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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Benzac Skincare: Now Launched in Malaysia!

Right before I left for my 10-day trip to Tokyo, I hosted the Official Launch of Benzac Skincare in Malaysia at Cosans, Solaris Mont Kiara.

I LOVE skincare products! I have personally come a long way to achieve good skin since my puberty years. Back then, my skin was always full of small pimples especially on my forehead and cheeks, and my face always looks red and oily. No amount of makeup could cover up my flaws.

So since then, I decided to take my skincare seriously and started using skincare targeted at acne problems. It gradually became better and better, and after a few years, I started to have clear and smooth skin again.

Now that Benzac skincare has arrived in Malaysia thanks to Galderma Malaysia, I strongly encourage anyone of you who suffer from acne prone skin to try this out! Being the host, I also had the privilege to sit in the session and learn from the skincare industry experts. Learned a lot of new stuff in just one afternoon!

Jean-Sebastien Ricard, General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma who shared about bringing the Swiss-formulated skincare range onto the shores of Malaysia.

Dr. Norazirah Bt Mhd Nor, Consultant Dermatologist from UKM Medical Centre who shared a comprehensive insight into various skin problems as well as treatments suitable for the different skin types. 

I found it especially useful! One of the tips given is that if we're prone to having acne, eating ice-cream is actually really bad for our skin. *gasp* Note taken!

Jean-Sebastien Ricard, General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma, Dr. Norazirah Bt Mhd Nor, Consultant Dermatologist from UKM Medical Centre, and Mr. Teh Chean Boon, Sales and Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia.

There was an Instagram contest for the media too! All 5 of them walked away with a Benzac hamper each. Lucky ladies!

The VIPs with the Galderma Malaysia team.

Wore a navy blue Toga dress to suit the theme! Dress from

Fast forward to the end of my Tokyo trip. It was lots and lots of fun! The weather was cold and just nice for an all-day stroll in all parts of Tokyo! However, due to the long flights to and fro, as well as the cold and dry weather that my skin wasn't used to, I spotted a few break outs on my face :(

I don't usually have pimples on my face (not anymore since I took care of my skin properly since puberty days!), so to me it meant that my skin was calling out for some rescue!!

Quickly down lots of water into my system, eat all the vegetables and fruits, and thankfully, I got my hands on some of the Benzac skincare products at the launch where we were given skincare range according to our skin types, and tried them since they're targeted at pimples and acnes!

I got myself three different products. The first one is the Benzac Daily Foam Cleanser.

I'm a huge fan of foam cleansers cos I love how easy they are to apply on my face, and easy to rinse off too!

Most of all, I like the feeling of having bubbles on my face. Hahahah I know, sounding like a kid! I'm a fan of bubbles!

After rinse, my face felt refreshed and super clean! Love it!

If you're not a fan of foam cleansers, here's another alternative-
The Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser

It works as well as the foam cleanser, easy application and rinse off. Best part is that it smells really nice!

And the third product that I got is the Benzac Facial Scrub. I'm a huge fan of facial scrubs because of the super squeaky clean feeling it leaves me after using them. It's like a revenge time against all the nasty, stubborn oil and dirt that have been residing in my pores. Time to go, you fellas!

The texture is rough enough to get the dirt off my skin, yet gentle enough to be used on my face. There's one thing that all three products have in common, and it's that they have this really nice scent in the products! Most skincare targeted at pimples and acnes have this weird, tropical/medicine-like smell that I loathe. But the Benzac range has a really pleasant scent and leaves me wanting to use even more!

Benzac has long been a renowned brand, and commonly prescribed by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide to arrest acne problems faced by patients. Lucky for us, Benzac has now reached our Malaysian shores and are available at major pharmacies.

For more info, you can check out Benzac Malaysia's Facebook Page-

Thats' all from me! Hope this post has helped you discover your new favourite skincare! :)

love, Careen

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