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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Essential Facial Plus NEW with DRx Medispa @ Mid Valley

Just a day before Chinese New Year eve, I booked a very last minute facial session with DRx Medispa at Mid Valley and was so relieved when they agreed to it and made time for me despite the packed appointments before CNY!

About a month ago, I was there for my first consultation session with DRx's in-house physician, Dr. Teh, where she looked into the condition of my skin and according to her examination, gave me a series of DRx skin care products to use.

You can read all about it on my blog post HERE.

When I first received the products, I was so excited and couldn't wait to use all of them and see the results for myself!

What used to be only a 3-step skincare routine that are- 'Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise', has become a 6-7 steps routine! Initially I still had to refer to my skincare routine guideline given by DRx Clinic each time before applying them one-by-one cos there were just so many of them! But now after 1 month of applying all the wonderful skincare products twice a day (day and night), I've managed to memorise all the steps in sequence ;) #somuchwin

 So far so good, loving all the DRx skincare products and seeing the results for myself! Will continue to use them for the next few months and share more as time goes by. But for now, let me share with you about the facial session that I had pre-CNY!

After I posted the photo on my Instagram and Facebook, some of my friends and followers started asking about the facial treatment procedures, what makes it different, how come no post-facial redness and swell, and how much it cost, etc.

So in this post, I'm gonna try my best to answer all of your possible questions!

The DRx Medispa is located at the first floor of the clinic. The interior of the entire DRx building is of white and earthy tones, which gives off a calm and soothing vibe. All of its beautician/staff members wear their very own comfy bedroom slippers in the clinic, which I like! It gives me a very homey feeling, puts me at ease and make me feel comfortable.

Pre-facial. When I made a trip to their washroom :P

One thing for sure is, DRx clinic has really good facilities. Everything is well-equipped, clean and hygienic, and very professionally managed. Service is also very good. All of its staff members are gentle and soft-spoken, professionally-trained and very welcoming. They really know how to treat customers who are looking for a few hours of peace and tranquility in facial haven.

Upon arrival, I was ushered to the first floor by one of their front desk members, and received by the DRx Medispa counter staff member. Filled in a few forms, asked if I would like to visit the washroom first as the treatment would last 90 minutes (which was when I took the washroom selfie haha), and after which, ushered into my treatment room.

There were altogether 5-6 treatment rooms, nicely soundproofed for total silence and privacy.

And here's what's inside the treatment rooms!

Facial treatment bed, cupboards to store customers' bags, valuables and clothes, and many facial equipments and machines!

And a basin which my therapist used to wash her hands and equipments for more than 10 times over the course of 90 minutes! 

Pre-facial selfie!

Over the duration of 90 minutes, my skin was treated with the following steps:

Step #1: Double Cleansing with Derma-Rx Milk Cleanser

No wonder the texture and smell was extremely familiar to me, because I've been using the DRx Milk Cleanser for the past month in the evenings! I must say that the way my facial therapist cleansed my face was so comfortable, gently massaging my skin in circular motions, which is so different from how I usually cleanse my face haha! Must learn their skill and have my own home facial cleansing every night :P

Step #2: Microdermabrasion

After making sure that my skin was clear of oil and dirt, we went one step ahead with Microdermabrasion, using a special machine with diamond-tipped handpick that aids in buffing away dull superficial layer of skin on the face. This process improves the penetration of skin nutrients which will be applied onto my skin later on in the facial session.

My facial therapist initially prepared me about the possible pain that I might feel on my skin from the diamond-tipped handpick used to clean my pores, but to my surprise and also relief, the whole process was not even close to painful at all! It felt like something was poking and sucking my face but it didn't hurt at all.

Step #3: Ultrasonic Cleansing and Extraction

The Ultrasonic Cleansing is done by using an ultrasonic device that generates ultrasonic vibrations to break down dead skin cells and loosen up clogged pores with impurities, oil and comedones (black and whiteheads), as well as eliminating dead cells from the skin surface.

As for the Extraction process, which is usually what I fear the most, it wasn't as painful as many other facials that I experienced before. My facial therapist told me that I have lots of stubborn blackheads that have been buried deep in my pores that she can't even extract out, and advised me to use more of the Comedone Formula (CF) which is one of the DRx skincare products that I'm using right now. Hopefully after using it for a few more months, the pores surrounding my T-zone will loosen up and extraction can be performed more successfully. Sigh #stubbornblackheads.

Step #4:Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery

This step uses the same ultrasound device as Ultrasonic Cleansing, where Pharmaceutical Grade (PG) vitamins and essential compounds are delivered into the skin, which help to stimulate the production of collagen in the dermis for firmer, smooth and younger skin, producing a skin-lightening effect and even skin tone.

Last but certainly not the least,

Step #5: Therapeutic Mask

The Essential Facial Plus program ends with a soothing and nourishing mask selected according to the skin of each individual. Since my skin was considered to be pretty dry, I was given a moisturising/hydrating mask that was applied to my face and left to be absorbed into the skin for the next 30 minutes! It covered my WHOLE ENTIRE face including my eyes! Felt a little scared initially cos it was liquid when it was applied, but slowly it solidified and when removed, it was just one piece like a paper mask. After a while of having the mask on my face, I was assured that nothing was going into my eyes (lol!), and started to enjoy the cooling sensation which was perfect especially after extraction. It was so nice and soothing I think I fell asleep! 

This was how I looked like with the mask on.

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted.


See literally covered my whole face! It felt so good, really.

After the facial and before I changed into my own clothes, I couldn't wait to see how my skin turned out to be cos since I had extractions done to my skin, I expected redness and swell on my face based on past experiences. 

Turns out....not really!

I was surprised to find that my skin was glowing, looked much lighter and fairer, and no signs of post-extraction! Forget about redness and swell, they were literally non-existent.

I was so happy cos that meant I could look pretty for my family dinner after that! No makeup needed too cos skin already looked so good!

Post-facial drink, while waiting to see Dr. Teh for my skin review session.

After the review, Dr Teh concluded that my skin still lacked moisture, and noticed that my forehead has a slightly darker tone compared to the rest of my face. After thinking for a while, I realized that maybe it's due to the fact that the forehead is first to get sun exposure, and I used to be one lazy bum who refused to apply sunscreen on my face when I'm outdoors. So now, I'm facing the consequences :'( 

In the room where the DRx team member explains and demonstrates how to use the products in detail. They have special, designated rooms just for that. Can you believe it?

So Dr. Teh told her assistant to give me DRx facial hydration masks for the extra moisture, and one more skincare product to be used in my daily skincare routine- the Illuminator (I), to even out my skin tone and promote a healthier, lighter glow on the skin.

Yay another product to rescue my skin! :)

And here are my masks, to be used once a week!

Derma-Rx Bio-Cellylose Facial Masks!

Post-facial selfie while waiting to fix my next appointment for laser treatment!
Please excuse them panda eyes, naked brows and messy hair. 

So here's the part that excites me the most! After experiencing possibly the best and most unique facial yet, I would love to share this with you so you could experience it yourself too!

The Essential Facial Plus NEW program is priced at RM440/session (90 minutes).

But good news to all my dear readers! You can now get a 40% OFF for the first time simply by quoting, 

'EF Plus New- Blogger Careen Tan'

Share this with your lady friends as well! Do call them to make an appointment to avoid disappointment as they may be full for the day. Details below:

DRx Clinic Plaza Damas
N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: (603) - 6201 3088


DRx Clinic Mid Valley Boulevard
No. 43-G, The Boulevard,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: (603) - 2284 1088

Operating Hours: 
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm | Sat- 10am-5pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holiday

Enjoy the facial and tell me what you think! :)
Have fun!

love, Careen.

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  1. the mask remember me to Jim carey ( The mask). I never see perfect mask like that. Selalu mesti pecah-pecah. Thank you for 40% off!!! yeepie. I need to agree the price is quite expensive but when I saw your mask layer so perfect. ok no wonder! Mesti bagus


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