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Friday, November 21, 2014

Officially a Quarter of a Century

So I just officially turned 25 yesterday! Unlike most girls, I find no shame in my age. Or maybe not yet! :P So yeah now you guys now I'm 25, a quarter of a century young. #positivityalldayerrday

Birthdays hold very special meaning to me. To me, it is a celebration of life, another year that God has so faithfully seen me through, another year that God has graciously given to me. There must be a reason why I'm still living and breathing, and I want to live my life according to the plans that my Creator has purposed for me even before I was born. Birthdays always fill my heart with gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness (naming all the synonyms available haha), and a lot of appreciation for God and the people in my life who make it beautiful.

I cringe at the idea of throwing a birthday party for myself, so that explains why I have never initiated any birthday parties because I prefer private, intimate celebrations with people whom I'm close with and those who matter to me. It's usually default that I will spend the day with the husband, so on my birthday yesterday, the sweetheart took a day off work just to be with me the entire day, something I always appreciate year after year.

He kept saying he has stuff planned out for me on the birthday, but refused to tell me what it is. I'm the type who prefers not to spoil my own surprises so I let him bluff me again and again before he revealed his original plans. The night before, he said he wanted to give me enough sleep so the plans will start after noon. He knows me too well! Sleeping in is my favourite thing to do! But I couldn't continue sleeping after I got my eyes opened at 10am cos I was excited to get up and spend the day with the husby! 

Got up, got ready, and while I was in the shower, the husby received a bouquet of flowers on my behalf from the lovely team at Le Fleuriste Malaysia as a gift for my birthday!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers! Your choice of flowers and its shades are exactly how I love my flowers to be!! Love the arrangements and wrapping and also the personalised birthday wish! If you're looking for a reliable florist who can deliver quality artwork, I highly recommend Le Fleuriste Malaysia! What a way to start the day :)

The day started real slow cos the husby really gave me time to get ready. Shower, blow dry hair, straighten and curl hair, makeup, choose my clothes....all at my comfortable pace, which is something I appreciate loads! Him giving me time to get myself ready makes me feel loved and understood. *shy*


So we ended up heading out for brunch only at 2pm plus hahaha!! He told me his plan was to bring me for brunch at either Kayu, Murni or Pelita (all mamak okay!!), and then we'll go to the Kelana Jaya Public Pool, and then sauna. -.-"

Of course I know he was kidding but he kept going on and on saying why I don't believe him, which made me really crazy laughing all the time. He's seriously full of crap.

In the end we ended up at Bangsar Village II, which I immediately knew where he was going to bring me to! My favourite brunch place! :)


The husby had the lunch set worth RM28++ that came with a main, soup, and dessert. This was the tomato soup that came with the set. Yummers!! But portion a bit too small la. Then again it's with a set so can't complain!

My hot choc with hazelnut paste. Always love their choc drinks cos all of them come with hazelnut paste! :)

My staple food at Nutmeg- the Nutmeg Gravlax Croissant-wich! Still my favourite!

The husby's Barbecue Beef Brisket which was super tender and yummy!

It came with cabbage at the bottom. You might think it's quite an odd combination, but they taste perfect together! So brilliant!

Came with tomato, corn and green chill salsa which was really good!

Dessert- some orange cake with a scoop of ice cream which was quite nice.

You can read my full review of Nutmeg in my previous post HERE.

After that we exited Bangsar altogether and headed to the way back home! When he stopped at the traffic light before Saujana, I knew where he was bringing me to, and I couldn't wipe the silly smile on my face henceforth :))

It was The Spa at The Club, Saujana! The Club was the very place Boon and his groomsmen picked me up from on our wedding day, and the place I put two nights in- the night before and after our wedding day two years back. This place will forever hold a lot of memory for us. The day we checked out this place before our wedding, the team brought us to check out The Spa as well. I remember it was the nicest spa I've ever seen so far back then, and it still is! Since that day, I secretly wished that I could one day enjoy a pampering spa session here, some day. Who knew the husby knows about it! :O Really sometimes I think he can read my mind.

The spa menu. A wide range of massages, treatments and other services available! The husby kept asking me to pick the most expensive one because it was my birthday, and it was RM700+ for 3 and a half hours which is crazy! I felt very very pampered and touched because I know he will never spend that kind of money on himself, yet he so willingly chooses to splurge on me T-T

In the end I chose 3 different ala cartes instead of going for the package cos it was just too crazy to me. Finally decided on a 1-hour Indian Warm Oil massage, 1-hour Tropical Fruit Skin Polish, and another hour of Hydra Nourishing Facial cos my therapists always say I have dry skin haha!

Stalking him while I was sitting there sipping on my welcome drink and wondering what I did to deserve such a husband T-T Wanted to remember that feeling so I decided to take a photo from my view for keepsake haha.

After settling the bills, the husby left and I was led to my very own villa for the spa session. 

They've got at least 10-15 villas inside if I'm not mistaken, and it felt like I was transported to a forest somewhere out of the city. It felt so chilled, peaceful and serene, and the smell of fresh leaves reminded me of the honeymoon days in Bali. 

My villa, and very friendly therapist!

In the villa, there's a huge stone bath tub enough to fit two, a shower room, a washroom, two sinks, a few closets, two massage beds, and a couch. It was really spacious and clean, with relaxing spa music playing softly at the background. 

I was sent to heaven for 3 solid hours! It was a much needed rest and pampering for the body out of my hectic schedule, and I'm just so thankful to be able to experience such a top notch spa service. It's the most expensive and nicest spa I experienced to date, but it was really good and worth the money. My therapist was really really good. She's from Sabah, speaks fluent English and is extremely polite and skilled. Very happy with the service offered :)

After I was done, met up with the husby who was sitting at the waiting area and we were headed back home for cell group. It was a Thursday so it was cell group day at our place, but when we were on the way home, I received a few missed calls from my sis, Loveen. Called her back and she said her phone had problem so couldn't hear me. We then texted Telegram and she said Evangeline fell down and re-opened a wound on her head, that there's a lot of bleeding and she kept crying out for my mum. My parents were away that night so I told Boon we had to go back to bring her to the hospital.

The traffic was pretty congested and I was just super anxious and scared. All the worst case scenarios popped up in my head and suddenly my birthday isn't such a happy one after all. Just keep praying in my heart that it wouldn't be anything serious. We texted the cell group and say CG is cancelled due to this incident. Long story short, the moment I reached back to my parents', I rushed in to the house, and found the cell group members and my sisters (yes, Evangeline included) standing at the corner of the living room screaming, "SURPRISEEEEE!!!".

I couldn't brain what was happening at that point and had to take a few seconds to register that it was a surprise, and that Evangeline didn't actually fall down!! According to them my facial expression was really scary cos I looked very anxious when I entered the door, that made them scared to even say surprise and sing the birthday song :')

What an emotional roller coaster!!! It was such a big relief for me that Evangeline was perfectly alright but I still was in shock. Until a few minutes later hahahaha. This is the third year running that the cell group surprised me and I thought, if they surprise me again this year I sure know wan! Who knew they would use this tactic!!! I was totally sold...hahaha!!

After spa with no makeup, oily hair and now birthday surprise? Oh no!!! Hahahaha.

They even came with food and some arrived way earlier to prepare the food and place! Thanks guys T-T

After eating, we had a short cell group session and after that Boon got everyone to share their birthday messages with me. I was truly truly touched at every single one of their messages to me. Knowing that I was made an impact in their lives in small and big ways motivates me to love even more. Thank you all for the very kind words, and for inspiring me again to be a better individual :'(

The wonderful bunch at D11 CG! Many others missing!!

The ladies, some of whom have been with me for the past 4-5 years! Love them.

Thanks QQ for the beautiful backdrop for our 'photobooth'! Love it!! :)

My sis, Serene. Forever helpful and always having a piece of my heart.

Another sis, Loveen. Very amazing girl with lots of talents and a big heart.

The three little ones who shouldn't be a stranger to my blog readers and followers on Instagram! Melody, Evangeline and Charity (L-R). My babies! Gladys was in her own CG so we shall take pics another time!

My husby who is my source of strength and reason to smile :) Thanks for the lovely bouquet of flowers, my love. And for planning my dream birthday. You know just what I like and you wouldn't hesitate to make me happy. Thank you for being amazing.

Thanks everyone for your gifts, wishes and thanks for making the card, Fibiee! 
You guys are the best! More celebrations to come with the close buddies, my parents and in laws!

To all my dear friends and readers who wished me a happy birthday on FB/insta/whatsapp/telegram/sms/calls, thank you so much! I read every single wish and every word warmed my heart. Will take the time to reply each of you! :)


Twenty-five now. How time flies. Feels like just a year or two ago when I was wishing that time will zoom fast to 18, so that I could officially go dating with Boon alone. And now, my birthday wish is to have a baby :)

Thank you, Lord for everything! For making my life beautiful and colourful, for placing all the amazing people in my journey. Here's to more years to do good, impact lives, work hard, love more, and make a difference!

love, Careen

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