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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DRx Clinic Malaysia: First Skin Consultation

I'm truly excited to introduce all my new skincare in the house! 

I'm a real sucker for good skincare products, reason being I have seen how a good and suitable range can do wonders in transforming one's skin! I always liken our skin (especially the face) as a blank canvas, where makeup is just the paint. Without a good quality, smooth canvas, no matter how skilful the painter is, the results just wouldn't be as beautiful as one that is painted on a quality canvas. You get what I mean.

In the past when I was in my high school and college days, I never took skin care seriously. I only cleansed my face using some random branded skin cleanser from the pharmacy, apply toner and that's it. I used to feel that moisturisers and sunblocks were annoying and sticky on the face, and that anything more than cleansing and toning were totally unnecessary. I used to even not use makeup remover, and just "wash" off my makeup using cleanser alone. Can you believe it?

After I started getting clogged pores, blackheads and break outs from all the negligence on my skin, I got scared and decided to care for my skin better. I'm glad I didn't wait too long to start taking things more seriously because it would have been much worse! 

These days, one of my favourite thing to do is to try out different skincare range available in the market. Of course I don't change the products every single month, but whenever I'm introduced to skincare products with very good reviews, I would not hesitate to try. Furthermore, I have crossed the 25 mark, and after listening to all the advices I got from my lady friends who are older than me, they all tell me that from 25 onwards, we really gotta start taking skincare more seriously or else we will easily see a drop in our skin's health and condition- fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentations, saggy skin. *horror* So yeah I'm not gonna take the risk and will heed their advices!

And just recently, I was invited by the DRx Clinic Malaysia to go for a consultation with their skin specialist and try out their new skincare range! I was truly excited upon receiving the invite because prior to this, I have already heard lots of good reviews about the Derma-Rx skincare products and their services, so I was looking forward to experience it myself!

The DRx Clinic and Medispa is strategically located at The Boulevard, Mid Valley City. It's easily spottable as it's right at the corner of the street (opposite Maybank)!

The interior of DRx Clinic is modern and sleek, and gives off a relaxing and welcoming aura. From the moment I entered into the clinic, I felt a sense of calmness. The staff members were soft-spoken and gentle, and there were soft music playing in the background too.

Oh yeah, I was accompanied by my little PA that day! She helped me to take cash out of my purse at the toll house, helped me open and zip my bag, and helped me to take some shots too!

This was taken by Evangeline, not cropped at all. Not bad right?

This was taken by her too! Nice framing!

And this too, but it was blur hahaha!

Oh yeah if you didn't know, Evangeline is the youngest of 6 sisters I have :)

All the skincare products on display.

Apart from skincare, DRx clinic also has in-house Trichocogists ready to look into the hair and scalp issues faced by customers. If you're struggling with scalp problems, hair fall, balding and so on, you may want to consider giving DRx clinic a try! I'll be going for a consultation with their Trichologist in the coming months so do stay tuned for my updates! :)

So yes, after registering myself and filling up some forms, I was ushered into one of DRx Clinic's physician, Dr. Teh's room for consultation.

She examined my skin and asked about the skin concerns that I have, which is mainly on my dry skin. I used to always think that I had oily skin, cos well, after being out in the sun, I'll get oils forming especially around my T-Zone. But after consulting skin specialists, I realised that I was all the while so wrong! In fact, I actually have the opposite, which is dry skin that forces the skin to produce oil to keep my face moisturised. Dr Teh further confirmed that I indeed am a dry skin type, and proceeded to give me a range of skincare that's suitable for me.

We also arranged on the treatments that I would like to try out in the coming visits before I was ushered into a smaller consultation room with a staff member.

I love how they have these smaller consultation rooms for a more private, one-to-one explanation of products by their staff member, instead of standing over the counter and having everyone listen to my skin problems haha!

I was briefed on what each product was for, how to use them, and even the sequence of using them for both day and night! So detailed!

And tadda! These were all the 9 products I carried home with me!

I was also given a step-by-step guide on which skincare to use first, which I appreciate very much because I can be pretty forgetful sometimes. Wouldn't wanna use the wrong product in the wrong sequence, so thank you DRx Clinic for being so considerate and thoughtful!

I'm going to start using them from tomorrow onwards, and will be updating you guys again on my skin's progress! :)

In the meantime, you may check out DRx Clinic's available treatments and promotions at:

DRx Clinic Official Website:
DRx Clinic Facebook Page:

You can also drop by for a consultation at the address below:

DRx Clinic & Medispa Malaysia

Mid Valley Branch
No. 43-G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 KL
Tel: +03-322841088

Sri Hartamas Branch
Plaza Damas, N-1-1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Tel: +03-62013088

That's all from me for now.
Til' then!

love, Careen.

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