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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Food Review: Dal Komm Coffee


In this post, I'm gonna share with you a new coffee/dessert place that I recently visited! Fans of the Korean culture would most probably have heard of Dal.Komm Coffee before, considering the fact that it is a popular café chain in South Korea.

Dal.Komm means 'sweet' in Korean. In this café, aside from the pop modern and cozy interior, you would see lots of musical elements everywhere, and that is because Dal.Komm Coffee is a music concept café that aims to bring music/coffee/dessert lovers all under one roof!

Once you enter the café, you would notice the words 'Sound Blending' plastered almost everywhere. In Dal.Komm, they have a Sound Blending concept where they play music/songs that match the time/mood of the day, something I find very intriguing and thoughtful at the same time! I've personally experienced real bad song choices in restaurants and café that simply do not match the time of the day. Being a music lover, it instantly puts me at an uneasy spot and as much as I try to ignore the bad songs playing in the background, most of the time they still bother me. The husby never gets that because he's not very particular with his music choice, so I guess that's also a blessing in disguise!

For those who love a little privacy and personal song choices, you would be delighted to know that Dal.Komm has a special area with iPads, Sennheiser headsets for customers to enjoy music through KKBOX!

Before we go on further, let's check out the drinks and desserts they offer.

There's something for everyone- coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers alike.

Speaking of coffee, you can determine coffee strength of your drink! These are the 3 types of coffee strengths you can choose from:

K1- well balaced, sweet and nutty (smooth with a clean, well-balanced flavour)
K2- sweet, citrus and creamy body (a fusion of sweet and soft citrus with creamy body)
K3- flowery, fruity and strong body (full-bodies premium blend with a lingering aftertaste)

And what's a Korean café without Bingsu! Bingsu or Bingsoo is a popular Korean snack/dessert that comprises of shaved ice and various toppings. Simply put by one of the co-owners at Dal.Komm, it is the 'ice kacang' of Korea. Makes so much sense now! Except that Bingsu's are fancier and much more yummy in my opinion :P

Dal.Komm Coffee in Damansara Uptown is located at a corner lot comprising of two floors. Lots of space for seatings and photo-worthy corners everywhere!

According to Dal.Komm's owners, they organise music gigs and open mics from time-to-time, which they call VerandaLive. Live music + coffee + desserts. What a great way to unwind!

Now, let's move on to the menu.

Honey Grapefruit *signature drink* [RM14.50]

Citron Mojito [RM12]

Honey Coffee Cube [RM13.50]

Latte [RM10.50]

Orange Choco Cube *signature drink* [RM13.50]

The Orange Choco Cube drink is my personal favourite of all! We're served with a cup of milk (as above) with a choco stick at the side to slowly melt the choc into the cup of milk! There's just something about this melting method that makes the drink so much smoother and milkier than average chocolate drinks! Plus, it's real fun to see the chocolate slowly melting into your drink too! :)

Cheese Benedict [RM15]

This was yummier than it looks! The cheese and egg goes well together with the crunchy toast.

Strawberry Honey Toast [RM16]

This one's a real winner! Super love the sweet strawberries and how the vanilla ice cream complements the toast so well!

Now on to the Bingsu's!

Apple Crumble Bingsu [RM15.90]

I'm a fan of apple crumble, so when I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to order this! Turns out to be a real good choice because it was simply delightful. Comes with shaved ice, apple crumble in between topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Perfect combo IMO! Must try!

Choco Lava Bingsu [RM18.90]

Chocolate lava fans, you're in for a treat! While every Bingsu is recommended to be taken after all the ingredients are mixed up nicely, this particular one is recommended to be eaten separately, and there's obviously no questions why! The choco lava cake is too beautiful not to be savoured separately! 

What I did was to slice from the choco lava cake right into the shaved ice and mix a little of the vanilla ice cream at the top. The taste of all three was simply a perfect harmony. Love it!


Lemon Dazzling Bingsu [RM18.90]

This bingsu is purrrrrfect for our Malaysian weather. It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon when I was enjoying this and it was already such a pleasant experience, imagine if you had this on a sunny afternoon! 

Comes with shaved ice, lemon dressing in between topped with a lemon tart, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream.

My lovely company for the day, Stephanie and Karen. It was such a sweet (literally) afternoon spent just chatting away while nomming on the desserts and sipping' their signature drinks. A great place to chill with friends and family over dessert. Highly recommended!

Damansara Utama (Uptown)
No. 61, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Sun-Thurs: 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-12am

D'Pulze Shopping Centre (Cyberjaya)
Lot: UG-18

Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm


Dal.Komm Malaysia FB Page:

love, Careen.

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