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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Love is when...

Hey guys!

It's been a week or so since I last updated the blog, but I come by everyday just to have a look (when I know it looks like the same thing everyday) and feel sad every time I see the date of my last post because I've just been so busy and caught up with work. Been so itching to blog because I've soooo many pending posts and so much to share with you, and I feel sad when I know I simply don't have the time to.

It's been quite a crazy two weeks for me. In the first week, I fell sick so I spent quite some time sleeping and working while I was awake. Then, I recovered from my fever and the past week was just crazy. Did a Valentine's/Chinese New Year lookbook shoot for Chiq Fliq with Venice Min (which is launching on Monday!), hosted the Dell Alienware launch for the whole of yesterday with rehearsals the day before, meetings and other work in between everything. All the travelling about, thinking, planning, texting who and who, coordinating everything just wore me out. 

Hosted the Dell Alienware Launch

Jane Chuck was the guest DJ!

Chiq Fliq lookbook shoot with Venice Min

After the past week, I finally realised and admitted that I'm actually stressed out. When Careen Tan admits that she's stressed out, it's a big deal. I never liked to admit it cos I'm a workaholic, and admitting weakness just slows me down and dulls my drive. But after the past two weeks, I'm admitting defeat. I'm stressed out to a point that I got so bloated. My stomach was filled with air (which means lots of letting go of air...if you know what I mean), and I got random headaches at the back of my head every time I'm thinking or using my brain too much. I initially thought that it was the weather that caused my headache, but after the husby researched online, he found out that headaches at the back of the head are due to stress. So yeah, I am stressed, and am trying very hard to take a breather whenever I can afford to.


You know they say that love is most felt during tough times? It's true. I'm convinced that it's true.

I wouldn't say that I'm going through a very tough time, but it surely isn't those bed of roses seasons where it's happy happy, stress-free, chillax everyday. From the moment I get out of bed, I'm running about nonstop til I go to sleep. At the end of everyday, I get so tired that I have absolutely no energy and desire to do anything anymore. But I'm still pulling through, simply because I have a ridiculously supportive husband who makes my life so much easier. If he were to be a pain in the butt right now I promise I will break down. 

In this mad busy season, I feel loved.

Love is when I'm busy working on my laptop, I look across the room and see you playing your same old Batman game on your PS3 with your headphones on, so that you wouldn't disturb me working.

Love is when I'm buried deep in my work, I look across the room and catch you staring at your phone, with your earphones on so that you wouldn't distract me while you scroll through your phone.

Love is when I loathe to you about having to burn the midnight oil again, you promised me that you will stay up together with me. No matter how I forced you to sleep first, you will still be there even if it means falling asleep on the couch. You just wouldn't go to bed before me.

Love is when I knew you really wanted me to follow you to look for your sneakers, but asked me to stay home to complete my work because you know I still have tonnes to do.

Love is when you would make me hot milo in the middle of the night just when I briefly mentioned that I'm feeling hungry.

Love is when I'm too tired to get out of bed, you chose to take the bus to the LRT station instead of waking me up to fetch you for work.

Love is when you do the laundry, I apologised for not being able to help out, and you blow me a kiss from a distance.

Love is when I'm done with my emcee job, you wanted to cook for me when I got home.

Love is when you insist on bringing me to have my favourite food just to reward me for working hard.

Love is when you're always, always cheering me on. 'Darling, break a leg!', 'I'm so proud of you baby', 'Baby, jiayou k! Husby loves you'.

Writing all of these down, lest I forget. And lest you don't realise just how great a husband you are. I'm just so grateful and blessed, holding back my tears while typing the whole post out.

Thank you, husby.


  1. Can feel how sweet he is by just reading your post! At the same time, you reminded me of those little sweet things that my bf did the same to me when im busy with exam, assignments, final year project. I Always take it for granted and complaining him not caring enough. :( feel so bad now.

  2. You are so sweet and notice every tiny thing your husband does for you. Really reminds me to be more grateful for everything my boyfriend does for me. It is so good to be thankful for the little things!

  3. Babe, you sound pregnant to me! 😉 I kinda felt exactly like you when I was already pregnant and didn't know it! Who knows, you just might be! Take it easy, one thing at a time ya! Much love, Dini (your student once upon a time 😜)


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