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Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Wedding Day

It is now 3.10am in Tokyo, 2.10am back in Malaysia. The husby has been fast asleep while I rearrange all the photos in this post since the past 3 hours or so. This is a very important post to me so every detail counts!

The husby and I are now in Japan for our anniversary getaway. Another year has passed, and today marks our 2nd year together as husband and wife!

2 years. 730 days, married. We were just walking along the subway earlier chatting about how time seriously flies so fast, that we don't even feel like it's been 2 years. In fact, we still feel as though we just got married months ago. I guess when they say time flies when you're happy and in love, it's true! Being married still feels so surreal to me.

In conjunction with our special occasion, I have been putting together our much much much delayed wedding blog post since months ago! We have a total of over 1,300+ photos from our wedding day, and after several rounds of shortlisting, about 500+ made the cut! Yay! It was so tough to choose the photos for this post because all the photos were captured beautifully and meant a lot to me personally. But I wouldn't want you guys to wait for hours just to load this post, so 500+ will do. Still a lot, but I tried my best! :P And yes, that's also a heads up. Long post ahead!

Aside from sharing our joyous day with my dear readers (that's you!), the reason for this post is mainly for my own remembrance. While I still can remember every single emotion and thoughts felt throughout the day, I thought I better write them down in case I soon forget! This will be the post that  I'll be reading back decades down the road, and I never want to forget anything about our wedding day.

Because of that, I will be blogging from my point of view, from the eyes of the bride. And also because this post is from my perspective and how I remembered our wedding day, I hope you guys wouldn't feel upset if your photos are not here or names are not mentioned, or if I left out some details ok? :)

Okay, disclaimers and granny speeches done. Now let's get down to the flashback!

Let's start with the eve of our wedding, shall we?

It was on a Friday, the Friday with so many mixed feelings. We have settled quite a lot of wedding preps way beforehand and when it came to the last day before the wedding, there really wasn't much to get done anymore aside from getting our church hall ready for the Holy Matrimony. Yet, I still felt fidgety and kept searching my mind to see if we happened to miss out anything or still have anything else to get done! But actually, not really. There really wasn't much to get done anymore. For me, at least. Haha! All I did was to get enough sleep, wake up just in time to go for my mani and pedi, pack my stuff because I was going to put two nights at our hotel. One with my maid of honour/sister, Gladys. Another with my new husband, Boon :)

Popped by our church to oversee the floral decorations while Boon and his groomsmen were busy getting the hall ready, rearranging chairs and so on. 

The more the hall looked complete, the more real it became to me, that I was going to get married the next day and THIS many people (according to the number of chairs) were coming! It's nerve-wrecking and exciting and happy and anxious and scary. Those mixed feelings!

Towards the night, many of our close friends came to church just to see what else that needs help. I still remember the atmosphere. Everyone was busy getting the deco up, rearranging chairs, setting up our photo booth, playing around with the props, etc etc. It was noisy, there were lotsa laughter and it was so fun that I didn't feel like going back to my hotel! 

Initially, I told Boon that I wanted to head back to the hotel by 9.30pm cos I wanted to unwind and get myself ready for the next day. Plus, I still had my vows and speech to finalise! I left them to the very last minute because I wanted them to be as real from my heart as I can. Leaving it to the very last day will give me more feels. Very risky, but it worked for me. Hahaha!!

But I ended up going back to the hotel much later than I had planned. My dad had to keep pestering me to get into the car hahaha!! So my dad, mum and Gladys accompanied me to the hotel at The Club at Saujana. The last time we went there was to confirm the place, and to step inside again, this time without Boon, but with my parents and Gladys just felt so real. Like, this is it. My parents helped drop our stuff into our hotel room, and it was one of the most awkward, torn and tear-jerking moments of my life. It was so...weird.

Upon entering into the room, we were all trying to put on a happy smile and stay excited. We joked around about people opening up my hotel closet and finding my undies, etc etc and drinking all the free complimentary Nespresso coffee cos since they're free etc etc, and THEN, the laughters just stopped abruptly and reality sunk in. There was a short awkward silence before I asked my dad, "Daddyyyyy, are you okay?"softly and "casually". My dad replied something like, "Well, this is it! You won't need me to take care of you anymore." I quickly replied, "Noooo I will always be your daughter. Look at the bright side, you're not losing a daughter and yet still gaining a new son! Which is so awesome!" Then he laughed. 

That was a pre-wedding conversation I never thought we'll have. Sounds like a script from a soppy drama movie, no? I regretted asking that because it made everybody emotional. We were supposed to be happy and excited!! Having said that, it was one of the truest moments in my life that knocked me into reality. My dad feels it. His first daughter is getting married tomorrow and won't be coming home late and getting him all mad and waiting anymore. It sunk in to my parents. It sunk in to me.

Shortly after that, my parents excused themselves cos they still needed to settle my relatives from outstation and we needed to get ready for an early morning ahead. When I said bye to them and closed the door, that feeling was just...sad. Suddenly I felt very sad to leave my family and be married. Don't get me wrong, I was very excited that I'm getting married to my teenage sweetheart, but the thought of leaving my family just makes it so damn hard. Had to swallow it all in because I still had my vows and speech to write!

Laid my wedding gown, heels, accesories, etc out nicely, wrote my speech on my phone, double confirm my vows, read some congratulatory messages on my phone and social media, and prepared to go to bed. While lying beside me, Gladys asked how I was feeling. I said I was very excited and everything feels like a dream. So surreal. She said she's very very excited for me. Then we forced ourseleves to stop talking and sleep. That was around 2.30am.


The first of my many alarms rang on my phone, and I immediately got my eyes wide open. Got out of bed at 5am, feeling all energetic and excited! Something that never happened before in the course 22 years. Popped into the shower, got my hair blown and made sure I looked awake and that there's no "morning face" by the time our official photographers arrive. How vain right! I know, sleep is usually gold to me but for today, sleep is so overrated! Two and a half hours of sleep is all I need.

I'm going to let these beautiful photos do (most of) the talking :)

One of the things that I prayed for was for God to give me the stillness and peace to fully enjoy the day, and I did. From the moment I woke up, I felt such peace and joy that I never felt before. I set my mind and heart to relax and enjoy every moment, and that's exactly what I did. I was just truly happy.

Getting myself familiar with my vows. I read it through like a hundred times, to make sure they're really all that I meant from my heart.

I was really happy to have my buddy/sis, Albert Koh to do my hair. The whole time he was just cracking me up with the dumb things that he said. I can't remember what they were but his crap made me extra happy that morning. 

Very soon after I started doing my makeup and hair, my bridesmaids starting coming in group by group. Some of them stayed over at each other's house just for fun and carpooled to the hotel that morning. 

Every single person that walks into my room made me feel extra happy. They were all people who hold a special place in my heart, and my heart was just blessed to have them with me on this day.

My busy maid of honour who was getting everything ready and sorted, while I laugh myself silly with Albert Koh. Hahah! Having Gladys as my maid of honour puts me at ease. I knew everything was going to be taken care of perfectly.

More and more people arrived! The whole room was abuzz with girly talks and I just loved the atmosphere.

I can't get over the look on her face when she first entered the room. She was so happy and excited!

She's my beautiful paternal grandma, who was suffering discomfort due to her illness then but never failed to put on a smile just to make us worry less. She's the most thoughtful, cutest, sweetest grandma ever. She was just there to witness everything quietly. It was precious.

Again. Hahah!

Meanwhile, over at the hubby's.

That's my favourite photo of him when he was younger! So much swag, you new kid on the block! I always laugh at him when I see this particular photo. I mean, look at that 80's hiphop outfit :P

My handsome groom :)

Check out the hot pink, cartoon bed sheets courtesy of my grandma :') Hahaha it's a must to have new, red-toned sheets for the groom's bed to signify newness and celebration. Though we didn't stay there after that oh well haha!

And my trixies have arrived! They were so curious and kept asking me what's going on :')

While waiting for the guys to arrive, had a little photoshoot with my dear sisters.


Evangeline was 4 years old then, and she was the blurest person because she didn't know what was going on. Suddenly she came up to me, started hugging me and kept whispering, "Dajie, why?". I guess she meant, "What's happening." Haha!

I found it really cute yet at the same time, I was a little affected emotionally cos that only means she didn't know that I wouldn't be coming home at night anymore. That would be a surprise to her :'(

My trixies :)

They looked so lovely, and were super excited about having makeup on!

When my parents arrived, that was it. That was the trigger. Was trying to hold it all in the whole time since.

After these shots I cried. I couldn't.

I was contemplating before the wedding day if I should tahan all my emotions and not ruin my makeup, or just let it go. Initially when I took these shots with my parents, I was trying to hold it in. But I decided to just be true to my feelings and allow myself to fully experience the emotions that a bride would feel. After all, I only get married once. Wouldn't want to shortchange myself from feeling all the emotions of a bride, and that was the best decision ever.

Although sure, my makeup was slightly moved, but that was just a small thing. I would give anything to feel those emotions again. They were precious.

The guys arrived at 7, and the bride redemption begins :)

My favourite girls in my favourite hues. They looked absolutely lovely.

Final briefing before the dudes arrived!

This means war.

First, the girls got the guys to run around the pool in their suit. Which had got to suck because it was quite a sunny morning!

My broom :P

Then, it was passing the banana!


Their faces!

And their faces! :')

Then, a few guys were selected to have their body parts waxed. 

And they gotta carry the broom :')

Boon obviously enjoyed it. A lot.

And then, it was time to dress up!

And savour the wasabi.

Before Boon was allowed to redeem the bride, he needed to sign a blank cheque. Yay!

I remember watching from our wedding video that Wen Yan was saying, "Boon, don't! Boon!", keeping him from signing the cheque of doom. Haha!

Gladys was like, OMG it's a disaster!

See what I mean? His signature was all over that place hahah! I still have it in my work room. Gonna use it for blackmail purposes ;)


My trixies were kept from joining the fun outside so peeping was all they could do!

Boon was given a list of promises written by my bridesmaids, and he had to scream them out to me and get my approval before the door is opened. By the way in case you're wondering, no I wasn't involved in planning the games for the bride redemption at all. Left it entirely to the girls. They're such a nice bunch because the games were too easy lo!

And, level unlocked!

It was so great seeing him. I remember my heart feeling all warm and fuzzy. He looked dashing :)

I don't know what happened but yea, included this photo to remember just how detailed my videographer, Gordon Ling is. He was more than just my videographer that day, but also my tissue giver and personal assistant :')

Then it was tea ceremony for my family. Too many photos so included only the parents, sisters and grandmothers!

Happy daddy :)

Look at how gentle and loving my daddy is. He truly is. Can't ask for a better daddy.

My beautiful mum :)

All the tears busting out of my eyes. My throat felt so sore from chocking on my tears. To hear the words of release and blessings from my parents especially to Boon just made me so touched. Finally, the day has come that they officially welcome him into our family. That was so meaningful.

My grandma's first grandchild's wedding, and she was really excited about it! Before this she kept saying she might not be able to make it to see my wedding day, which hurt me so badly. I was just very glad and grateful that my ahma was able to be there.

Looking back at all these photos makes me miss her. She spoiled me since I was born and never withheld any good thing from me. The most generous, giving and thoughtful grandma.

My maternal grandma. It's her first grandchild's wedding too!

She was exclaiming, "Hallelujah!" Yes, indeed :)

Somehow I don't have photos of all three of my sisters- Gladys, Serene and Loveen during the tea ceremony, so just the little ones will do :)

Evangeline was so shy!

Beautiful :)

We did a little photoshoot with our bridal party, who looked absolutely gorgeous.

Favourite pic :)

And it was time to head to church!

My grandma highly recommended us to use the red umbrella. Good luck according to the Chinese custom, so okay! :')

Upon arrival at church, I went straight into the VIP waiting room to retouch my makeup and hair, while Boon entertains our wedding guests.

Beautiful church flowers done by Sunny Days.

We had 8 photo frames to signify each year that we've been together. 

At this point, I was waiting behind the curtains, ready to march out anytime. Heart was pumping fast, very happy, very excited, very surreal. Was holding my dad's arm with all my 6 sisters lined up in front of us. 

From behind, we could hear precisely everything that our emcee- Sung Lin said. Every word, every applause and laughter from our guests. It started to sink in deeper and deeper. This was it.

Our three violinists- Sarah, Cheryl and Nicholas played A Thousand Years, a song that was very dear and meaningful to us. 

I loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more.

I'm so proud of Evangeline. During our rehearsal, she didn't want to march down alone and needed my mum to walk alongside her. After I explained to her how much it would mean to me if she could walk down the aisle without mummy beside her, she promised me that she would do so on our wedding day, and she did.

I recognise that face. That's an awwww face from Boon :')

Before walking out, I whispered to my dad, "Okay daddy, let's do this." And he didn't really reply me. I think he was feeling the nerves too. Haha! 

With every step I took, more tears started welling up in my eyes. In my mind I was like, "Ohhhh no. Calm down calm down!" When I finally saw all the familiar faces welcoming us with their applause and cheers, I felt really touched and...grateful. People who saw me grow up, people whom I have not seen in ages, people who were with us through it all. They were all present. To sum it all up, I was just feeling utterly grateful. Grateful to God for allowing us to get married. For allowing me to marry my best friend. The one that I love.

Months and days leading up to our wedding day, I had this secret fear that no one knew. I silently feared that bad things might happen that would hinder us from getting married with one another. I know it's silly, but I could't help it. So many people in this world couldn't have the chance to be with the one they love, and I do. Everything worked out so well for us and I was just afraid that it's all just a dream. 

So on that morning when I walked down the aisle and saw with my own eyes the number of family and friends gathering from near and far just for us, excitedly cheering us on and celebrating our union just touched me deeply. And I was just completely grateful that God came through for us. I felt loved by Him for making my dream of marrying my best friend come true, that with the love and blessings from our families and friends. It matters so much to me.

I remember the feeling when you first held my hand in yours the moment my dad passed me to you. You held my hand so tight it almost broke! That assured me that you were just as grateful as I felt.

Still couldn't stop crying. I tried but I just couldn't. 
I was completely overwhelmed with gratefulness.

When David asked, "If anyone sees just cause why these two shouldn't be joined together, let them now speak or forever hold his peace.", Boon's army did their thang :')

Praise and worship led by Anthony and Wendy. Since Boon had no preference, I chose my two favourite songs- All Things New, and My Life, Your Song.

I'm proud of our handmade wedding booklets with a confetti holder attached! My mum and sisters spent months cutting these confetti and their holders for all 450+ booklets. They're the best.

From a heart filled with gratitude and thankfulness, it was the best worship I ever had.

Kept choking on my words cos I just wouldn't stop crying. Helpppp.

Mummy and I wiping our tears simultaneously :')

We squeezed in a total of 450+ chairs into the hall, the most of a wedding at that venue yet. It was crazy number of guests, but each one of them were dear to us and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Pastor Kevin was supposed to officiate our wedding, but due to a Hurricane in New York, he could only book a flight back to Malaysia the following day as all flights were cancelled for safety reasons. When he called me to tell me that a few days before our wedding, it broke my heart and I was so sad. But I knew he really wanted to be there too and it was harder for him and his family than anyone else. Thanks pastor for your arrangements, and also for buying a new suit just for our wedding!

In the end, David Oh, our church elder stood in for our pastor. David is someone very dear to me as we used to always act in church productions together, several times as father and daughter! He shared a very powerful, practical and humorous message on marriage, and we were so blessed.

I still remember you constantly looking out for me to see if I was still crying and if I needed more tissues. You were so ready that you even had a tissue packer on your lap :') Thank you for treating me like a princess everyday. Wedding day or not, you treat me the same.

Thank you for looking at my lovingly the whole time. I noticed it and now there's proof on photos! You made me feel extra special. 

My Melody :)

I still remember the feeling of you holding and squeezing my hand the whole time during the church ceremony. I kept on squeezing your hand too because I wanted to know if it was all really happening. It felt like a dream.

It was my first time hearing your vows, and you surprised me. Your vows were more elaborate than mine! Every word was so sincere. They touched me deeply and I couldn't stop smiling. At that point, I felt like the luckiest girl ever created.

If I had a son like you, I would be proud too :)

My mum must be laughing at the part when I promised to cook for you and our kids. Haha!

Before Boon was allowed to kiss the bride, David got him and his hengtais to do a Gangnam Style dance. It was completely random and given that all the guys couldn't dance, it was quite hilarious :')

Passed the test!

Our first time kissing with so many eyes (and lenses) on us! That's quite intimidating! And intrusive :')

In this photo, I was actually laughing while we were kissing. Hence, the weird dimple on my face hahaha!! So so weird!! In front of our parents and grandparents and friends!!

Holy communion.

 Lighting of the unity candle, signifying oneness in Christ. I loved it.

Speech by my groom.

Mr and Mrs Ng Boon Hock!

Our awesome bridal party :)

We took photos with all the different groups of guests, and quickly moved on to a tea ceremony at Boon's parents' place with his paternal and maternal relatives. Too many relatives so only photos of his immediate family and grandparents here!

I was laughing because my mum in-law was telling me that was the necklace that Boon picked for his future wife when he was little, back when his parents were buying some gold as investment. And Boon apologised for his bad taste back then. Hahahah!!

I now have a jie jie!

And another mei mei! Who's also older than me. This is confusing hahaha :')

Boon's lovely grandsparents :)

After the tea ceremony, we went straight to the salon to get my hand washed and restyled, and my makeup redone for our wedding banquet in the evening. By 5pm, I was completely exhausted considering my two and a half hours sleep the night before, and all the crying the whole day long made me extra tired.

Was so worn out that I kept dozing off and fishing while doing my hair and makeup. Never happened to me before. Can you believe it! Anyhow, makeup and hair still turned out nice thankfully! Once we were done, we headed straight to our dinner venue.


We had the honour of having Phoebe Tan to sing for our bridal march-in. She sang A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson beautifully :)

My beautiful lilac mermaid gown was custom made by Yes I Do gallery.

We don't know how newlyweds behave during their wedding dinner, but we didn't bother to be all formal and prim and proper all. When the first two dishes arrived, I gobbled them up cos I was so hungry! And they were so yummy I had to have them! After that I didn't bother eating anymore cos I was paying close attention to everything happening on stage.

That ONE selfie we took all day. Hahahah!!

Our fathers prepared speeches for our dinner, but my dad in-law left his script at home so we decided to just do an impromptu interview instead. It was heart-warming to hear how my dad in-law thought of Boon as a son. Boon indeed is amazing that his own parents would vouch strongly for him :')

And it was my dad's turn! Lex threatened to dig all the dirt haha!

Storytelling begins uh-ohhh.

My dad was describing me as a daughter and how naughty I used to be, how rebellious I was when I was a teenager, fighting with him everyday just to go out with Boon. 

It was heart-warming to hear from my own father about how he thinks of me, and the stuff that he tells Boon, like warning him about my pet peeves and make sure to always feed me. Hahahahah!!

My awesome uncle who never failed to care for my grandma, now captured on camera!

Throughout the dinner, we had two surprise videos shown to us! One from Chronicles Ong, our dear cell group member and friend who had to be in Taiwan for a work (he's a celebrity singer btw), and sent us a congratulatory/apology video and also sang a song dedicated to us. We were so touched :')

Next, we got a surprise video from Pastor Kevin and his family, sending their apologies for not making it back to be with us. Thank you so much, pastor, Esther and Eitan.

One of my favourite singer, Coleen Yap sang for us that evening too. Love her voice, and love her! She's just like a big sis to me :)

Lex and Albert, both hairstylists who aren't emcees at all. But we picked them to be our emcees because we love their fun and crazy personality, and we didn't want our wedding dinner to be dull and typical. It turned out to be an easygoing, casual evening with loads of laughter, thanks to these two sisters of mine :)

They must have threatened to expose my secrets. That's a "Don't you dare" look. 

Then, there were speeches by the best man, Joel Low, one of Boon's longest, bestest friends since high school. One who knows Boon almost inside out. Almost.

And my maid of honour, who is also my sister, Gladys. Besides my parents and Boon, no one knows me better than Gladys. 

Thanks to her thoughtfully written speech, it made me burst out in laughter to crying my eyes out in a split second. She shared about how she felt when reality sunk in that there wouldn't be anyone gossiping with her at night, having heart-to-heart talks with her before bed. That made me choke in tears because that's really something that I'll miss greatly too. 

We shared so many things together all of these years, and she's my best friend. Her speech moved me and I had a hard time climbing back up from my emo-ness thereafter.

Until I saw this! The three little trixies (a name given to them by my mum for a performance previously) gave us a surprise speech! They told me how much they'll miss me, they hope to come to my house for swims more and why they love korkor Boon Hock- because he always plays with them and tickles them :')

Melody being the jiejie did all the talking while accompanied by the shy lil ones. I'm just so proud of them :')

Then it was our turn to give a speech!

Didn't know you were such a good speech maker ;)

All our friends who listened so attentively to us, thank you!

I always found popping of champagne funny in weddings, I don't know why. And now that it was our turn to do it, I just felt like laughing.

All our happy guests!

We have crazy friends :')

After the dinner, we took photos with every guest at the exit, and headed back to out hotel. Apparently one of my sisters, Charity teared when she found out in the car that I wasn't going to follow them home. I didn't know about this until much later on, or else I would have been emo and Boon would be a pitiful Night One husband hahahahah!!!

The ride back to our hotel by our driver was special. It was our first time returning to our room, alone. Officially. Blessed by everybody. I like that feeling.

The next morning, we had our yummers buffet breakfast, rushed to renew my passport for our honeymoon in Bali the following day, and headed to church for service. Our first Sunday as husband and wife. Best feeling ever.

Our rings against our wedding invite.

Special thanks to all who helped us make our wedding beautiful.

First Photographer: Vincent Cheng (Vincent Cheng Photography)
Second Photographer: Kevin Tan (Kevin Tan Photography)
First Videographer: Gordon Ling (Reanimated Studios)
Second Videographer: Bryan Lim (BryanlimTV)

Wedding Gown: Pretty in White
Evening gown: Yes I Do Gallery
Florist: Sunny Days

Hair: Albert Koh (Cut! Studio), Lex Low (Lequiff Salon)
Makeup: Ling, Fibiee Liew, Ann Ying, Pearl Tan

Here's the same day edit video for our wedding day. Enjoy!

All in all, I felt extremely joyful, blessed and grateful for all that God has allowed to happen to our lives. Marrying my one and only love of my life (literally) is a dream, especially when he's such an awesome guy.

It's 7.12am in Tokyo now and I took 4 hours plus just to write this blog post, because I really have a lot to say! And I'm glad I sacrificed my sleep to pen down my honest feelings right here. Thank you, reader for being excited for this blog post. You motivate me to blog more! Hope you enjoyed our wedding day (virtually) as much as we did :)

Husby, it's been two years. This time two years ago, you arrived at the hotel to "redeem" me. Feelings were pure joy and excitement all the way on my end. It's been an amazing ride with you for the past two years. All the places we travelled to, food that made us fat together, achievements we accomplished, people we loved, and the God we serve. Life is beautiful when it's done with you.

Here's to our future anniversaries with the mini's! ;)
I love you.


  1. Hi Careen! This is such a sweet post! I always love reading your posts about you and your husband because they're so sweet and they always make me go "awww" (sometimes I even tear up, haha!) happy anniversary to the both of you and enjoy yourself in Japan! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary to you & Boon! Love and appreciate both of you so much! Glad to be in ur bridal party! I teared while reading this post, truly happy for you! Ur story is just like a fairytale! Though I hv listened it from you personally so many times... Haha

  3. I actually teared while reading this post.. it's just so beautiful and how I wish I was there to witness it. Happy anniversary careen! =) Hope to see your "mini" one SOON!

    From the one who drop by here everyday :D

  4. Please write a post on how you met Boon and what your early dating years were like! :)

  5. Words can't express how moving this post is! I've read ur blog for some time now but never commented until now, because the four hours you poured into it has produced a post that really makes the reader feel that not only were they part of your day, but hopeful that they can create a day like this for themselves one day as well. Being married has made you an even better writer, keep it up :D

  6. I was trying to hold my tears but the post is so touching. can imagine I would definitely keep crying too when my day has come as I am a crybaby too! So touching especially the parents and rings exchanged part! I could feel the happiness, feel so happy for you. :') Happy anniversary to you and your husband! <3

  7. I cried reading this,. such a beautiful story

  8. hi Careen , nice to meet you ! you did a great job on Nuffnang Birthday Party !
    nice post by the way ! God Bless!


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