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Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcoming August: Our New Ride

It's 9.30 on a Friday morning. Have got tonnes of work lined up for the day to prep for Chiq Fliq's upcoming bazaar at POPMARKET this weekend at Jaya One, yet here I am happily typing away. I usually don't blog in the morning AND I won't even think about blogging when I'm super busy, but I guess this really is worth a post.

Yesterday was a rather significant day for the husby and I. After driving us around in Boon's humble yet pretty reliable Proton Waja family car for the past 8 years or so, we've made our first car purchase this year! It's a first, so it's worth a blog post for remembrance :)

After contemplating for two years now on what car to get, when to get, etc etc, we finally put our finger on the new Honda City in Metallic Grey

Talks about getting a new car started even before we got married. He asked me if we should get a new car right after the wedding, and if I'm comfortable driving his Waja around (left my Myvi with my family cos they needed a second car more than me). To be honest, I'm a pretty practical person (yes, I'm coming to terms with the truth that I'm practical > creative). As long as the car is still functioning well, comfortable and not giving any major problems to us, I don't see why we should get rid of it. Yes, Waja isn't the nicest, must luxurious car to drive around, but I seriously have no problem with that. I can't care less what others might think of me. I'm already grateful to have a car to drive around in.

Because to me, with the money saved, we can go for so many travel trips together. Travelling and food are two of my top priorities in life (for now hahah). Even up til now, though I can afford luxury bags and it's tempting to get a few sometimes, but I always think about where we can travel to with that amount, and the want just stops there. I'd rather use the money we have to see the world, enjoy heaven's gift of food (FOOD IS LIFE), and we both see eye-to-eye on it.

After a whole two years of purchasing and renovating our house, our wedding, honeymoon, two trips to Australia and a trip to Japan, we finally decided to get a new ride. The husby being a guy was more excited about the new ride than me. Plus, it was his first car purchase ever so it was really exciting for him. When we drove the car back home, the feeling sunk in and it hit him that this car was his, which he insists is ours hahah. To be honest I really don't mind all these stuff. Until now I still haven't driven the car yet. And I still call it his car. Cos he bought it not me. But he's willing to share it with me so I'm not complaining :P

Feelings of joy and gratefulness fill my heart as I write this post. God has been so good to us. Not trying to brag here but I want to give credit where it's due. It is all Him. From the day we got together 10 years ago until today, His favour has been upon us. Open doors and opportunities kept coming in, which allowed us to smoothly obtain a house, have our dream wedding, beautiful honeymoon, vacations and now a new ride.

Though it isn't a luxurious ride there's really nothing much to shout about, and compared to many other cars this isn't much. But we're just grateful. It's another milestone in our marriage, in our lives, and it feels surreal that everything is coming together for good.

Boon first picked me up for our first date 10 years ago in a humble Proton Iswara, the car that trembles (literally) when the car is put on neutral at the traffic light. We would put both our hands on the gear because it was a manual car so we couldn't hold hands while he drives.

Then his family got rid of the car and welcomed the Proton Waja, which stayed with us for a good 8-9 years until July 2014. When we sold the car before we could even say a proper goodbye (sounds so emo right hahah), we felt super sentimental and quite emo to be honest hahah. Cos we had so many memories with the car. It was where we went on dates, where we fought, the car that brought us to so many places. But now it's gone, and a new chapter is beginning. Here's where we'll create new memories. Where we'll go to the hospital to welcome our new baby in, fetch our new baby home from the hospital, where our baby will be buckled in his own baby car seat.

Our first moments in the new ride! First 4 selfies and first kiss *shy*

Overwhelmed with gratefulness. 
Thank you, Lord for everything. 

love, Careen
31 July 2014


  1. I have been reading your blog for almost 2 years. I always enjoy reading your blog, love your writing style so much.

    "fetch our new baby home from the hospital" Are you giving some hint what you are going to announce next? Lol XD
    Sorry if I misunderstood.

    Btw, your love story always touched my heart. How did you and boon met each other n fall in love? Mind to share with your readers in a blog post? Or you've blogged about it before?

    Thank you!! =D

  2. congratuations on your new car!! it must be amazing to be able to purchase a car with your own savings!

    and wait.. baby?!


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