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Friday, October 3, 2014

Precious Family Time with Sharp Quattron Pro TV

Hey guys! Remember one of my previous post about my trip to the zoo with the family

It was our second trip to the zoo together as a family and the last time was about 3-4 years ago. Within just a few years, so much have changed! There are new animals in the zoo, and the facilities have all been newly renovated and refurbished. I mean, just look at the modern-looking Zoo Negara sign! 

We were accompanied by an awesome team of videographer and crew from Sharp Malaysia the whole time and they were kind enough to film our entire family outing for our keepsake! It's the first time ever that anyone has ever done that for us and we were extremely grateful for that! 

The awesomeness doesn't stop there. 
We had the privilege to view the video on the all new 60" Sharp AQUOS Quattron Pro TV

The TV may not look that big in this photo but trust me, it is!! The husby and I have been Sharp fans all along and we have a 42" Sharp LED  3D TV since we got married and moved in almost 2 years ago (say whattt! 2 years!), and we've been super happy wit our TV. Always thought it was huge enough until we saw THIS O.O

We usually have speakers and other decorative placed beside our TV on the TV stand, but with this 60" Sharp Quattron TV, theres no more space to place anything else on our TV stand and our current TV feels so tiny now! Hahahah!

Oh yes, if you're wondering why there's a video crew in my house (yes, welcome to ma humble crib!), it's because they were here to film our family moments watching back our trip to the zoo. And they literally brought the 60" TV up into my condo just for our viewing pleasure. So so nice of them T-T

We invited our buddies/family friends Patrick and QQ (Qer Xin) along to join us that afternoon!

Watching back the video really brought back lots of memories, smiles and especially laughter! 

Love this photo!

Watching so intently!

Sharp AQUOS Quattron Pro TV was super sharp and high definition! Every detail was spotted and it literally felt as if we were transported back to last Saturday, back to the zoo all over again.

These days with us being busier than ever before, we hardly get to spend time with our family anymore. Especially now that we're married, we gotta deliberately make time and schedule way ahead for family outings and meals. Sometimes aside from going to the malls to eat and shop, we always think there isn't much to do in a city like KL, but the fact is that there is!

Last Saturday was surely a breath of fresh air for our family outings! Going to the zoo as a family was really fun, and time flew by so quickly! We spent only 3-4 hours at the zoo and we didn't even realise it. We didn't even manage to cover half the zoo!

Another thing that brings the family together is definitely TV time. Before the invent of smartphones and the Internet, TV time was the most anticipated part of the day for my family. We would quickly shower, finish up our dinner and stick our bums on our couch watching TVB dramas, and shows like Phua Chu Kang, Gilmore Girls, America's Next Top Model, and many more! Life seemed to be so much more exciting back then!

These days, we still watch these shows, but individually on our laptops. I miss family TV time to be honest. So last Sunday was definitely a memorable one for my family cos it's simply been too long since we sat together, watched something and just laugh along together.

A TV like this is definitely a great investment. Never regretted splurging on our Sharp TV two years ago, and will definitely consider this when our family of two grows a little bigger! We'll bring family TV time back, that's for sure :)

Here's the video that the wonderful crew from Sharp have put together! 

Groupic! All those photos were beautiful captured by one of the crews, Justin!

A huge shout out to the awesome peeps at Sharp Malaysia for the wonderful experience these two weeks! You've given us more family time together than we ever had in a long time :')

Thanks for the beautiful moments captured, and for the great viewing experience with the Sharp Quattron Pro!

If you want to find out more about this amazing, powerful TV, check out Sharp AQUOS Malaysia's Facebook Page

That's all from me for now! Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did :)

love, Careen

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