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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Husby's Birthday Celebration- Pilot for a Day at Sim Flight KL!

Celebrated the husby's birthday last month and brought him for a surprise- pilot for a day! :)

Until today I still get questions like, Where was it? How was it like? How much did it cost? Which package did you take? etc etc so I decided I should blog a detailed post about it, and at the same time keeping this post for remembrance sake!

Before we get there, here's what went down on the husby's 29th birthday! It was the 1st of September, a public holiday Monday cos National Day fell on a Sunday. 

So we slept in and started our day with dim sum brunch at our favourite dim sum place at Damansara Jaya! The super packed one that you gotta queue up to take number and wait for at least 15 mins before being called on the speakers. Mmm hmm.

We ordered 6 dishes and were stuffed to the core! Overestimated our eating abilities!

Throughout the whole day, the husby kept asking me what my plan was for the rest of the day, which of course was a surprise and I wouldn't tell him. So I told him to just chill and take one step at a time hahaha. After brunch, we headed home and watched 4-5 episodes of Masterchef US Season 3.

Masterchef rocksssssss. Should have started watching this way earlier but well, better late than never! After watching 4-5 episodes (which was almost 4 hours spent), I unveiled the next part of the plan to him, that was to get ready for dinner hahaha! Told him I booked dinner early so gotta leave by 6pm plus. But actually it's cos I've booked him a slot at Sim Flight KL for a flight simulation experience!

Skypark Subang Terminal
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Called up a couple of days before to make reservations and I was pleased with the overall service that they provided. They sounded super pleasant, accommodating and took time to carefully explain to me what each package included.

Before I proceed further and before you think this is a sponsored post, let me tell you that this isn't okay. I'm just being completely honest and genuinely wish to share about this with you guys. I believe that good stuff are meant to be shared and this is one of them!

And how did I even decide to bring the husby for this in the first place? Well, to be honest, I struggled quite a bit thinking of what to gift him for his birthday this year. After being together for a decade now (10th year this year!), I have gotten him anything that a girl can get for a guy. Wallet, clothes, ties, underwear, Gundams, Legos, handmade cards, handmade house (can you believe it), watches, etc etc etc. Plus, he already has everything that he needs and it doesn't help that he's super easily contented so I really couldn't think of what to BUY for him. 

Then I remembered him telling me once in a while that one of his dreams was to become a pilot. Because of the available options last time when he got offered a scholarship, he took on an Engineering course instead and never looked back since, but always wondered how it feels like to fly a plane. So TADDAAAAA! I did some research online and found Sim Flight KL! Never heard of this place from any of our circles before, so I thought they were newly opened but apparently they had been around for more than a year already.

Anyway back to the package. I picked the most expensive package of RM388 for 60 mins because the receptionist told me that Boeing is way smaller than Airbus (trust me, I had no idea), and for a fuller, more comprehensive experience, it's better to pick the RM388 package. And so I did!

Oh yea, they have a 35% off Happy Hour package between 6-8.30pm from Mondays-Thurdays so you can check it out. That's the reason why I booked our slot at 6.30pm was cos 35% is quite some discount! But sadly, we didn't get to redeem our discount simply because upon arrival, we found out that in order for us to qualify for the discount, we had to pay online a day in advance- which I had no idea cos I wasn't told :(

BUT, it was the husby's birthday and I didn't want to ruin the mood, so I let it go and paid in full while we were there. But yea if you intend to go there, do take note of the 35% requirements!

Ok back to the photos haha. 

This husby is a smart guy. I wanted to surprise him so I figured by blindfolding him, he wouldn't be able to tell where we were heading towards. Turns out, I was so wrong. This silly boy was sooooo aware of his bearings that he knew exactly where I was heading!

Boon: Hmmmm bee where are we going?
Me: We're going to KL.
Boon: But why are you heading towards Subang Airport?
Me: Cos Waze tells me it's the shortest way to KL from here (nonsense la!)
Boon: Liar why you bringing me to airport!!

Really sial la this husby don't even give me chance to surprise him properly!!!

Me: We going there for dinner la I discovered this place online apparently very good.

Cover up apparently worked cos he knows I'm the type that would hunt good food down even til the ends of the earth, so he bought in to that. But he just wouldn't stop asking why at such a weird location hahaha!

The most fail part is, we were walking back and forth the airport trying to look for Sim Flight KL but the blur me couldn't find, so I had to ask the info counter (in front of the husby), "Hi, excuse me. May I know where the flight simulator is?" Without a word, the receptionist pointed directly upwards and boy, it was just one floor above the info counter. Felt like a total idiot cos by then the husby already knew my plan!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Anyway, that made him super happy and excited. And I mean, this excited.

He was struggling to put his silly smile aside so I take it as a good thing! Hahahaha.

So we went in, found out we were not entitled to the 35% discount, paid in full, and started the experience!

Yes, he was flashing this little excited boy smile at me the whole time. Hahahahaha!

It started with a briefing on basic aviation, functions of various knobs and screws and all those small buttons at the cockpit. At that point, I confirmed myself that I have ZERO interest in aviation. Hahahah so complicated! Makes life so stressful!

But the husby had his full attention on and was super interested. This lady here was a pilot trainee part-timing at Sim Flight KL. She's a pilot-to-be and I have so much respect for her! She passionately explained everything down to the details.

The cutest thing is that they provide real, legit pilot uniforms! The husby refused to take off his shirt cos he lazy, so he was only 90% legit.

Here we go!

Flashing his little boy silly smile again. Hahaha sorry I think it's very funny! And cute heh *shy*

It was exactly like a real cockpit but slightly larger than the real ones to allow more space for people like me to sit there and kepoh and take pics! The whole time I was just sitting there snapping away hahaha.

Boon was captain of the day, and the lady instructor was his co-pilot.

I don't know about you, but it felt so real to me when I was in there! The visuals were pretty realistic and I felt like I was really sitting in a flying cockpit! The sound and vibration of the engine made everything seem so real. I felt like it was moving slightly cos of the visuals, but turns out the cockpit didn't move one single bit. Which meant that the visuals were very realistic.

Looks real right!!

I must say that I was impressed. If I were as interested in aviation as Boon, I would be so freakingggg excited!!! The cockpit was exactly the same as the ones used in commercial planes, and he got to control everything just as a real pilot would. That would be hella amazing for someone who's into aviation.

So Boon took off from Subang airport and flew around KL city where we "saw" the Petronas Twin Towers and landed in KLIA. And then took off from KLIA to HK airport! He could choose whichever airport in the world to fly to, but the instructor recommended HK airport cos apparently the route to land at the HK airport was not easy cos it was in the middle of the city, so it was a slightly tougher but a very interesting route.

After a while, I got a bit bored. Hahahaa. Oooo the shadows in this pic makes me look like I did my nose. So this is how it looks like if I did a nose job? Hahaha ok.

And.....we landed at the HK airport!

The peeps at Sim Flight KL are so flexible and accommodating. They allow as many as 3-4 people to be in the cockpit together with the "pilot", and even allow me to try it out! Which I totally wasn't interested though haha. Wanted the husby to experience the full 60 mins all by himself too.

Outside the cockpit was what looked like the "kitchen" of a plane where air stewardess prep our meals. 

And apparently, guests who prefer not to be inside the cockpit with the "pilot" could hang out here and experience the 'first class' lounge as in the real plane. The visuals move as in you're sitting inside the plane on a first class seat. Quite amazing!

So there goes my Sim Flight KL review! I feel it's definitely worth the money. For the experience and the amazing service :)

We ended our session at 9pm cos we started late, and rushed over to El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang to have our porky dinner!

Thank God El Cerdo opens til late like 12.30-1am. We were famished by then so we ordered fresh juices instead of alcohol.

Freshly Squeezed Juices
[RM12 each]

Creamy Mushroom Soup with herbs and pig tail meat

They separated our soup into two small tea cups! So cute!

Flaming Iberico Rib Paella set alight with sherry and dark cuban rum


I wanted to order their signature suckling pig too cos they do this plate-breaking ceremony to celebration happy occasions like birthdays, and thought it'll be interesting to do so cos how often do we get to happily throw plates right hahaha. But we were simply too full to order more. This is a good place to dine in with more people cos their mains come in pretty huge portions!

When I called to make reservations, I requested for the restaurant to surprise Boon with a tiramisu cake, since it's his favourite and I heard rave reviews about their tiramisu. But I sure did not expect this...

They served the tiramisu in a glass, two complimentary tequila shots and a cute little piggy toy for the birthday boy! When they brought the tray out, the staff gathered to sing a cute birthday song that goes, "Happy birthday to you, oink oink!".

Totally in line with the restaurant's theme :P

The team at El Cerdo sure was in the business of making people happy! I love the amount of effort put into this, and the attentiveness of the staff. They were so sharp that I had to only raise an eyebrow to indicate that we were ready for the cake. Seriously, not kidding.

Needless to say, we were the last to leave.

Now I know why El Cerdo is so well-received. Their food and service is really excellent.

He just had to.

All in all, we had a great day spent just the two of us, taking our day slow and one step at a time. Always happy when the husby's happy so it was a successful mission! Yay!

Here's to many many many more years of birthday celebrations together! 
Love you, husby.

love, Careen

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