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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Bunch of Updates

Helloossssss! I'm back!

One of the things that brings me the greatest joy is to blog. To blog freely, with no agenda, no specific content in mind and just find out as we go along. Having said that, I do intend to talk to you and share about what's been going on in my life. You know, like a friend-to-friend kinda update.

So it's been a few months now since the husby has gone offshore for a long duration, and you can guess who the happiest wife ever is! Ever since we got married, he's been flying out and about a lot for work purposes. Being in the oil and gas/offshore industry, it's inevitable that he travels for work often. He'll be gone for a month or two, come back for a few weeks, and goes off again for a month or two. That's been going on ever since we got married but these past few months have been slightly different! He only travelled a maximum of few days overseas for some meetings and such, and a few short local outstation trips which I got to follow along too! :)

Most of the time when I follow him for short local trips like this, it's no vacation for me. While he's out working, I'll be in the hotel room burying my face in my laptop working. But since it's usually a nice, luxury hotel took that I work in, I'm not complaining. Heh. 

These few months allowed me to experience what normal newlyweds experience. The husband comes home from work, the couple goes for dinner, the couple watches Masterchef together. I love this simple, stay-at-home married life. I guess I've experienced enough of excitement/happenings before this that at this stage in life, I just want to slow down, stay at home and spend time with my husband, read a book, watch our favourite shows and sleep earlier. That's bliss to me right now. We're both very close and attached to our respective families and still meet up for family meals at least twice a week (for each family), plus our cell group family, church commitments and our friends, our days are usually spent with these wonderful people in our lives. It's great to have so many people that we're close with, but sometimes, we just need that little space to be normal husband and wife, and just BE at home. We're deliberately making time for that now, which is good. 

Speaking of work, work has been good. Whenever people ask me how's work and what I'm doing currently, my usual answer would be, "The same old things- Chiq Fliq, blogging, emceeing and whatever that comes along."

Chiq Fliq's been picking up. I've been putting more time and effort into growing this little baby, and I'm happy with how she's progressing. I started Chiq Fliq out of pure passion and the curiosity of knowing if I can make it, and how it feels like to run a start-up. So far, so good. October marks the first year that has been running, and I'm happy with how things are going. Sure, it could have grown larger, faster, but honestly, that's not why I started Chiq Fliq in the first place. I know one day I would want it to be huge, but for now, I'm taking things at my own pace. After all, I didn't start something to overpressure and stress myself. I have other things to take care of at the moment too, which brings me to...

...blogging. Whenever I think about blogging, I light up. It's like my first love. Give me an empty "Create Post" page and I would treat it like an artist's blank canvas. I can just go on and on because writing is how I express myself, especially when I blog about personal stuff like this, or sharing about my experiences in life and marriage. Trying to commit myself to blogging more often these days. It saddens me sometimes to look back and see that I only updated like, 4 posts in a month T.T That's so pathetic! What am I supposed to read back about when I grow old, Careen Tan??

I have sooooo many things in my head (yes, blog drafts, sitting in my head) that I've been meaning to share, but I just simply don't have the time to pen them down. And knowing me as quite a perfectionist, I must, MUST make sure that every blog post is worth you guys reading before I post it up. I hate reading half-hearted blog posts cos I feel like my feelings are cheated hahah, so I wouldn't want to do the same for you and waste your precious time. Having said that, I sincerely hope that's how you feel when reading my blog! :3

Oh yes, while we're at this topic. Remember my wedding blog? 

Last update was almost two years ago. I know, I know. I feel like slapping myself too.

Started a separate blog to write about my wedding journey, but sadly, I didn't manage to as much as I'd hoped I did. Wedding prep + uni + internship + work was more overwhelming than I expected! Surely overestimated myself when I started it!

Also, another reason I started the wedding blog aside from penning down my wedding prep journey, was also to sort of, "set aside/separate" my relationship stuff from my official blog right here. I have friends and people from the industry coming up to me, advising me to probably lessen my talks about my then fiancé so much, as it might affect my career in the entertainment world. Actually, there was no career in the entertainment world to begin with. I'm a blogger, not a celebrity. And I honestly don't care if people stop reading or following me just because I'm about to be married. Sure, I might probably lose male readers (which I think I did), but that's not important to me. What I want to do is to share my life's journey with my readers, and my fiancé is a huge part of my life. Wouldn't be possible to leave him out of the equation, would it? I wouldn't want to anyway.

At that spur of the moment, I probably felt slightly pressured so I took that advice and started the wedding blog. Later, I found out that most of my loyal readers and followers love, LOVE reading about our story and relationship stuff, and fully accept that I'm happily married. That meant a lot to me, and since then I started to be more and more open in my posts (both on the blog and on social media), and everyone has been happy! Me, especially!

So yes, what do we do with the wedding blog now, eh? I'm thinking of moving all my posts to my main blog here, and close down the wedding blog. It's difficult maintaining two blogs, and since most of us are here, why not? :)

And before some of you remind me, yes I know. My wedding blog post :') My wedding blog post that I'd promised since two years ago :') And yes, I've been married for close to 2 years now! SAY WHATTTTTTT. It doesn't even feel like two years! I still feel like we're in our honeymoon.

Okay back to the wedding blog post. As I mentioned, I'm a real perfectionist towards myself, and for something as important as my wedding blog post, I must make sure it's really sincere, real and I mean every single word I say, so that I can read back when I'm old and still get the same feelings as our wedding day. Til now, there hasn't been a period of time that I'm able to clear my mind, make time to just sit and reflect back on what went on during our special day. Hence, the massive delay until now!

But I'm going to make a point to do it this time, and the post of our actual wedding day will be live on our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 3rd of Nov! :) Be ready for a LONGGGGGGGGGGG blog post filled with MANYYYYYYYYY photos and emo-ness. I'm already starting to select photos (out of the thousands!!) for the post and I can't help but to feel emotional each time I look at them. It was indeed such a beautiful day for us.

Before I go, here's a photo I found while digging through our treasures! Our pre-wedding photo taken by our official photographer, Vincent Cheng (

Gonna go back to selecting photos for my upcoming wedding day post now! :)
Thanks for reading and sticking by me, guys.


love, Careen


  1. Looking forward to your wedding post! Like super long overdue :p

    1. Hahahaha yesssss!!! Pinky promise it will happen! :P

  2. Aww, love this blog update! You and Boon are our (me and my boyfriend's) inspirations! From the day you announced your wedding, I've never stopped complaining to my boyfriend about how lucky you are to be able to get married at this young age! <3

    1. Awwwww! Thanks for the kind words! So honoured to be able to inspire you guys in little ways like this. Yes, getting married young sure has its perks! I strongly encourage that :P Thanks for reading <3

    2. Love is in the air! I get so excited when people (I know personally, or not) around me fall in love and are in love!!! It's a beautiful gift :) Hahaha, well, it's not up to me to get married now! (coughbfcough)- many factors to take into consideration though! $$$$$$$$$$$$$ HAHA! No probs, always a pleasure. Also, absolutely loved your wedding post. I choked while reading the emotional feelings with the parents. #onpoint for sure! I'm also super close with my family and if the day comes, URGH. FLOOOOD

  3. Drop by your blogspot everyday has been my daily routine and I'm really happy to read a new and personal post from you today, careen :) keep it up and I'm still waiting for your overdue postssssss (bkk, japan, aussie, perhentian etc) hahaha..

    1. *inserts shocked face emoji* You remember all my travel destinations!!! :O I'm so touched to know you've been coming back everyday! Okay you've inspired me to update even more now! Will definitely blog about my travels soon! Thanks for your patience <3


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