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Monday, October 27, 2014

Next Stop: Tokyo

Planned this trip and bought our tickets for this trip a month ago and we're finally going in just a few days! 


We got so excited when we first bought the tickets and started getting our itinerary ready, until we had to pull our own brakes because we still had a long way to go before our trip and we didn't wanna overuse our excitement (if that is even possible hahah!). 

The husby and I travelled to Osaka and Kyoto in December last year and we loved every single bit of it! While we were there, I remember vividly one night when we were walking down the cold, peaceful street near our hotel, we really soaked in the wonderful weather, culture and people of Japan and we said we wanted to return. But before we return to Osaka again, we want, NEED to visit Tokyo. THE Tokyo.

I'm a city girl and I LOVE cities. And to have a city that is so rich in awesome food and shopping and arts and culture, I have no doubts that I will love Tokyo to bits. 

The bigger fan of Tokyo has to be the husby. Growing up rather interested and familiar with the Japanese culture watching/reading anime after anime and collecting a huge range of Gundam models, his dream destination is Tokyo.

One day we were driving in the car and the husby suddenly said, "You know, my dream is to go to Tokyo but we're already going soon. After that, I have no dream anymore. How ah."

Me: -.-  Find another dream and look forward to it!

I believe we all need dreams of some sort, be it a dream travel destination, dream marriage, dream house, dream car, dream job, dream watch, etc. Without dreams, there's no motivation to work towards something. A life lacking motivation and drive is a very sad, mundane and complacent life.

Wow suddenly there's a life sermon hahaha!

I'm so super stoked to be visiting Disneyland in this trip! It'll be my first ever Disneyland experience and I cannot wait!

Haven't heard a single bad review on Tokyo Disneyland so far. Everyone keeps telling me that eventho everything is in Japanese and we might not understand, but we'll still enjoy and feel extremely happy!

We'll be visiting Disneysea too! The one and only Disneysea in the world. Oh I so cannot wait!!!

Which is why I've been working so hard. Been working my ass off to make my trip worth it.

I've this thing about making myself deserve something. If I haven't worked hard enough and go for a holiday, I'll feel guilty because I feel that I don't deserve the treat. Which is why every single time before a vacation, I'll work super hard, accept more jobs and make sure I accomplish enough to deserve a holiday.

Last year, before our Sydney/Melbourne-Osaka/Kyoto trip, the husby went offshore for a month. That was tough, but that was when we kept motivating each other with the thought that we'll be travelling to those places very soon.

This year, we're blessed to be around each other prior to our trip but my workload has also increased since last year (which is an awesome thing), so the trip will be my entitlement after working super hard.

Ever since we booked out tickets, I never once stopped to really take a breather, and these few days prior to our trip will be the most intense for me in a long time. Spent the whole day working today, and will continue all through the night. Will be emceeing two separate events from 8am all the way until 9pm tomorrow, and another separate event the day after.

Then, I will pack my bags, sleep like a log in the plane and eat all the sushis in Tokyo. Sounds about right. 

Will be having Wifi with me the whole time in Tokyo thanks to Wiyo Malaysia for sponsoring me a Wiyo pocket wifi device! It's awesome to not have to worry about getting lost and finding places to get a sim card anymore! :)) I'm so stoked about it and I'll be updating pretty frequently on my Instagram and also my blog right here!

Stay tuned to the updates! Til' then! :)

love, Careen

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