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Friday, September 19, 2014

Hair Treatment Pampering at Restyle, A Cut Above

There are a few things that put me absolutely at ease amidst my busy schedule.

There's firstly of course, my favourite foods. Then there's a long, relaxing mani/pedi session, full body aromatherapy massage, and a visit to the salon for hair treatments! Really, there's nothing like a good hair wash and pampering. The results of hair treatments always leave me feeling super happy and fresh, and I just couldn't stop touching my hair because they'll feel so soft and smooth!

Just the other day, I visited Restyle by A Cut Above at Sunway Pyramid for a much-needed hair treatment, and this was my experience!

The interior of Restyle by A Cut Above, Sunway Pyramid is simple, organised and brightly lit. It makes me feel super awake the moment I entered into the salon!

Gimme all the hair treatment productsssssssss!

Here are my hair saviours of the day! The hair stylists treated my hair using L'oreal Professionel Mythic Oil products, and I must say they worked miracles!

I regularly condition my hair so it may not look dry and frizzy, but our hair still needs its nutrients that it can't get in just conditioning alone. Here's where hair treatments come into play. 

First off, my stylist gave me a scalp treatment but applying the product straight to my scalp. Scalp care is often overlooked by us as we usually only look at our hair condition to determine if our hair is healthy. But the fact is, without proper hair scalp care, our hair would stand a chance of thinning. 

To have healthy hair, it always starts with having healthy scalp. Next time when you visit a salon, ask for hair scalp treatment! 

I love this part- massaging after the product sat into my scalp. Head massages rock :))

After washing the hair scalp products off, it was the time to soak my tresses into some awesome hair treatment products! 

It sure makes the experience nicer when your stylists are super friendly too! Had a good chat with them about online shopping since they found out that I run Chiq Fliq. Heh.

My stylists were careful to make sure that my hair was nicely spread so that each strand of my hair gets equal amount of nutrients from the treatment. They literally applied the product in my hair, rubbed and rubbed, and separated my hair strand by strand. So nice of them :')

Reading fashion magazines in peace has got to be one of the best parts of visiting a hair salon. I always enjoy this part. My solitude in a way.

While my hair was in the steam machine. Hair on fire!

After which, we had the treatment products washed off my hair, and my stylist gave me a nice hair blow into beautiful soft curls. But before that, he applied even more scalp treatment serums into my hair. So awesome... :)))

I really enjoyed having my stylist that day, Ben G. He was super friendly and offered me lots of advice on hair care. One of them is that we should condition our hair 2-3 times a week and apply the conditioner only at the ends of our hair, and not on the scalp as this would cause hair falls.

Another tip is that we should apply our own hair mask at least once a week to keep our hair moisturised, especially if our hair is coloured and is always exposed to high heat such as hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs. Many a times we don't do it because we feel that applying hair mask takes up a lot of time, but in fact it doesn't. 

He advised that we could first shampoo our hair, wash off, and then apply the hair mask and let it sit in our hair for 10 mins. In those 10 minutes, we could wash out face, do our face srub, body scrub etc. By the time we're done with all of that, 10 minutes are up and it's time to wash off the hair mask. Sounds like a really smart arrangement, ain't it? He kept stressing that keeping our hair treated with hair conditioners and masks are very very important, and I felt guilty too cos I usually condition my hair daily and only apply my hair mask like, once in a month? Hahaha #guiltyascharged

And after a one hour treatment...

....tadda! You may not be able to see a major major different, but I definitely FELT it. My hair was lacklustre before, and after the treatment, it looked so much shinier and healthier. Most of all, it sure felt healthier when I touched my hair. So much smoother and silkier! There was a nice bounce in my hair thanks to the treatment, blow and curl! :)

A big thanks to Restyle by A Cut Above, and also my stylist Ben G for having me over and giving me such an awesome hair treatment experience!

Also a huge congratulations to A Cut Above on your 35th anniversary
You guys are a legend! Keep beautifying people :)

That's all for now! Have a blessed weekend ahead!

love, Careen

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  1. Great Doctor for hair restoration, knowledgeable, confident, caring and allows time for the patient to ask questions and discuss concerns. I was very happy with the helpful information that I received and am excited to go back soon, you never feel rushed. Highly recommended!!!


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