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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Fitter 2015

We're approaching the last week of January 2015 soon. How fast! Have you drafted out your new year resolutions yet?

For me, I don't have many new year resolutions this year. All in all, I just want to be a better individual, focus more on giving and adding value to the people around me, do more for the community, and lead a healthier lifestyle which includes eating well and exercising more for a fitter, healthier body.

Lamented on my Insta a few days ago on how to lose all the weight and fats I gained since the wedding. For the whole of 2014, the number of times I exercised were definitely not more than 10 times in total. By exercising I mean going all out at the gym, running, doing cardio and floor work outs. Boon and I we tried to visit the gym and run around our neighbourhood whenever we could find time to, but due to our busyness and inconsistency, we never really achieved the results we wanted. #youdontsay

But I must say, without all the (give and take) 10 times of exercising in 2014, we could have been way fatter than we are now! I know I'm not considered fat, but I do know I have gained some weight and fats since the wedding 2 years ago, and have since been struggling to lose them effectively.

I can exercise, run and do cardio, and work out the targeted areas of my body, but there are still excessive, stubborn fats around my waist and arms that just will not go away!

After asking around and even consulting some specialist friends, I found out that there are, indeed, fats at some parts of our body that are hard or impossible to lose. These are the stubborn fats that need a special treatment such as Liposonix to target and burn effectively.

And guess what, just when I decided to slim down evidently this year, the peeps at Solta Medical approached me and asked if I were interested to give their Liposonix treatment a try! I was so excited, I tell you! I've had friends who undergone this special treatment before, and it really worked. They lost most of their post-preganancy fats and flabs after it burned off the fats in 3 months.

I googled it up, asked around if it's safe to go for, and am assured that it is absolutely safe and medically approved. I want to lose all the stubborn fats before I get preggers which is when more stubborn fats will gather around my tummy especially!! Can't wait to see how it'll work out for me!

Of course, if I go for the Liposonix treatment but still eat fatty and junk foods, I will eventually gain back those fats that were burned. Therefore, I'm determined that this year, I will eat even cleaner than before and exercise and run at least once a week! So far I've been doing pretty okay compared to last year (and all the years combined haha). For the first week of January 2015, I ran 7km, and 6km for the second week together with some home work out sessions targeting the arms and tummy!

I'm seeing some results so far, though they may not be super obvious yet. Will continue to work on my health and body this year and truly place that as my priority!

What are some of your weight loss/slimming/diet secrets? Share with me and let's motivate each other towards a better (looking) 2015! :)


love, Careen.

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