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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chipsmore: Don't Do It Unless You're Awesome!

It's December, which means I'm now officially 25 years and 1 month! Still can't believe that I have turned a quarter of a century old young haha!! A lot of people asked me, "So how do you feel turning 25??", cos it's supposed to be a defining age of one's life apparently, and I don't know how to answer because I don't feel anything. And to be honest, I don't FEEL 25 at all! I still feel 22 *cues Taylor's Swift's tune*

But really, one truth about growing up is that the society expects more out of you. More seriousness, more maturity, more stability (emotionally and financially), more substance, more experiences, and basically just, MORE. Although this is one thing that we should all accept because it's part and parcel of growing up and becoming an adult, it is still nice to break out of that "adult" mold and routine, and do something towards the fun side of life!

For me and Boon, choosing on where to eat is probably one of the hardest, most routine everyday decision we have to make. Instead of thinking hard on where to eat, we sometimes decide to randomly eat at the nearest restaurant upon entering the mall from where we managed to find a parking! That spices up our usual routine of eating out and makes it way more fun and exciting. We sometimes end up eating something we totally would not have chosen by ourselves which turned out to be good! :)

How bout you? What are some of the fun things you do out of your normal routine? ;)

Here's a competition I recently joined that encourages people to step out from our normal routines and make some fun out of it!

Don't do it unless I'm awesome?? Challenge accepted! *insert biceps emoticon*

Unbox your life for FUN by breaking the norm of routinised life by participating in the Chipsmore Don't Do It Unless You're Awesome 2 Challenge!

Here's how it works:

Contest Mechanics:

1. Each user is allowed to submit multiple pictures, so long as each of it is different.
2. User can win only one prize.
3. Contest period: Dec 15 2014 - Jan 15 2015
4. Participants must be 15 years and above
5. Participants below 15 will need to obtain their parents' consent to submit photos.
6. Participants have to upload the pictures in the microsite and add in a sticker template in the picture before submitting their entries.
7. Share-ability: Upon submission in the microsite, user can hare it on their FB page.

How to Participate?

1. Register via FB on
2. Upload a photo that is AWESOME
3. Choose a sticker template to decorate your photo and submit

How to Win?

CREATIVITY! Show us what AWESOME means to you. Unleash your genius and inner fun child! Judging is based on creativity of photo and will be determined by Organiser.

And you must be wondering what AWESOME prizes await? Here they are!

(i) Grand Prize (total 1): 1 iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi + 1 year supply of Chipsmore cookies
(ii) Second Prize (total 1): 1 GoPro Hero4 + 1 year supply of Chipsmore cookies
(iii) Third Prize (total 1): 1 Beats Mixr Headphone + 1 year supply of Chipsmore cookies
(iv) Consolation Prizes (total 3): Instax Mini 50s

OMG gimme pleaseeee!
I've submitted my entry and here's my photo!

Yeahhhhh Team Awesome!

Instead of taking a normal, standing touristy photo at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the husby and I decided to do a high five jump shot! This was our best attempt haha! Not the best jump shot ever but our multiple tries were surely fun!

What is that normal routine of yours that you can make AWESOME? Share it with me and submit your pictures to and you could be one of the lucky winners of the prizes stated above! All the best to you guys!

Til then, awesome!

love, Careen
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