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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tokyo 2014 | L'OCCITANE Café, Shibuya, Tokyo.

I'm back with more updates of our recent Tokyo trip! 

After my first post on Tokyo 2014 Day 1, I'm very tempted to jump to Day 2 straight, sharing all the 200+ photos shortlisted. Carefully shortlisted, amongst the many, many shots taken! But after thinking about it, I shall squeeze this post in between because it's really something I can't wait to share with you guys and it deserves a post in itself.

It was Tokyo Day 2, 1st of November 2014, which was also Halloween Day! We knew we had to hit the busiest and most happening part of the city, and we're glad we spent our evening wandering the streets of Shibuya just opening our eyes to see all the creative Halloween getups, experience the warmth and friendliness of the locals and basically just people-watching.

After a whole night of walking around and passing by L'OCCITANE Café multiple times, I told the husby that we HAD to try it! Because firstly, it's strategically located at the Shibuya crossing which was where all the locals gathered to show off their Halloween costumes, and after a whole night of walking, we could use some time to sit down, rest our feet and continue people-watching from the café. And secondly, it's L'Occitane café. How often do we get to experience this? So we decided to give it a try!

This was our glorious supper. 
Most expensive supper we ever had. More on that later on.

Upon entering the café, we could smell the oh-so-familiar scents of L'OCCITANE stores we have back home. The place smelt of floral hand creams with a mild aroma of coffee and sweet treats that had been overpowered by the signature fragrances of L'OCCITANE beauty products.

There were two floors to the café. On the ground floor, there were stalls displaying various merchandises for sale. And no, they were not hand creams or soaps.

They were Flavoured Teas prettily packaged. So gift-ready!

More tea merchandises that were packaged beautifully.

The whole café followed the L'OCCITANE theme and signature colours to the full, from the golden yellow coloured walls to the stairs leading us up to more seats! Most of the customers were ladies having drinks together and couples on a date night.

It's no wonder that ladies love hanging out here. The whole place is so nicely done up, and the lovely scent of L'OCCITANE in the background! Girls LOVE it. I'm a huge fan of L'OCCITANE products so I loved it. Boon...could not comprehend. But I don't blame him haha.

Girls touching up their makeup. Speaking of which, Japanese girls always look tip-top and on-point wherever they go. That's because they're always checking themselves out in the restrooms, touching up makeup, and some even brushing their teeth after meals. This is something that I find pretty awesome because they take grooming very seriously, which to me, is a form of respect to self and others.

The lovely menu.

Especially for Autumn/Winter 2014! Now I'm curious what they serve in Spring/Summer!

With such a beautifully decorated venue and view comes a hefty price tag as well. It was no surprise that their food and drinks were priced above average. 

A dish costs approx 1950yen [RM58] and a drink approx 900yen [RM27].

Initially we wanted to just order a drink to share cos we were still stuffed from Ichiran Ramen earlier for dinner, but the waitress insisted that we each had to order something, so we did. Something to take note if you're planning to visit this café. Haha.

True enough, the view was really good. 
That's the famous Shibuya Crossing which is ALWAYS busy.

A basket to place our bags. How thoughtful.

L'OCCITANE Tea Au Lait- 980yen [RM29]

Most expensive tea latte we ever had in our lives. But it was a bowl of tea latte, and it was nice so, not gonna complain.

L'OCCITANE Dessert Medley- 1540yen [RM46]

This was heavenly!

Crème Brûlée was awesome too.

Look at em chocolates!


The husby who wasn't particularly keen with this supper cos it really was quite expensive. But he brought me here nonetheless cos he knew I would have loved to experience this. Thank you, love.

Oh one thing about this place, it has really bad lighting for portrait shots. Shadows everywhere. But good for food shots.

Sippin' on my Tea Au Lait while watching the Halloweeners go cray downstairs.

Always something interesting happening!

After about half an hour of resting, we decided to call it a night as it was already 11pm local time. The night was still young, but we had more stuff to do the next day so, time to head back to our home. Speaking of which, will blog about our beautiful airbnb crib for 9 days in my next Tokyo post!

We spent a total of RM75 on a drink and a platter of desserts. Considering the quality of F&B served, the ambience and view, it was actually not too bad. It's just that it hurt a little when we think about what else we could have eaten with RM75 in Japan besides a bowl of Tea Latte and some small desserts lol.

So, do I recommend that you check it out? 

If you're a person who appreciates nice ambience and some quiet time to chill, enjoy tea and desserts while people-watching, then yes. It felt nice to just be there. 

If you could do without this experience and would rather spend your $$ on more ramen and sushi, then you can pass this.

Will I return to L'OCCITANE Café in Shibuya when I visit Tokyo next time? 
Probably not. Yea, no.

love, Careen.
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