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Friday, October 17, 2014

Food Review: BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Here's another food post to whet your appetite! After my review on Nutmeg KL in Bangsar Village II months ago, I haven't found another brunch cafe that met my expectations and is worthy of a shout-out, until this one.

BreadFruits should ring a bell if you're an active brunch cafe seeker or have been following food bloggers on social media. This place ain't new and have been around for quite time now, and I'm just so glad the husby and I finally managed to try it last weekend!

Here's our lovely brunch spread! :)

More on the food soon. 

Used to wonder, why BreadFruits? It's quite a unique name and I couldn't see how those two words gelled together until I came here and saw for myself that it was a cafe that also sold fruits! So, bread + fruits! Now it all makes sense. Haha.

BreadFruits is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, right below Pretty in White wedding gallery (where I got my wedding gown from!). It's pretty easy to locate as it is right opposite the Desa Sri Hartamas open carpark with a huge, clear cafe sign. 

But, knowing this area, finding a decent parking spot is a challenge so after rounding once, we decided to just park at the open carpark which had lots of empty spaces! Turns out we totally understood why there were so many spaces indeed. Parking came down to RM7 for just a little over an hour (RM5/hour). Which is pretty crazy.

BUT, we were heading for a nice, relaxing brunch day so that didn't bother us too much. Parked our car, wow-ed at the crowd dining AND queuing up inside and outside the cafe, and we wondered what to do to get a table. It was such a busy place, and it didn't help that the cafe is not very spacious. Their waiters were dashing up and down trying to serve their customers, and no one available was in sight for us to even stop and ask on how to resister ourselves and then queue to get a table.

The first 20 mins were spent standing around waiting for a waiter to finally notice us (despite countless attempts of getting their attention), finding a decent spot to stand and wait (because everywhere was just so packed).

Finally we stood right next to the fridge on the far left. Me, the husby, and like 3 other people whom also didn't know where to wait and where to go. These photos were taken after we finished our meals btw, when the crowd was less.

In terms of ambience, I would say this place really didn't have much of the nice, relaxing cafe feel that most places offer these days. The place was too small for its crowd, tables and chairs were super near each other, walkway was narrow and it was noisy.

Even the side wall mirror didn't really help to make the space look bigger.

I was so hoping we'd get a table outside instead despite the noon heat, because being inside just felt too claustrophobic. Not many tables outside too.

BUT, having said all that and all the misses of this place, there still are many hits that convinced me this is a place worth visiting again.

I mean, just look at the food.

This was my Brunch Pasta with 7 mins Egg!

My default choice for brunch would usually be Big Breakfasts, but I just HAD to try this Brunch Pasta! Heard so much about it from friends who visited the place and it received so many rave reviews. 

Food looked so good that it deserves two photos. Haha!

To me, this dish just had all the right ingredients that suited my taste. Pasta, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, rockets, and 7-min egg. It all blended so well with one another and it felt like heaven in my mouth.

A highly recommended must-try if you love all of the ingredients mentioned above!

While the husby, being a huge fan of baked eggs ordered the
Wholemeal Spanish Bake Bean [RM17.80].

Apparently, instead of using canned baked beans, they served cooked cannelloni beans instead. Tasted good to me though I'm not a fan of baked beans.


Oh yes, another great thing about this place is that they serve up quite a variety of fresh juices, with many different combinations that suit your needs and appetite. I was so happy to find the fresh juice section at the menu cos most cafes these days only focus on coffee, and I'm not a coffee drinker. Best part is, these fresh juices came in huge portion (as in the photo above), and they didn't cost a bomb!

My fresh juice costs RM8.90 only, while the husby's coffee was RM6.80! Would have easily been RM12.90 for fresh juices and RM10 for a flat white elsewhere. This was a real plus point for us.

For a menu like that, I think the price is absolutely reasonable for a brunch cafe like this. Love that they serve some real special dishes other than the usual Big Breakfast/Eggs Benedict kinda thing only.

The quality of their food and beverages is there, although they really do need to rethink on how to host the crowd that they draw in the near future. If ever they decide to expand and move to a larger space with nicer ambience, I think this place will be the hottest brunch place in Klang Valley.

Will definitely be back to try other stuff at BreadFruits!

BreadFruits Fruit & Bakery
No. 17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 8.30am-9pm daily.

love, Careen


  1. Hi Careen Tan, my family and I are looking for a good place to gather for brunch on Christmas day. I like the review here and am wondering if you will be able to make us a booking for 8 adults and 2 tiny little ones (21 months and 3 1/2 months), both boys, by the way, so we adults can enjoy a relaxing time.


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