buy my favourite KOI milk tea! I'll literally hunt down the nearest KOI kiosk! My favourite is the original milk tea with mini pearls :))

During one of our trips, we had dinner at PS Cafe in Palais Renaissance with Boon's coussie, and our lives were changed! This place puts other cafes to shame!

Beautiful setting, great service, and most of all, LOVE the food!!

The truffle fries were so on-point! And not forgetting the famous sticky date pudding! Heaven in my mouth!

After that, each time we visited Singapore, I would want to visit PS Cafe again :P

From luxurious fine dining experience to authentic local cuisines, Singapore has it all. Other than cafe food, there are many other food places that I've tried and loved too! Being our neighbouring country, there are many similarities in our food cultures such as hawker centres everywhere, food stalls by the streets, the 'ta-pao' culture, the queuing-for-hours-just-to-eat-my-favourite-food culture, and many more!

LOL! Looks familiar? :P

Speaking of hawker food, did you realise that there's a hawker centre at every possible train station?? It is so convenient you could just walk out for food whenever you're feeling hungry. For me, I dread travelling to places that are difficult to look for places to eat, and Singapore surely isn't one. Hawker centres are aplenty, always clean and serve various types of food like chicken rice, char kuey teow, laksa, etc., leaving us spoilt for choice! I simply love the hawker centres in Singapore - a variety of cuisines housed in one place. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, you name it. I could just easily ta-pao my favourite char kuey teow back to the hotel for supper after a chicken rice dinner! :P

Of course, the cooking style of certain types of food may be different from ours. For example, I once had chicken rice in Singapore that was served with sweet sauce, totally different from Malaysian style, but it had a uniquely Singaporean style to it which is also nice! 

I know we always have this silent food comparison with our neighbouring countries, but after travelling to different places, I've personally concluded that there's no bad or lousy food. It's just that different places have their own style of and that is what makes it ever so unique! So there's no use comparing whose food is better. Just go and try different food, and enjoy the difference. After all, that's what travelling is all about- to experience what you cannot get in your own home :)

If you haven't been to Singapore before (which is highly unlikely for most people), do make a visit and taste the difference in Singapore food for yourself!


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Ahhhh talking about this makes me wanna travel nowwwww! *hint*

Shall start planning a trip to SG again! *hint hint*

love, Careen.

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