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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Safety Net

While we were driving in the car on the way for lunch yesterday, the husby and I discussed about an article we read on rewiring and unplugging our next generation from the Internet.

Then Boon said that if he were to completely unplug himself from the online world, he can. It wouldn't be a problem for him at all. Which is trueeeee considering the fact that he doesn't really use his social media platforms much (except to just scroll and pass time). I was thinking if I could do the same, then it hit me that two out of three jobs that I'm juggling right now revolves around the Internet, or rather, is fully dependent on the Internet.

1. Blogging and Social Media

Although my blog and social media accounts are mine to keep, and I'm fully in control of what I write and post, it's still a means of income for me occasionally. Therefore, if the world decided to unplug from the Internet, I wouldn't be able to have my leisure of blogging anymore which will suck, but more unfortunately, that would mean I'll be losing another means of income too.


My online fashion startup is currently operating fully online. I don't have a physical studio where people could walk in to try and purchase my collections. So if we don't use the Internet anymore, would no longer exist, BUT I could always move to a physical store and be just like any other fashion boutiques we shop at in malls. So there's still a save, not completely gone. Like blogging.

3. Emceeing/Hosting

This would definitely be the least affected of all. Other than not being able to email clients my emcee profile when requested, the Internet really doesn't affect my hosting gigs much at all since hosting is a live, on-ground, offline thing.

So I evaluated and came to a conclusion that if all else fails, Chiq Fliq opening a physical store and my emceeing gigs would at the end of the day be my safety nets! Then the husby unexpectedly came in and said,

"I am your safety net."

Me: O.O

"That's what I want to be. Your safety net. I want you to do whatever you enjoy, but at the end of the day, I still want to be the one who provides for you, the one you can fall back on. Your safety net."

Me: T-T

Safety net now brings a whole new meaning to me. I feel loved for having a supportive partner who puts my happiness as a priority, and I feel secure for having a partner who is strong and ever-ready to catch me when I fall. How lucky can one girl be? 

I'm touched.


Oh yes, we celebrated our 10th year dating anniversary on Nov 29, 2014! 
*pops champagne*

Posted a long-ass caption on my Instagram HERE on how we started and just how grateful I am for having him in my life for over a decade now.

A decade. That's 10 years
10 years- that's 3,652 days.

That's a long, long time. But you know what, we still feel surreal that it's been 10 years! Sure doesn't feel like it, but yay! We made it through our first decade! Something worth remembering :)

Oh and that's our first official photo together at a youth camp in 2003 (when I was 14!) where it all started. He looked much taller cos he tip-toed to make me look short (which he always calls me- short), and I was making noise about him tip-toeing when this was captured. We didn't have time for a second photo so yea, this is our first photo together. Sure isn't my best photo. In fact, my ugliest photo on Instagram. But it's the most precious to me, so screw ugly!


It's now December 2014. Last month of the year. 

2015 is going to be very, very exciting not just for my career, but for our marriage too. 
Gonna finish the year strong :)


love, Careen.

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