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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cracking the Code at Code Factory, Jaya Shopping Centre

About a week ago, I visited the newly opened Code Factory at Jaya Shopping Centre with a bunch of other blogger and YouTuber friends. It was my first ever virgin crake-the-code/escape room experience, so I was more than excited to try it out!

Code Factory currently consists of 4 rooms with a variety of themes, stories, creative quizzes and puzzles. A great amount of time and creative juices were put in by the young team at Code Factory to ensure that the themes and stories were interesting, and the designs of the rooms were thrilling. Each room is unique and interactive that requires plenty of team work to solve the clues, puzzles and ultimately complete the game within a given time.

These were the 4 themes available while we were there last week! Wanna know what they're all about? You gotta find out yourselves at Code Factory! The themes rotate every other month, so be sure to visit them before they change the rooms :)

The prices for weekdays and weekends:

Weekdays (mon-fri, 10am-5pm)- RM32/player/game
Weekdays (mon-fri, 5pm-10pm)- RM36/player/game
Weekends and Public Holidays (10am-10pm)- RM36/player/game

Lockers to store your bags and valuables. Do note that mobile phones are allowed to be brought inside the rooms in case of emergency (not emergency from playing the games but from outside, like suddenly someone's car broke down and needs your help. something like that haha), but not allowed to be used during the games as such using the phone lights or searching for answers online. This is to maintain fairness in the game. 

Meet my team- Team Good Form! :)
Wai Kit, Jeremy Choy, Chanwon and Dan Khoo. We went for the LOST room which was apparently the hardest and scariest! Turns out to be scary and yes, quite hard! :')

We got to name our team and decorate our banner before the game started, which was really fun! Having comic artist Wai Kit in our team meant that we would have special comic characters of us on our banner ;)

And so, the game began! We couldn't take photos while playing because firstly, we didn't want to spoil your fun! If you've seen everything then there's no fun in playing anymore. Secondly, we wanted to fully focus and enjoy the game :P

In the end, we all came out alive! Wheeeee!

Meet the lovely Chanwon and Vicky!

We were all initially quite anxious as we didn't know what to expect at all. From the sound of the themes, they really seemed scary! I was expecting real gory scenes in the rooms, and even "ghosts" or "killers" to appear out of no where to scare us!

Fortunately though, there were only gory scenes but no random "ghosts" came in randomly to scare us, except one of the staff who came in out of the blue to assist us which scared the hell out of us!!! T-T We were all literally screaming and sticking to each other. Apparently me and Chanwon instantly jumped and ran to hide behind the guys within a second. We were in a room full of fake blood, head and body parts everywhere, then suddenly someone comes inside from underground. Tell me how not to freak out! T-T

Unfortunately, we were 10 mins overtime, but we still managed to complete our game! It wasn't easy at all as the clues were not very easy to solve, and required some math, logic and problem solving skills. Like the creators of the games intended, the games really needed teamwork. It's impossible for one to solve everything alone. I'm glad we made a great team! :)

And though we didn't complete the game within the time given, we were still considered winners as we completed our game the fastest among all the teams! Wheeeeeee! :)

Groupic! Love the jail cell concept. Jail cell for losers :')

Look, ma! I didit!!!

Thanks Code Factory for the cert! I'm a certified code cracker! Awwww yeahhh :P

Now, for YOU to have the same awesome experience that we all had, I'll be giving away FIVE (5) 50% discount vouchers at Code Factory to all my blog readers/followers. 


Here are 2 simple steps on how you can win:

2. Comment on this blog post about WHY you would like to win 
Comment on my Instagram/Facebook Code Factory post on WHY you would like to win. The most creative/sincere/funny comments WIN!

3. Leave your active email address at the end of your comments so we could contact you! :)


Contest ends on 12th October 2014, Sunday 12noon, and you will be contacted via email if you are the selected 5 winners!

- Discount vouchers are valid until 31st October 2014 on weekdays only. 
- Each winner can only receive (1) 50% discount voucher.

So go get all your friends to participate and hopefully all 5 of you get selected as winners and you can play the games at Code Factory together! :)

For more info, follow Code Factory for the latest news and updates!

Official Website-

And here's the address:

Code Factory,
Lot 2-05 & 06A, Second Floor,
Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

That's all from me! All the best in the giveaway! :)

love, Careen


  1. I wanna win because I would love to own a cert to verify that I'm smart in cracking codes :p (

  2. I want to win the passes because I have been dying to try an escape room for myself, and looking at the post I'm even more interested now! Hopefully I can win this! (

  3. I want to win the pass because I want to try a different outing with my batchmate and code factory is definitely a very good choice.


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