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Friday, August 8, 2014

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi: Before & After

In my previous post, I shared about the importance foot care rituals and discovered a new foot care tool that can help to conveniently and effectively remove hard skin/calluses on our feet! And as promised, I'm going to share with you about the before/after of using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File in this post :)

Before I get to that, remember I shot a video to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product? It's now out on You can also watch it right here!

Until now, I still feel shy watching back my own videos every time. *covers eyes*

Hope you liked the video! I sure enjoyed the entire filming process as the crew were definitely helpful in assisting me in remembering my lines and cheering us during the shoot. And of course, I was with my momma the whole time and I really had fun filming with her :)

Some Behind-The-Scenes photos!

After I posted the video on my Facebook profile, many of my friends agreed with me that it is indeed effective and asked how much it's retailing for, where we can get it from and so on. Before I go to those details, let me show you the unboxing of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and see for yourself what's inside the package and how it works!

I got the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi kit as well as the refills.

First off, the electronic foot file. It comes with a cover to protect the microlumina roller when not in use.

It is super user-friendly. Just a simple switch to get it rollin'!

And the bonus is that it comes with 4x AA batteries so you could use it right away! Perfect for SOS situations when you need to use it urgently. No need to stress about where to get the batteries. Perfect.

Now, the refills. Front.


The refill pack comes with 2 microlumina rollers that can be used for 12 sets of treatment! And here's the retail price for both the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and its refill pack!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Eletronic Foot File- RM129.90
Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Refills- RM49.90 (good for 12 sets of treatments)

The texture of the microlumina rollers can be likened to sandpapers. They have a rough surface which effectively removes calluses, yet still easy on the skin.

One tip though, try not to leave the roller on the same spot of your skin for more than 3 seconds to avoid a slight burning sensation and over-filing of your skin. Just keep the roller moving and you're good :)

See all the hard skin flakes coming off my feet?

After slightly less than a minute...

TADDA! They look like pretty stars in the night sky, but they're actually skin flakes from the calluses on my feet! :P

It's truly express, convenient and effective as it promises to deliver. Just less than a minute, and so much of my hard skin has come off!

Skin flakes in powder form. 

Here are the shots of my foot BEFORE and AFTER Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. My feet don't really have much hard skin/calluses to begin with as I regularly go for pedicure to remove them. Even so, it may look as if I don't need to fill my feet, but look at all the flakes coming off like nobody's business! You may not be able to see it from the photos, but the skin on my foot was rough before using it. 

Here's a more obvious comparison photo. This is a still shot taken from the video above where I helped me mum to remove her calluses using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, and look at the difference!

This is especially helpful for our moms who have laboured hard all these years raising us up, and never really thinking about how to treat and pamper themselves. That is why I feel this is a perfect gift for our moms as it's something that can really be useful for them, and they would greatly appreciate it. 

I personally feel it's a really good investment because of the convenience it gives me. Anytime I feel like giving myself a foot spa at home, I can just head to my dressing table and grab it and start filing my feet. Beautiful feet is no more than just a switch away!

Now that you've read all about it and seen just how convenient and effective the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is, go get one and try it for yourself, especially for your momma!

Grab a RM10 DISCOUNT VOUCHER and redeem it at any Watsons outlet near you! 

Go to to find out how you can get the dissent voucher, so watch til the end of my video and click on the 'Get Your Discount Voucher' icon!

And if you'd like to try it before purchasing, you CAN!

Scholl Velvet Smooth is having a roadshow in One Utama Shopping Centre from 6-10 August, 2014, 10.30am-9pm where you can get a pampering foot spa treat by Scholl and try the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi for yourselves! Bring your mom, family and friends to experience the effectiveness of the product for yourself! Only two days left for the roadshow so don't miss it! :)

That's all from me!
Til' then and have a smashin weekend ahead!

love, Careen

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