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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Evening at Goodsaltz, The Curve

Holla! Was invited to check out a new restaurant with the girlies last night at Goodsaltz, The Curve. When I tasted the food, I knew I HAD to blog about this place because they deserve the recognition for the quality of food and service that they offer!

Some useless selfies before leaving the car heh.

Was feeling really perked up last night cos firstly, I was gonna meet a few of my closest blogger lady friends for dinner whom I haven't really got to catch up with for quite a while now. We always meet in events but there's nothing like a good dinner time to just sit, chill and chat.

Also, I had ample time to get ready so my makeup and hair were all in place and satisfactory (according to the standard I set for myself heh), plus I wore matching colours for my top and watch! That made me feel kinda complete haha!

Got to Goodsaltz at 8pm, which was located at The Street in The Curve Shopping Mall, right at the end of the street opposite e@Curve. It's really not difficult to spot it cos it's a really beautiful place. 

If you enter from e@Curve, you'll see this sign greeting you first thing you arrive!

You may also be wondering just as I did, why the name, 'goodsaltz'? We found out from one of the owners that they use nothing but good (Himalayan) salt for their cooking. Hence, goodsaltz!

Goodsaltz is located at the corner, so they had ample space in their compound. Guests can choose to dine alfresco style or indoors, both to me have got a nice ambience for a chill out night.

There's a special podium built especially for cocktail sessions! Isn't this nice? I would love to get the buds here for drinks one of these nights!

They serve DIY breakfasts at RM20! Would love to try it one day.

The moment I entered into the restaurant, I felt at ease and had a sense of familiarity with the interior and design. Later on when we chatted with one of the owners of Goodsaltz, we came to know that the interior design was done by the peeps from Acme Bar and Coffee!

The owners of Goodsaltz loved the design at Acme, so they inquired about where they got theirs done and came to know that Acme actually has a team dedicated to doing interior design for other restaurants and cafes too! 

I personally love the interior design, the wood and steel, blend of colours, lighting, decor...everything!

They've also got a bar with a wide selection of liquor, wine, beer and cocktails. Love how everything is placed so neatly in the metal shelves. #OCDalert

What I wore:

Top- Upcoming piece at
Wedges- Charles & Keith

Watch is a super happy purchase from Lovisa. 
I love Lovisa. I can literally stay in Lovisa forever!

And here's our table! And me looking unprepared but I kinda like this candid shot so...

The peeps at Goodsaltz must be a creative bunch. This is how they reserve tables for their guests, by using Scrabble tiles to form their names! I love this idea :) Later on I found out that one of the owners was a hospitality student. No wonder!

We chose the Gossips Cabernet Saubignon in the end and we did not regret that decision at all. Loved the light, fruity yet slightly spicy taste of the wine. 

Glass [RM16.90], Bottle [RM79.90]

I felt the sincerity of the peeps from Goodsaltz cos they really prepared well to welcome us last night. From the rose petals spread across our table to this! Each of us had a scroll nicely tied with a red ribbon at our seats. And look what it is!

Menu of the day exclusively for us bloggers! We were served:

2x soup selections
2x salad selections
2x snack selections
4x main courses
3x dessert selections


Not complaining at all because we had such a great time enjoying all the food served, which, needless to say we were stuffed by the end of the night! 

Before Jacklyn arrived.

Monday night crowd. Was quite surprised that it was full house even on a Monday night, and they had only started operating for about two weeks!

Okay without further ado, let's head straight to the food!

Course #1: Wild Mushroom Soup topped with Garlic Cream


It was wild mushroom soup done right. As a lover of all things mushrooms, I think this was absolutely yummers! Would have quickly gobbled it all up if we didn't need to reserve our tummy space for the rest of the dishes afterward!

Course #2: Seafood Bisque
Cream of Seafood with Mango Puree


It was something new for me as not many restaurants serve this selection of soup. It's usually the classic mushroom soup, clam chowder, tomato or pumpkin soup. In fact, it was the first time I tried this and you know what, I LOVED it.

The seafood aroma was so fragrant that we could smell it before it even reached our table, and every spoon is filled with a taste of seafood with a hint of mango on the side. I almost finished the whole bowl! But, gotta still reserve tummy space. Seafood lovers would love this :)

Course #3: Crab Cake
Breaded Fried Crab Meat Patties served with Chilli Lemon Dip


This was really nice too! And I can predict that this could be a crowd favourite. The crab cake has a crunchy skin but it was all the way soft inside, filled with crab meat patty goodness. It goes great together with the Chilli Lemon Dip served on the side.

Course #4: Oriental Grilled Beef Salad
Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Cilantro with Soy Sesame Dressing


THISSSSSS. This was the bombzzz. I loved how the beef was so super tender, and it goes so well with the Soy Sesame Dressing. Must try!

Course #5: Salmon Rocket Salad
Rocket, Smoked Salmon, Parmesan Cheese with Ginger Honey Vinaigrette


Fans of rocket greens would love this! It was altogether such a fragrant bowl of salad. Everything worked well together.

Course #6: Wrapped Chicken Tenders
Chicken Fillet Wrapped in Beef Bacon served with Melange Dip


Chicken tenders were tender indeed. Wrapped in beef bacon = What a combo.

Course #7: Masala Fried Spaghetti
Spaghetti Fried with Masala Spices, Chicken and Fresh Tomatoes


This aroma and taste from this dish was so strong! The Masala spices proved to be a little too hot for us to handle, but lovers of Indian spices/spicy food would love this one here. Something unique.

Course #8: Blanket Beef Ribeye
Aust Aged Ribeye, Beef Bacon cooked in Butter served with 
Melange Potatoes Sauteed Shitake and Beef Jus


By this dish, we were already pretty stuffed. But I still tasted this nonetheless and it was really good! You can choose the level of temperature of your beef! We chose Medium for ours.

Course #9: Kapitan Baked Salmon
Baked Salmon with Kapitan Spices, served with Coconut Cream, 
Cabbage Kerabu and Pineapple Rice


This dish was really unique, and we LOVED it A LOT. The Kapitan sauce was super yummy I don't know how to describe what's in it. You just need to know that it's really yummy haha! Salmon was nicely done and everything just went so well with one another! A really good fusion dish! Must try!

#10: Stampede
Grill Platter of Lamb Chops, Ribeye, Chicken Thighs served with Wedges


The waiter showed us the platter before he melted the orange butter because he knew we girls would want to take a photo of the food. So thoughtful :) 

The entire night we were served by really friendly waiters! Not only were they warm and friendly, but they were also super quick, proactive and knew exactly what they were serving. No problem answering our questions about our food and the ingredients used. Very pleased with the service :)

Melting the orange butter.

AFTER- Tadda!

This platter could serve up to 4-5 people so if you dine in a group, you could order this for sharing purposes! I personally loved the Lamb Chops the most. They served us with 3 different types of sauce too! Forgot what they were exactly, but they were really nice. Must try too!

After a whole lot of food served and downed into the tummy, it was then time for DESSERTS!

All ready :P

Twinings Green Tea after meal.

Course #11: Double Chocolate Caramel Brownies
Yummy Baked Brownies with Salted Caramel Top and Vanilla Ice Cream


Brownies + Salted Caramel + Vanilla Ice Cream = ALL MY FAVOURITE!!!

This was a real HIT amongst all 5 of us cos ladies love brownies, what more else if it's a DAMN GOOD BROWNIE!!! The brownies were slightly crispy at the top yet so so rich and moist inside OMG. Must order this when you're there! And eat it all up while it's hot!

Course #12: Red Velvet Pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes, Cream Cheese Glaze and Peach Compote


This was definitely something unique! I'm a huge fan of Red Velvet so I enjoyed this one. Only wished that maybe it could have more red velvet taste to it, but then againnnn, we had this after the Double Chocolate Caramel Brownies so our taste buds might have been marred by the previous dessert. Nonetheless, still a lovely dessert.

Gotta have a picture with it :P

Course #13: Banana Nutella Crepe
Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella and Banana Crepe Roll


Not a big fan of bananas, yet to my surprise, I still enjoyed this! Crepe was really good and went well with the fruits and choc topping!

Goodsaltz is also known for their creative varieties of cocktails, and here's one of them!


Marquesya- White Wine, Vodka, Triple Sec

It's served with mangoes at the side with melted caramel. It goes together with the Marquesya as both had a tropical taste to it. A refreshing drink to end the night :)

Of course, night isn't complete with girly selfies!

With the sweet Povy Teng

Cute chatterbox Chanwon

Pretty momma Jacklyn

Lovely Chenelle Wen

Super love this picture!

 It was a real lovely evening. Great food, great drinks, great company. 
Thanks Goodsaltz for having us over!

Check out Goodsaltz at:

Lot G41, Ground Floor, The Curve Shopping Mall
No. 6, Jalan PJU7/3 Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Til' then! Happy dining!

love, Careen

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