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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pristine Skin Rejuva Essential Pack Review: Anti-aging Starts Now

Being a blogger and having been in the entertainment/media industry all these years, I'm always surrounded by beautiful ladies and you know what girls talk about when we gather: relationships, how to stay slim and most of all- BEAUTY.

I used to model for events back when I was still pursuing my degree in uni, and seriously, 80% of the time our conversations revolve around the topic of beauty. We would talk about what skincare range we use, hydrating or peeling mask, clay, gel or paper mask, how to reduce water retention before a photoshoot, how to massage the face to reduce puffy eye bags, how to smile to reduce fine lines on the face and so much more. These are only a few that I can remember.

As a girl, I thoroughly enjoy conversations on the topic of beauty because every girl wants to be beautiful and have great skin! As much as we apply makeup for our work almost everyday back then, we know for a fact that without a good and smooth canvas (our skin), we'll never be able to look great even if we plaster our entire face with thick makeup. Makeup is awesome and is a great tool to enhance your beauty. But note that the keyword here is ENHANCE. The real issue that we should be worried about isn't how to apply makeup to hide our flaws, rather how to care for our skin so that we can PREVENT those flaws. Prevention is better than cure, and this could not be more true for skin care.

Here's a confession:

Ever since I hit puberty, I have been religiously caring for my skin, the most basic way I know how. I always make sure I cleanse my face before going to bed, tone and moisturise, or apply my stay-on hydrating mask on alternate days. That's the most basic routine, and that's been my routine until this day.

It's been working well for me. But I have heard numerous comments especially from lady friends who are older than me, saying that I should start using anti-aging skin care even now. Sure, they're not the only people I heard about this from. Magazines and online articles all advice ladies to start with anti-aging skincare even in their 20's.

To be honest, I always thought that it was unnecessary, simply because I don't see that I need it yet. I don't have wrinkles, I'm barely 25, and everything that I'm doing now is working well for me. So, let's keep it that way.

Until....I started spotting fine lines under my eyes a few months back. It was such a shocker for me because I honestly never thought that at just 24, I'm capable of carrying them awful fine lines. Like, I'm still young helloooo. Wrong home, you nasty fine lines. Not on my face.

That was the turning point of my beauty regime. Just when I was gonna start searching for a reliable anti-aging skin care range, I was introduced to Pristine's Skin Rejuva Essential Pack, and it couldn't have been timelier than this!

Pristine's Skin Rejuva Essential Pack is an anti-aging range, a 4-step series which was formulated in professional laboratories to help reverse the effects of all causes of premature aging, while boosting and improving skin's optimum nutrition and defence. 

I simply love how neat and pretty the packaging is. The Skin Rejuva Essential Pack comes with (1) Cleanser Gel, (2) Refreshing Gel, (3) Hydrating Toner, (4) Facial Serum.

The products are non-animal and are HALAL certified.

The Pristine Skin Rejuva Essential Pack is made using the best of nature's rejuvenating and skin-protective ingredients. They're all natural ingredients extracted from plants, and is HALAL certified.

The skincare pack aims to:

- Replenish skin hydration and nutrition
- Restore skin barrier to protect against external stress and water loss
- Repair cellular aging and cell DNA damage
- Rectify skin toxin and normalise sensitivity levels
- Revitalise wrinkles, pigmentation and skin texture
- Rejuvenate skin for improved clarity, smoothness and firmness

I've been using this pack for a month now, and I'm really loving the products and results that it has achieved. Before I go to the results, let's take a look at the individual products! I won't go into the details of each ingredients used to formulate these products, but I'll just share based on my personal experience using them.

Step #1: Pristine Refreshing Gel (60ml)

Firstly, I use the Pristine Refreshing Gel as to clean away the oil and dirt from my face. This works as a double-cleanser and somewhat like an alternative to facial scrubs/exfoliators. 

It has a translucent and smooth texture, but as you apply it on your face, you'll begin to see the refreshing gel quickly absorbing into your skin and then turns into peels of dirt and dead skin. After washing them off my face, it does feel like I did a major exfoliation on the skin. It feels cleaner and smoother which is pretty amazing!

Step #2: Pristine Cleanser Gel (120ml)

The cleanser has a clear texture and is easy to apply and wash off. I dislike how some cleansers leave a milky feeling on the face or worse, how some cleansers are too strong on the skin and leaves a tight after-feeling. This cleanser works just fine for my skin, removes oil and dirt but still leave a necessary amount of moisture in my skin.

3. Pristine Hydrating Toner (120ml)

Next, after I dried my face with a towel, I'll let my skin breathe a little for maybe half a minute or so before applying the hydrating toner. Washing your face opens up the pores of your skin, and if you don't apply toner almost immediately after that, your pores will be left open and they might be enlarged. Nobody likes huge pores because they look simply nasty, or worse still, dust and dirt might be trapped in your open pores which could lead to pimples/acnes. 

Bottom line is, it is VERY important to apply toner after you wash your face.

I love the texture of the hydrating toner because they're not too watery yet not too thick/milky. I think it's just nice for me. And the best part is, it's easy to apply because of its smooth texture. Just one or two times of pouring the toner onto a cotton pad and it's enough to be applied to the entire face. 

4. Pristine Facial Serum

Fourthly, the star product of the Skin Rejuva Essential Pack- the Pristine Facial Serum. This is the main anti-aging solution that works magic on the skin. 

It has a smooth and rich texture and is easy for application, and the best part is that though it has a rich texture, it isn't too thick and doesn't leave my skin with an oily effect. It keeps my skin matte which is what I love most.

Having only used the Pristine Facial Serum for a month, I can already feel the difference in my skin. Now my skin feels tighter, firmer and the fine lines are slowly disappearing under my eyes.

The disappearance of my fine lines is evident when I look at it with my naked eyes but when I tried capturing it on camera, it doesn't appear and do justice to the products at all. So I figured that I should show you my skin now without makeup on. 

I'm lucky that when I took these photos, my skin was behaving itself and it was considered quite a good skin day for me :D Plus, photos were taken facing natural sunlight so the effect is amazing. 

Apart from using the right skincare, the key to great skin is having sufficient sleep and hydration from drinking water. Once I fail those two, my skin immediately worsens.

Anti-aging products take time to produce results, unlike botox and cosmetic surgeries that can produce immediate results. For me, taking good care of my skin by using a good range of skin care products such as Pristine's is hands down a better choice than opting to "fix" your skin with botox/fillers. Improve your skin the natural way by taking care of it consistently. If you put enough effort into caring for your skin, the idea of fixing your skin with cosmetic surgeries wouldn't even have to cross your mind :)

Overall, my skin feels tighter, firmer and more radiant. I'm only a month into using them and I'm already seeing the difference. It may seem like a little improvement to you, but it's a big deal to me because it's my first time seeing the results of using anti-aging products myself. I can't wait to see the results after using them for a few months or even for a few years!

The Pristine Skin Rejuva Essential Pack is currently retailing at RM680. You can purchase it online at this link- :)


If you've been contemplating using anti-aging skincare just like how I did, probably it's time to give it a try before it's too late. Here's an opportunity for you to try it with a special discount!

Pristine is giving a 15% DISCOUNT + FREE SHIPPING for all my blog readers/followers! Simply quote CAREEN upon checkout while shopping at Pristine's Website, and you'll receive a 15% off your total purchase! :)

You can find out more at: 

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Til' then! Happy shopping!

love, Careen

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