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Monday, February 9, 2015

Our First Indian Wedding Experience

Yesterday the husby and I attending our first Indian wedding yet! The wedding of his high school buddy Vishant and his sweetheart, Sarngini.

About a month prior to the wedding, Vishant and Gini brought us three couples for some costume shopping at Brickfields, KL. I usually only drive by KL Sentral, drive straight into Hilton KL but never walked along the streets nearby, so it was our first time walking along Brickfields in search for my saree cloth and Boon's punjabi suit (err did I get it right)!

My saree was for the wedding reception in the evening so for the morning temple ceremony, I wore a loose-fitting maxi dress and a cardigan over as ladies were supposed to wear not too tight, outfit to be below knee-length and shoulders covered. We were told that it'd be really hot and humid but it turned out to be pretty okay that day!

It was held in a Hindu temple in Klang. I'd always wondered how Indian weddings were like. I'd seen quite a few Indian wedding same day edit videos and photos before, and they always appeared to be very vibrant and colourful. Finally I got to experience it myself yesterday and I was more than excited about it!

The guys in their Jippas, each cost about RM70-80 if I'm not wrong.
 Kah Leong and Joel- They're the husby's buddies from high school til now.

The wives and gurpren!

I couldn't stop staring at how the ladies did their sarees so effortlessly. Knowing I had to wear one and drape it myself later in the evening made me a little nervous, thus I couldn't stop checkin the ladies out. I used to think that sarees were just, well, sarees. And that they all look the same. But after I got one for myself, I started to notice that there are soooooo many different ways we can style it!

More on the sarees later on.

The beautiful couple! Gini looked so gorgeous!

Wefie! Joel brought the wefie stick and it came in handy.

Lunch buffet. Love Indian food! Everything was served vegetarian that morning.

Oh, no footwear allowed inside the temple, so we were walking around barefooted and left our shoes outside the temple grounds. 

The elaborate and colourful setting. Beautiful indeed.

Groupic with the newlyweds!

Went back home, got some work completed and started getting ready for the wedding dinner at Majestic Hotel, KL. 

Back to the saree! From the start I knew I wanted one that is made of a stiffer material as opposed to a soft, flowy one. I just like the whole structured look so the whole time at Brickfields, I was only eyeing on the stiffer silk materials. After looking at the whole of two shops, I finally decided on this one! 

Why I loved this cloth was due to its colour. I'm a fan of blueish/purplish hues and it was a nice mix of both that is also slightly reflective and dual tone. To top it off, there were beautiful gold embroideries of peacocks on it that made perfect drapes! 

So I bought the cloth at around RM180, got it made at a humble but professional Indian tailor in PJ at RM125, with an additional RM10 for the decorations to be tied at the end of the strings (I call it the balls haha). Oh ya I got to custom make my whole saree, and decide on the length of my sleeves, neckline and back cut and design too (they showed us a catalogue of various sleeves and back designs)! Decided to go with something simple and elegant instead of flowery designs for the back.

The whole saree-making experience was so interesting! Loved every process of it. Very in love with my saree and proud of how it turned out :))

Took for photos before heading to the ballroom for dinner.

Managed to get hold of the beautiful bride!

The husby and his highschool buddies. Isn't it amazing to have friends who grow up and grow old with you every step of the way? Looking at their friendship makes me jelly. Wish I kept in touch with friends from Primary til now!

The wifeys.

Look at the elaborate setting! The stage OMG.

Door gift that is a tea leaf holder. Initially I thought it was an ice-cream scoop! #blondmoment

Menu of the night! I salivated upon reading it. Soooooo tantalising!

The Indian Tomato Soup was none like I've tasted before. It was soooo good! Wished I could get a second serving :P The bread was just on-point.

Halfway through dinner the husby together with Kah Leong and Joel made a speech about Vishant. They were very well-behaved and didn't say anything overly silly. Well done guys :P

Stalkish wife.


Stole some selfies too!

The Briyani was OMGGGGGG. Too shy to ask for additional rice haha but it was so good!

Desserts to end the night.

Experiences like this makes life richer and so much more colourful! Thanks Vishant and Gini for inviting us and giving us such a good first Indian wedding experience! 

Congrats on your beautiful wedding! We believe you guys will have a great marriage ahead :)

Ok that's all for now. Til' then guys!

love, Careen.


  1. Mad jelly! I've never attended an Indian wedding before. Have to.. Before I die. LOL.

  2. Hi Ms Tan, thank you for the lovely post! I enjoyed reading it. I will be attending an Indian friend's wedding as well, and I stumbled upon your post while Googling where to get my Saree tailor-made. Would you please share your contact with me? Thank you!

    1. Hello there! Thank you!!

      Ahhhh I can't remember the name of the shop! But it's beside this Hindu temple right beside the federal highway! It's a very very small one. I hope that helps!


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